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  1. Cool! I do plan on buying it of course. Just haven’t done it yet. Is the picture/sound clarity of the LWL up to par with the other series?
  2. CBS revives Murphy Brown

    I liked the original and am glad it’s back but I find I have a hard time getting through the episodes. 😔
  3. Has anyone bought this yet? Curious on the quality of the LWL episodes
  4. I’m going to buy it in hopes that it leads to a legit Life With Lucy dvd release! ❤️
  5. Are these episodes on DVD?

    Will do! I ordered the Make Room for Daddy dvd for $9 off eBay! 😄
  6. Are these episodes on DVD?

    Thank you so much for the detailed response! I was looking at Lucy on IMDB and saw these episodes that I didn’t think I had. I own all the Here’s Lucy dvds so glad to know I have the one episode. I’ll go order the Danny Tomas dvd set now. I saw the Ann Sothern episode on YouTube but it’s grainy. Hopefully I can find it out there somewhere on dvd. Thanks again!
  7. Are these episodes on DVD?

    Does anyone know if these Lucy episodes are on DVD anywhere? Make Room for Granddaddy - Lucy and the Lecher The Ann Sothern Show - The Lucy Story Make Room for Daddy - Lucy Upsets the Williams Household
  8. No More Lucy From CBS Home Entertainment

    This is very disappointing. For me, especially the point about LWL
  9. Life with Lucy

    I keep watching my blurry DVD of this show hoping an official release comes out. I even email different companies on a regular basis suggesting it. Hope someone jumps on board before dvd's become a thing of the past. ????
  10. Life with Lucy

    thanks so much!!! it's really good looking!!
  11. Life with Lucy

    does anyone know where the thread is with the recommended dvd art created by a fan on here? i thought it was fantastic and want to show someone. just cant find the link. wonder if it's been shown to the powers that be who make dvd releases happen.
  12. The Official LUCY ON BLU-RAY Thread!

    anyone know how the sales for season 2 are doing?
  13. Life With Lucy Photos

    great pics!!! thx for sharing.
  14. The Official LUCY ON BLU-RAY Thread!

    LOVE LOVE LOVE this!!!! I have the original dvd sets of ILL, the complete series set of ILL, the recent individual releases of ILL, the season sets of The Lucy Show, the season sets of Here's Lucy and S1 of ILL BlueRay. I am sooo hoping LWL comes to dvd.