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  1. i gasped at that first bit in the bedroom scene with Red and Viv and then laughed at the censor reference.
  2. Behind the Scenes sneak peak. https://tvline.com/2020/04/02/will-grace-i-love-lucy-season-11-episode-16-video/
  3. Lucy and Edie at Roxbury with grandson Simon. I think this may be the same time that the famous video with Lucy and Desi in the pool with Simon was made. Simon's size I think is the key comparison for that. Thanks to @ilovelucy_scenes on Instagram for the photos.
  4. These are hilarious and a project we should all embark on. Lucy is horney for astronauts is a very good assessment. I will say I am spending far less bathroom time now that the only people who see me are those at the grocery store.
  5. I wonder what movie it was since there are so many she was dubbed it.
  6. Some gay sparkling jello might work better. Form it to the bell in the fridge for 3 hours.
  7. Well that is certainly interesting. I wonder who came up with this idea.
  8. Thanks. I didn't see that they had an episode at all on this week. Oh, who is Leslie going to be?
  9. When I did my watch every episode in order. The tv fights by the comedy hours and harshness was something I noted. Mexico has it as well. And it wasn't just Desi but Lucy came across as harsh too. 58' things were going downhill. Real life anger had to tinge some of those comedic fights. They both seemed to not be able to bring the lightness. You knew even when the Ricardos fought they still loved each other. The Comedy Hours, I'd be worried for them.
  10. Sarah Rue I believe was on a WB show called Popular back around 2000. Annaleigh Ashford is a Broadway girl. Biggest role she's probably known for is in Kinky Boots but was also in the Sunday In The Park revival. On TV she was in Masters and Johnsson and The Assignation of Giani Versche.
  11. Well at least it acknowledged that she "Lived!"
  12. When the beginning of this season started with, we're all having babies, I yelled a big "why?" At the screen. Really not liking the plots this season. First season of the reboot wasn't bad. This, I'm just hanging in for something to watch.
  13. No, she didn't. It's just more of a "you weren't 18 registering to vote for the first time. You were a full fledged adult with a career and should have seen how this might not have been the best thing to do." Lucy was a smart women. But also very trusting of others. She said she'd sign contracts and studio things she needed to without reading if she saw Desi had. Now then she was in her 40s. But we all did things in our 20s when we were young and dumb. This was hers. Thankfully Desi worked his ass off to get that Communist thing to blow over.
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