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    It's not my favorite but I do love the language translation scene in "Paris At Last"
  2. I recently watched "Lucy the Gun Moll" and "Lucy, the Superwoman" I liked the "Gun Moll" I though Lucy gave a strong performance and once again she shows why she's the best. I thought "Superwoman" was too stupid and far-fetched for my taste. I love silly, but maybe not that silly.
  3. I watched "Lucy Plays Cleopatra"
  4. Halloween Lucy

    I'm going as Lucy again this Halloween. (for the third straight year) The rest of the year I look like Molly from the American Girl series (according to some of my friends)
  5. Elvia Allman

    I'll be honest this teacher is enough for me to want to fake cramps to get out of PE!
  6. i Don't care much for "Lucy Goes to Scotland"
  7. A terrific character actress. She also reminds me of a much older version of my PE teacher (SIGH!).
  8. I've only seen one Lucille Ball movie and that was "The Long, Long, Trailer".
  9. What Makes ILL Timeless?

    I got my best friend hooked on I Love Lucy. Sometimes she kids about me about coming up with a "Lucy like idea/plan.
  10. I watched "Lucy Meets the Queen" today.
  11. I was about 4 and I was watching with my Grandma and it was the "Courtroom" and it was Fred kicked in the Ricardo's tv. I thought he was very mean man.
  12. everytime I hear the flavor of the month, I think of the line "The flavor of the month is kumquat" I don't even think that sounds like a tasty flavor.
  13. Mrs Irma Mooney

    Robin Williams as Mrs. Doubtfire.
  14. Gale Gordon doing Cartwheels

    Thank you! I just might watch one of those episodes tonight. I have no homework to do.
  15. "Life With Lucy" DVD Release

    I was wondering even if they show wasn't cancelled right away. How long do you think her health could have held out for a few seasons? She died April 26, 1989. Do you think she could would have been healthy enough to do those few season?