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  1. Pretty sure the ratings are on par with the last christmas special, obviously this is what's bringing in new viewers so they're gonna keep it up
  2. Thank you both, maybe I'll colorize some more stills in the future if you have any suggestions feel free to private message me so we don't clutter this thread lol
  3. Sadly I lost the video when my hard drive gave out last winter, but I'd be more than happy to redo a screen from this scene Edit: It's not perfect but I tried to base her hair color off how it looks in The Lucy Show, while trying to keep that retro look CBS goes for.
  4. I absolutely get where you're coming from when you put it that way, just wish other people would look at it from this perspective. I'm over the moon that CBS care enough to do this twice a year and that's more than enough for me right now. Colorization is incredibly time consuming when I do it so I can only imagine how time consuming it is to do a full episode, which is why I wish people would show a bit more respect for that simple fact. I remember I colorized the scene where Lucy and Ethel pop through the screen in the Japanese episode, was only like 10 seconds and it took almost a week to do it frame by frame.
  5. What I find funny is so many people complaining about the colorization when...it's obviously not being done for them but the newer generations. Ratings alone show the world is interested in more color lucy or they wouldn't be wasting the money on them. Dvd's, vhs and now blu ray's of the original B/W show will always be there,
  6. Awesome news indeed! Also hoping they decide to release a dvd compilation of the colorized episodes soon. There's another picture on this site http://www.inquisitr.com/3019192/i-love-lucy-special-kicks-off-cbs-2016-summer-schedule-of-tv-shows/
  7. Honestly this one seems kinda rushed, that last image they missed a part of her lip and her skin tone seems worse than the last one. Hopefully it looks better in motion and without the compression.
  8. Just glad we're getting another color special, awesome we'll finally have the christmas episode completely in color.
  9. Actually having a marathon of the show, just finished Season 1 xD onto Lucy Plays Cleopatra.
  10. Just got done watching it and absolutely loved it, colors weren't too bright and kept the original feeling in tact. Thought the skin colors were a bit better then the christmas special, cannot wait for next year hope all the views mean another episode is being worked on.
  11. Pretty much, glad they're replaying it for Christmas Eve tomorrow it's something me and the entire family can sit down and watch.
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