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  1. sugar...Mrs. Carmichael?...sugar

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      Oh Mrs.Carmichael?...Would you mind giving me a couple of lumps?

    3. chedderchester


      which episode is this? Obviously a TLS episode lol


    4. Freddie2


      It's from season six's Lucy Meets The Berles- the year's highlight, IMO.

  2. "The Wind" (1928) - Lillian Gish "Coney Island" (1917) Arbuckle and Keaton The above are two excellent ones. Silent films, like classical music and Ricky Ricardo home movies are difficult to stay awake through.
  3. The Ricardos and The Mertzes were spending less and less time in New York City after going to Hollywood. It is a nice change of pace, after moving to Westport, to have them go back to their old stomping grounds. Joseph Kearns(matinee manager): Uh, uh, just a moment. Did you say four in two seats?
  4. L.A. At Last (colorized) Lucy And Superman (colorized) Lucy and Superman (Black and White) on Hallmark this morning.
  5. The only annoying thing about the colorization was Lucy Ricardo's hair color. Are they going to sell these episodes without the edits shown on the broadcast?
  6. I wonder if the red shorts Lucy was wearing as Superman was part of Ethel's hostess pants or made out of the same material? Are these episodes going to be sold in the stores?
  7. I was thinking the same thing but how could I forget anything Bobby did?
  8. I want Ethel's Birthday. I got to see what the "hostess pants" will look like in color. Mine are red.
  9. "Lucy Goes to Monte Carlo" " ...uh well, you know that money isn't everything. and, you also know, uh, that anyone can make a mistake." " You remember how I told you back in Rome that we'd cleared $3,000. Well, I checked the figures again, and, uh when I jiggled the paper, uh for what I thought were decimal points fell off. Must've been dirt or something. So, we, uh, didn't quite make $3,000. "That's full of Ethel's unmentionables..........." Holy smoke, where did that bundle of cabbage come from?"
  10. The advertisement of the "I Love Lucy Superstar Special" during "The Young And The Restless" on CBS.
  11. Lucy Stops A Marriage Lucy, The American Mother both of these episodes were hilarious!!
  12. CoziTV was advertising this during "The Danny Thomas Show" on Saturday, May 2.
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