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  1. Billboard promoting The Lucy Show or Here's Lucy?
  2. The Twitter isn't. My Instagram Lucy page is @luvsbway.
  3. Oh nice. I found all those and the titling is mine. Not the first time they reposted from my page without a thank you.
  4. Oh nice. I found all those and the titling is mine. Not the first time they repksted from my page without a thank you.
  5. Sounds like Betty White's Pet Set is hitting streaming next month. I haven't heard what streaming service has it yet.
  6. Let's do a post 1960s film. Francis Fisher for 60/70s Lucy and Carole for 80s Lucy.
  7. Did they just throw a bunch of A list redheads and Latin men in a hat and pick one? If so I would have preferred Bryce Dallas Howard. A few years back they said it was to be a one week plot. Its red scare all the way. Calling Judy Davis, we need you to do Hedda again.
  8. Thank you so much for your trip down memory lane. And thank you for recapping those 2 unseen ones as I knew very little about them, especially how the Vivian on Douglas unfolded. Someday I really hope we'll see Metv, Mike and Dinah show up on streaming. DVD seems too hopeful.
  9. Quick clip of a Nick At Night Lucy promo on CBS Sunday morning in a piece on Summner Redstone.
  10. I was telling Charlie this was a show for bored housewives but after a few episodes I changed that to bored grandparents.
  11. Took a few episodes for a spin tonight. Lucie, 2 Monthy Hall episodes and the first one where Betty White didn't get to do much. I can see why this only lasted a season. Jim may be a fine singer but he's not a great interviewer. So they relied too heavily on the audience and dumb things with really uninteresting people. The lineup of celebrities was pretty good but I wanted more chat, the way Dinah did with multiple guests. A flow, they all shared stories and talked.
  12. I know. They are the worst place to watch it and I repeatedly tell these people to spend $25 and buy the entire series.
  13. Oh the I Love Lucy fans on Facebook are going to lose their damn minds. I'm expecting no less then 20 posts of email or boycott Hallmark.
  14. I believe it was settled that Lucie got the awards back but Suzie was allowed to sell the rest.
  15. Well damn. This one should be a doozey. I wonder if they got an interview with Suzie. Money and Lucy was not something that was ever controversial. She invested well, she didn't have a smarmy husband bankrupt her like some other stars had. Money after death went to who it does in those cases. The double lawsuit was interesting but it was basically over a bunch of trinkets, low level awards and letters to Gary.
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