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  1. I know in her autobiography Lucy said Lucie was born at 8:15 AM and Desi Jr at 8:20 AM, but then I looked up both of their birth charts and the website astrotheme.com has Lucie's time of birth as 8:34 AM and Desi Jr's at 8:00 AM. This has me very confused. Now I don't know what to think. Does anyone know how reliable of a source astrotheme.com and other astrological websites are for this? Should I trust what Lucy said more than these sources as the more accurate birth times?
  2. Are you sure they are hazel? Because I went to google.com and typed "lucie arnaz eye color" into the search query, and a few websites say that she has blue eyes!
  3. I can't tell if they're brown, green or hazel. Anybody know?
  4. Wow, you can really see the passion between those two! What a romantic picture!
  5. Does Lucie look like Dede to you guys at all? My mom thinks she does.
  6. I apologize for posting so much of this stuff. I just get really mad at people on the internet when they say things like "I'm having a hard time seeing any resemblance Lucie has to either parent." I can understand them saying they see no resemblance between Lucie and her mom but when they say they don't think she looks like Desi then I start to get the feeling that they're trying to imply that she's not Desi's biological daughter, or that she was adopted or switched at birth.
  7. No. Sitcomsonline had nothing to do with it. Just asking since a lot of people say they don't see a resemblance between Lucie Arnaz and her father Desi.
  8. Has it ever been rumored if Lucy had affairs while married to Desi and that Lucie is some other guy's daughter? This would explain why she doesn't really look like either parent.
  9. What color Lucy's dress was in the "We're Having a Baby" scene?
  10. Why did that person write such a stupid thread about asking whether Lucy was really Lucie and Desi Jr.'s mother then? When I first read it back in November of last year, I was so upset someone would even post such garbage as that. What was the objective of that post, to piss people off? Or was it just a joke?
  11. It's sitcomsonline.com/boards/showthread.php.?t=215214
  12. Sorry if this post sounds ludicrous. I hope nobody on here thinks I'm losing my marbles!
  13. I read a thread on sitcomsonline.com that's bothering me. It's about questioning if Lucille Ball was really Lucie and Desi Jr.'s biological mother and makes a good case that she may have faked her pregnancies with both of them. First off the author of the post states how often is it that a woman who has had years of trouble conceiving suddenly gets pregnant at the age of 39 and carries two babies full term all within a period of 18 months. Second, is the observation that both kids look nothing like Lucy. I also don't see much if any of a resemblance of Lucie Arnaz to her father Desi, which raises more questions than it answers! Third is that while Lucie Arnaz can sing and dance very well, Lucy could not. Is it possible all of the live footage of her pregnant with both kids could've been staged or doctored or had her wearing false bumps in order to give the public the illusion that she really was having kids of her own? Could everyone within her family and friends been sworn to a cover-up in order to protect her self image? What do you guys think about this?
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