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  1. That would have been a great episode! I can just imagine the title, "Lucy in Oz"
  2. Sad news. Patty was an amazing singer. RIP
  3. Still makes me cry when I just look at how things can just suddenly change in life...
  4. Thank you Claude. It definitely hasn't been easy. An illness like dementia is just horrible. My grandpa isn't too bad at the moment but they say its (unfortunately) only down hill from here. That is life I guess. It's just sad watching him fall apart, mentally. It's times like these that make me think, treasure life. We are here on earth for a reason - make the most of it while you still can!
  5. Good topic! My favourite is the Hollywood Apartment. It just seemed so refreshing and relaxing! Who wouldn't like a view of Hollywood!? "Look! Its Hollywood OUT THERE!!!"
  6. Hey Claude, sorry I know I seem to come and go in this place lately! So much has been going on in my life that I can't even check my emails online! I've had to resort to getting the iPhone 5 to keep me up to date with the internet world! I have recently bought a house which has been great but testing at times. Having a mortgage is definitely one of life's biggest challenges! My Grandfather has also been unwell. He suffers from Dementia and it has been an emotional ride. He was hospitalized on Christmas Eve, so he couldn't even spend Christmas day with his family. Since then, we have put him in a nursing home as it has proved to be much too hard (and emotional) to have him at home. My Grandmother also has issues of her own, so trying to take care of him AND herself just couldn't happen. At least he is in a place where he can get 24 hour care. So among ALL this, I have now finally found some time to myself. Hence, why I can come visit the Lounge. Will try my best to be a regular poster again, miss those days!
  7. "Sentimental Anniversary" when Lucy and Ricky are going through old photos and reminiscing. This was truly touching as it showed a real photo of them. I always loved how they included real life personal items, stories, and names into the show!
  8. One of my favourite genuine moments was from the episode "Changing the boys wardrobe". In the final scene where the girls come to the club dressed up in Ricky and Fred's old clothes, Ricky explains to them why he invited them down for dinner. Ethel loses it and starts hitting Lucy with her hat multiple times. Ricky tries to hold Lucy still as Ethel is hitting her and you can tell he tries to hold back from laughing. I love this because you can just tell that he loved having fun on the set!
  9. Tell me about it. As much as I love TLLT and YMO, it would be nice to see other great movies too!
  10. "These people are MY friends! The Friends of the Friendless!". I'm back everyone, missed you all!

  11. Wow, very sad news. Cleo was a great business woman who helped Lucy so much in her career. And she was a wonderful person inside and out. RIP Cleo.
  12. .. Now let's have it QUIET UP THERE!

  13. Awww thank you. You know I only think the best of you too. You are beautiful person and it's always a pleasure chatting to you.
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