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  1. I don't know but I've been a big fan of this Tumblr account for a long time.
  2. Forever Darling Premiere

    The photos are part of a book Chris put together. There have been many out in the public for years. No one is selling them on Amazon. The book is on Amazon with a release date of next April. Go click the link.
  3. Forever Darling Premiere

    I can't find my initial post about this book, so I'm putting it here. Lucy Comes Home, featuring over 100 photos from the Feb. 1956 trip is on Amazon for pre-order. Just hope the price comes done on this. The cover image is beautiful. https://www.amazon.com/Lucy-Comes-Home-Christopher-Olsen/dp/0998747467 The author is the son of the woman in this photo.
  4. Oh, that could be. He does look more 61' with that hair.
  5. I love how we keep finding visual proof of why they abandoned this.
  6. I'm thinking this is Bob and Madelyn's MIL office.
  7. Lucy on Dick Cavett Show

    "Let's move on and have some lively discussion." I meant that as it's what Lucy was implying on those interviews. She didn't want to waste time talking about dumb details of the past. She wanted to talk more about the new and now. As for this this discussion I think it's great. Love watching interviews with Lucy as we get so many versions of her, but they are all her. I don't think we've beat this to death at all. Very worthy of discussion.
  8. Lucy on Dick Cavett Show

    I've noticed in interviews some hosts tend to linger on details too long and Lucy gets her "who cares" out. I get it. It was a long time ago and why are we fixated on something that doesn't matter. Let's move on and have some lively discussion.
  9. Bob Schiller has died at 98

    Nice tribute to Bob over on Ken's blog. http://kenlevine.blogspot.com/2017/10/rip-bob-schiller.html
  10. Bob Schiller has died at 98

    98 is pretty damn impressive. And what am amazing career.
  11. Gale Photos

    Speak no evil.
  12. Lucy & Desi Photo Thread (Vol. 2)

    1951 Desi Birthday
  13. The Desi Photo Thread

    Sheila and Gordon MacRae 1946 Herb Jeffries, Desi Arnaz, Anita O'Day, and Dave Dexter seated at tables with microphones and water pitchers for a KLAC radio broadcast. March 25, 1961 Police Show Desi Arnaz and Kirk Douglas. s