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  1. Mine is at the sorting facility. Will be here tomorrow. Does anyone know if this is a bare bones set or if it includes any extras? Excited to finally see the episodes in great quality... It's been awhile. What's everyone's favorite episode? The attached was my created cover art with the low quality video I had obtained. I like the official cover art much better.
  2. Do you know how many total ornaments were in that set/collection? Did they come in a box or just the Styrofoam? Thank you so much.
  3. One last reply........ someone made the comment Lucy in 3D ..... it already is when she pops out of the television set in Lucy does a TV commercial. Who knew the colorization of ILL would be as controversy to fans as religion, politics, evolution, and sex. Haha
  4. I'd just like to say first off that to those that are against colorization........ Did the audience see it in Black and White..... no! Because of technological advances at the time that is why its in black and white..... I'm for the colorization of the series, and think it should be for younger generations as myself... The episodes I have seen is amazing (that are colorized).... for those that are annoyed the couch may be the wrong color.... your focusing on the wrong thing...... watch the episode!!! lol. I watched bewitched season 2 today..... in color........ looked pretty good to me although the picture was kinda grainy but rather see it in color than black and white. By the way I am color blind (not fully) so I don't see anything correct anyways.... what's the big deal if the walls are red, blue, gray... it still looks better in color..... Seems like this topic is anything but black and white for fans. haha. pun intended!
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