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  1. I have been waiting for this news for a long time but now that it really happened, it is very hard to believe. 😒 A great actor, he left a great legacy for cinema. May he rest in peace. πŸ™
  2. Today shared on Facebook a link with some lovely pictures from behind the scenes of I Love Lucy! Here is the link: http://www.buzzfeed.com/briangalindo/21-wonderful-behind-the-scenes-photos-of-i-love-lucy Here's another link, with 25 rare photos in color: http://www.buzzfeed.com/briangalindo/25-rare-photos-of-i-love-lucy-in-color
  3. I'm a bit late to wish you a Happy New Year!... But I would like to say that finding this forum last year was pretty cool! May you have many reasons to smile, to dream, to celebrate and laugh! Happy 2014!!!
  4. Thanks for sharing this, Will! I think it's very hard that some of those biographies will be published here in Brazil. I didn't know that the last days of Desi had been so sad...
  5. I loved all the photos, but I liked most of this in particular: She's absolutely stunning!
  6. This is really a very sad news... May he rest in peace!
  7. What a nice photo! It's very cool when people share pictures like that!
  8. Some of these old photos brings me back to childhood too, although I still have not completed thirty years. My grandparents lived a simple life and preserved antique furniture and utensils until the early 90s, when I and, my brothers and cousins ​​were going to play there. I really like these colorful pictures, I wonder if there are many of them.
  9. This episode is very exciting, I was in the clouds at the firt time I watched. We have the impression that Lucy was really moved at that scene.
  10. What lovely photos of Lucy! She really was a very beautiful lady! I loved this photo of her with this little boy.
  11. Wonderful pictures of Vivian! Here's a lovely set that I found today:
  12. Thank you, Brock! Yes, I'm a Brazilian Lucy fan! Thank you, Annaleigh! I also love this dress, it's so lovely! Thank you, Claude! Yes, Rio is a beautiful city, pleases everyone who visit there! I had a chance to go there twice. I'm very happy to have found this forum! As I'm still learning English, maybe I'll write something wrong here and I ask you to forgive me if it happens! Here are two more lovely pictures:
  13. Very nice photographs! Here's one:
  14. I loved this topic! What beautiful photos, many of which I had never seen! I found this today, is an ad:
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