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  1. I recently came across these 2 clippings in 2 movie magazines from 1942. I know from Desi's book that he did a USO tour that took him to Cuba circa 1942. While there he had time to go see his family. From the story as Desi tells it in his book, Lucy was not with him. I have never been able to find anything saying Lucy ever went to Cuba with Desi. If this event in the clippings below did occur, then would that not have been a big enough deal to make either of their books? Also isn't this the guy who led the revolution that Desi's family was on the wrong side of thus the house burning and country fleeing? Why are they having dinner with him? I was under the impression Lucy never made it to Cuba, but I believe it's in a 70s Look article where she is talking gambling at casinos and one in Havana not being a good experience. So if she did ever go, when?
  2. I love how so many of these sound less like comedies and more like horror films or serious drama. First Stop would make a great horror film.
  3. Which means that there are no other special guest seminar lunches.
  4. Loving the special features. I'll be getting this one. New, restored 4K digital transfer, with uncompressed monaural soundtrack on the Blu-ray New introduction by critic B. Ruby Rich New selected-scene commentary featuring film historian Cari Beauchamp PLUS: An essay by critic Sheila O’Malley
  5. Don't know if we have Patricia Clarkson, but this comes from 2014. “I didn’t think about being a movie star when I was a young girl but my father and I had a huge love of Peter Sellers and Lucille Ball. Those are the people I remember from my childhood, of imprinting on me or having an effect on me. I was obsessed with Lucille Ball, I watched her all the time. I just loved her, and still, I have these beautiful neighbours who live across the hall from me, these twins who I’m quite close to who are now 13, and they have this incredible love for her too. We just sit and talk about our favourite episodes and relive the candy factory or the Martian. I could never pick a favourite episode; that would be sacrilegious. You can dissect it and pull apart what made her great but she was just fucking funny. And it just remains so, it never wavers, it never lessens, the impact of her comedic ability – it just remains great.”
  6. In the book Desilu it says the whole family participated in the counseling things for Desi Jr. during his recovery. He stated it again in the chapter he wrote for the Suzanne Summers book. I wonder if Lucy viewed that more as I'm getting help for my kid and not counseling about her. Also in various interviews after she finished Here's Lucy and got really depressed, at Gary's and maybe other's urging she saw a therapist. She said it wasn't helpful because she knew what was wrong and why she was depressed, she missed her work. So she just had to get over that.
  7. They have earlier in the festival a showcase of different comics and that always has women and they do late night comics in the Tropicana Room, where they have women as well. But you do make a good point. This is the second year in a row that the Friday night and Saturday night shows are men.
  8. I read this in a Talk magazine (out of print mag) article from 1999. Lucy in the late 80's was toying with writing a book and was wondering if she should tell stories about her friends and colleagues or not. Sort of dish the dirt, or actually use real names and not vague references. She thought what the hell most of them are dead now anyways. Well she mentions this to Lucie and Lucie says that maybe she should talk to a therapist to get through some of her feelings and get an understanding on what she would like to say. Well Lucy just flips out and no way, no how is going to see a shrink. In her time if that got in the papers you were seeing a shrink everyone thought you were crazy. Well Lucie admits she was talking to one and Lucy just hit the roof. This was apparently in Palm Springs. Lucie said she had to pack up and take the kids and leave. They didn't talk for awhile.
  9. The past few night I’ve been enjoying the first season of The Lucy Show. Often, I go right to my favorite episodes of a season but I’m watching all the rest this go around. Lucy Drives A Dump Truck. For being named that, this action only happens in the last ¼ of the episode. The fire department meetings seem to take up the bulk of this episode. Lucy’s wig in this episode is really nice. Very full and lots of nice curls. Top notch job by Irma this week. Both when Lucy is nervous about giving her speech and about the court martial, her demeanor is very nice. She really makes you feel bad for her. In later Lucy Shows or Here’s Lucy she tended to over do this type of scene but here she is more understated. Even when she pleads to Thelma and Mary Jane. It’s not pushy, just sad. The phone call among the newspaper stacks is so well done. As the bad news keeps growing Lucy keeps hiding further down in the papers. Great blocking to have that section constructed to allow her to hide from the others yet still be seen by the cameras. And my favorite little part among the papers is when Thelma finally leaves and says goodbye, all you see is the door open and close and the others says goodbye back. It makes me giggle for some reason. Once they get to the dump truck scene, I’m annoyed at that cop. Geeze, maybe you might want to help these ladies instead of keep giving them tickets. The episode also ends so abruptly with the cop being buried by the papers. Did they get any more tickets? Did the cop finally take pity on them? How did they get all the papers cleaned up? So from the time they had all those newspapers stacked in the living room until Don Shapre (nice drop on Lucy’s agent’s name) lets Lucy know she can get rid of them, where do they go? The court martial meeting takes place in a newspaper free living room.
  10. Oh I hope this pans out with her daughter. Just to find out how the whole thing came together and of course the Jamestown trip. I hope Betty shared some things about the book with her daughter.
  11. Sally Cato is not happy. This is crazy, three costumes. Guess Warner Brothers was low on peroid costumes of that decade.
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