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  1. Last night I watched Lucy and Harry's Tonsil's. I've always been a bit of Gale Gordon fan and this is probably one of my favorite episodes that focused on Uncle Harry.
  2. I just watched Lucy and Her All-Nun Band and Ginger Rogers Comes to Tea. I liked both episodes. I did find interesting that in Lucy and Her All-Nun Band Lucy never refered to Sister Paula as being her Sister-In-Law and that her late husband would also be Paula's brother. It's alway a pleasure to catch Mary Wickes in an episode. In Ginger Roger's Comes Tea, I loved that little dance number that Lucille and Gale did. I also like when character actor William Lanteau makes an appearance . He has fine comic way about him.
  3. Back when the public domain releases were all that available for the Lucy Show, I remember how happy I was to seen Shows with Lucille Ball that I never seen before, and that is also how i gain an apperciation for Gale Gordon.
  4. Sid Gould is like a few other actors from the 1960's/1970's that are fun to spot/recogmoze. I really can't think of any of today actors that are like the Burt Mustin, Parley Baer. Reta Shaw, etc whose face is very familair and work constantly in tv films, but whose name may escape the viewer.
  5. How about Iris Ardian (Hardhead Hogan) as Ralph's new wife?
  6. The only Lucy book that I have either read or have, is The Lucy Book by Geoffrey Mark Fidelman. I plan on reading more!
  7. I have a soft spot for the public domain episodes of The Lucy Show. Those were my introductions to Lucy's other other works. Of course I never felt they were as good as I Love Lucy, they were still good enough to entertain me,. I remember watching Lucy and the Berles with my parents and how we all just roared with laughter over the salad dressing, We played the episode again.
  8. what New Years Resolutions should our Lucy characters make? For example Mr Mooney/Harrison Carter should not yell at poor ole Lucy any more.
  9. or so the saying goes. Sometimes a bit part in I Love Lucy will leave a lasting impression on you. One for me is Hazel Boyne as the cleaning lady in Men Are Messy. Her little dance with Ricky was so sweet and charming, my favorite scence from the episode. What are some other "small parts" in any of the Lucille Ball shows that have left an impression on you!
  10. I like the bit where Lucy stays now for a spot anoucement. Puzzled she hits a button at random, it's a recording of a dog barking. Lucy then says "Thank you, Spot"
  11. I like both the Andy Grififth episode (I'm about as a huge fan of the The Andy Griffith Show as I am of Lucille Ball and the Bow Wow Botique. (i just love animals!)
  12. I know this is a fictional address for the Ricardos and the Mertzes and if this was a real address it would place them in the middle of the East River. I was just wondering if anyone has been close to this address? I undestand that a hospital is close that address. Just wondering if anyones been close to 623 East 68th St, just to get a feel for where they lived?
  13. I like Here's Lucy, I admit as huge fan of Lucille Ball, I'm not completely objective when In assesment of HL, but I think it's pretty good show, but, if you don't like Lucy (Sadly, I think there might be 2 or 3 people out there like that) they should stay clear. I like season 6. I really like the dynamics between Lucy in season 6 (as well as 5) and Harry does seem more of descent sort from time to time. There are a few "clunkers" in HL that I will complain about from time to time,. but there is no episode from Here's Lucy that I will not watch because it is so bad. I can found something positive or at least somewhat positive about all the episodes.
  14. I've seen that back in 1962 or Whitman had book titled "Lucy and the Madcap Mystery. based on the characters from the Lucy Show. Looks like Whitman did alot of ties for tv shows and tv characters: Lassie, Gilligan's Island,.The Waltons, etc. Just wondering if anyone has a copy or read the book?
  15. I just watched Lucy and the Pool Hustler. I thought it was a pretty good episode. Plus I like seeing Dick Shawn. I though he was great as the Show Miser in "It Was Year Without A Santa Claus!
  16. I think any who who likes to watch old tv shows and movies from the 1950s to the 1970's know this wonderful actor. He is one of those actors whose face is probably more famous then his name, Seems like whenever an episode needed a likeable old man, they called for Burt Mustin. I delight whenever I come across Burt, and I do wish he more appearances in both The Lucy Show and Here's Lucy.
  17. Lucy Ricardo is the only of the three that seems like a "real person" to me. When I see Lucy Carmichael or Lucy Carter it just seems like Lucille Ball doing a funny character and showing off her comic genius, but when I watch I Love Lucy, Lucille Ball becomes Lucy Ricardo, one of the greatest sitcoms characters of all time!
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