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  1. Did he give her that pill in the hospital?
  2. The Banner Archives

    Promo shots for when Lucy was shooting Lucy in London.
  3. Yours, Mine & Ours

    Never heard about any falling out with YMO. The falling out was a few years earlier on The Lucy Show. Mickey was her lawyer and I too have never heard Bernie wrote. His positions at Desilu and Universal was not in that capacity. Citation needed is correct as this all seemes to be made up.
  4. Buy Lucy's Golf Cart

    Thanks, could not remember which episode it was.
  5. Buy Lucy's Golf Cart

    Or maybe you'd like this top worn by Lucy on a Dinah! episode. Host parties and sit around saying " Who Cares?". https://www.julienslive.com/m/view-auctions/catalog/id/270?page=1&view=list&key=Lucille ball&sale=undefined&catm=any&order=order_num&xclosed=no&featured=no
  6. Buy Lucy's Golf Cart

    From an upcoming Julian Auction own Lucy's studio cart from the 60s. https://www.julienslive.com/m/lot-details/index/catalog/270/lot/104490?url=%2Fm%2Fview-auctions%2Fcatalog%2Fid%2F270%3Fpage%3D1%26view%3Dlist%26key%3DLucille%20ball%26sale%3Dundefined%26catm%3Dany%26order%3Dorder_num%26xclosed%3Dno%26featured%3Dno
  7. TCM Robert Osborne Auction

    The Lucy item from the auction today went for $1625.
  8. Lucy in the Cher musical

    Well know I want to know more.
  9. Lucy in the Cher musical

    So this conversation did happen. I wonder if the book writer saw or heard about this. I will say the dialogue in the Frankie Avalon Here's Lucy did talk a bit about you can't have Cher without Sonny and you can't help but think that's like Lucy without Desi.
  10. There is a new musical based on the life of Cher headed for Broadway. I never would have thought Lucy would end up as a character in it. I found the scene described over on Broadway World. The show is long and will inevitably be cut. A prime contender for the cutting floor is a scene involving Lucille Ball. The Playbill did not provide a credit for the actress playing Lucille Ball, but I suspect it was Emily Skinner, who has the thankless role of Cher’s mother, portrayed as an ever supportive avatar. What function does Lucille Ball serves in The Cher Story? She’s brought in as a way of drawing a parallel to another famous husband-wife entertainment duo whose personal relationship was never as rosy as their professional one: when Cher is wondering whether she can leave Sonny without incurring the wrath of the American people, she seeks advice from Lucille Ball who faced similar concerns when her relationship foundered to the point of making their separation a foregone conclusion. Lucille provides Cher with some advice and also take advantage of her time on the stage to sing a Cher song. Surreal? Yes. And acknowledged as such by the actresses on stage. It serves no real purpose and will likely end by the way side before the musical makes its way to Broadway. In some respects, this is a shame: the audience deserves to see more of Emily Skinner. Paradoxically, it is Skinner who seems to best convey the qualities that Cher has as a singer. She sounded the most like Cher, which led me to wonder whether, perhaps, Skinner may ultimately transition to Broadway as one of the Chers. She’s wasted in the role of Cher’s mother.
  11. Patty Duke article 1987

    From Michael Karol's Facebook page, he posts about Patty's book that was just published. According to a recent bio of Patty Duke, the Oscar- and Emmy-winning star and her “nemesis” (alleged by way too much tabloid fodder in the early 1970s), Lucille Ball, made amends before Lucy died. Duke had dated Lucy’s son, Desi Arnaz jr., for a short period of time in 1970. After their breakup, she also had flings with John Astin (before they married) and rock promoter Michael Tell, with whom she eloped. That marriage lasted for a mere 13 days; Duke gave birth to son Sean Astin in 1971. According to People magazine, Duke confessed to teenage Sean that Desi Jr. was his biological father. But in 2001, Astin took a DNA test, proving Tell was actually his true dad. Lucy fans have long wondered if the reported hatred between her and Patty lasted until Lucy’s death. Now we have an answer. The Duke biography, called “In the Presence of Greatness”—published posthumously in April, 2018 and co-authored by her and William J. Jankowski—features a four-page chapter titled “Lucille Ball & Desi Arnaz Jr.” Here are some excerpts: Duke wrote, “I believe I first met Lucille Ball … at a network affiliates convention at the time I was appearing on ‘The Patty Duke Show.’ I was about 16. Of course, I wanted to kiss her ring. She came up to me and told me that my show was the only one she let her children watch. I believed her, and certainly, it made my day. Who could have known then what our relationship would be like in a few short years?” In 1970, Duke says Desi Jr. told her he was 19, when in fact he was 17. In any case, she admits to be “friggin’ crazy out of her mind,” due to her bipolar disease. The relationship blew up quickly after all the media coverage. She admits her perception of Lucy was “skewed” at the time she wrote her first book, “Call Me Anna.” In it, she noted she was “still bitter about how Lucy had treated me.” By the 1980s, “Lucy and I were never close…but we were never unkind in any way to each other…. “Probably a couple of years before Lucy passed away, [at] an entertainment get-together, as…I walked up a staircase that was divided down the middle, Lucy was coming down. It was the first time in years I’d laid eyes on her, and she on me. Lucy’s hand was on the railing as she came down the stairs, and my hand was on the railing going up. She picked up her hand and put it on mine. And without a word, whatever might have been wrong, whatever hurts there might have been, were erased, and I knew that I never again had to worry about what Lucy thought of me.” Jankowski adds, “Anna felt Lucy did love her. And she loved Lucy…. She was so relieved that there was a resolution before Lucy died.”
  12. Some great research there. Those early movie salaries are interesting. Seems like Lucy would have been able to bank some money ( and I know with the help of her business manager she was a saver) that they would have been able to buy the Chatsworth house outright, but they took out a morgage on it. That's not a pricy house, mine was almost that and I don't have a pool or chickens but I do have a mortgage. The Wildcat top ticket price amazes me too. I was thinking it would have been more around $40. On a good discount I can get an orchestra ticket for just over $100 and I know back in the 90s I had to be paying around $80 for an orchestra seat. That just seems off to me for 1961. And they didn't have premium pricing back then. $28,000 for Europe. Mhst have been for all those Paris gowns Lucy was planning on buying at $4700 a piece.
  13. That meat! Something makes me think this guy never cooked anything on that grill. And in a suit.
  14. Gary letters

    In Lee's book is the most of heard about Gary's mom and his sister Helen. Seemed Helen was around at times. Also it might be in a letter I posted here but Lucy talks about the Jewish mother ideal and that she liked what it meant.
  15. Unfortunate Lucy Products (continued)

    Their faces were put on hot and ran.