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  1. Mysteries at the Museum

    Thanks for the heads up. Will tivo it. Mythbusters did this in their first season and concluded that it could not happen. What museum did they use to talk about it?
  2. Yes, looks that way. That's why I'm happy for the streaming because the sets that you need to get to get all the Lucy episodes are pretty $$. I'm sure it's been posted here somewhere, but how many episodes did Lucy appear on?
  3. Georgia Engel has passed away

    I'm shocked to learn she was only 70. I saw her in The Drowsy Chaparone on Broadway and she was just delightful. Man, Betty White just keeps hanging strong, sadly watching so many of her friends pass away.
  4. MAME

    I got the Mame blu ray for my birthday and finally got around to watching it last night. It looks great. With the rest of the shots so crisp and clear, the soft focus closeups really stand out much more than they did on DVD. I wasn’t really looking for them but just analyzing the picture quality over all and I noticed right away in that first shot on the piano top. But the shots pulled back Lucy still looks fine so I really wish they just would have shot the thing less gauzy. I wonder if this was that noticeable in cinemas in the 70s.
  5. Wildcat

    Neil what a fantastic review and analysis. I don’t listen to the cast album as much as I should. Did not know about the part where people get hit. I think those lyrics went past me. It’s not so much a forgotten show, I think than it is a show that just never gets done anymore. Kudos for that group for trying it and trying to make it work. As for Sutton, I can see her doing that part. About those peas. I don’t know how or why you would want to peel peas but hey, Lucy Ricardo peeled her lima beans. Maybe it’s referring to taking them out of the pods. But never heard it called peeling. Shucking I think is the term.
  6. They run 51 minutes so allow for commercials and we're pretty close. The 2 with Lucy I watched had musical numbers in, including the ones Lucy was in. Boys In The Backroom is there. And I've now got Lucy kissing, and kissing and kissing Lyle Wagner on repeat.
  7. Oh thank you, off to watch.
  8. Oh head on over to the CBS I Love Lucy page on Facebook. Clips and photos are up.
  9. https://www.apartmenttherapy.com/lucille-ball-house-indian-wells-268555 This article is making the rounds. There is another house in the article linked too. How are they getting a Lucy connection? Indian Wells is the first but I'm not seeing a connection to Desi's old hotel.
  10. New ‘Closer’ cover featuring L&D

    I recently had someone send me a bunch of tabloid mags from before and after Lucy died. Being that they were tabloid mags I have trouble wanting to believe anything in them. But in reality they really are not all that scummy and the stuff makes logical sense. Especially when I compare to that Autopsy show. There's a lot of timeline stuff in them. In that batch was also some clippings from the LA Times and legit news sources. The LA Times one really broke down medically what happened to put Lucy in the hospital and then what happened on April 26th. It had a little diagram of the heart and quotes from the hospital staff. They apparently had a press conference after she died and went through exactly what happened.
  11. Lucy dates, 1960

    I agree on that house sentiment. Seemed like another article popped up on this over the week and I thought, "oh, let's see where Lucy slept now." Such an odd way to name a house. Hilary Clinton and Obama drove past my old house when they were running for President the first time. I should have named it the after them because they had to look at it as they passed. So far the "boring businessmen" count on any that I've seen potentially mentioned is 2. This guy and maybe her theatrical agent based on an article or two that hinted at something.
  12. Wow, that's some keen eyes. I wonder if these were some sort of cat you could buy then.
  13. Lucy dates, 1960

    Little seems to be known about the men Lucy dated before meeting Gary, but this article sheds some light on one guy. https://amp.mycentraljersey.com/amp/810343002 In the letter, Berg said Ball was separated from Arnaz at that time and was his brother Kenneth's girlfriend. Berg said the couple were spending the weekend at his home and he decided to get some Chinese food for dinner. He said Ball took a ride with him to the restaurant and sat at a table to wait for their order. According to Berg's letter, while waiting his friend, the owner of the Criterion newspaper came in and conducted an "off the record" interview with Ball.
  14. Premiering at the Cape May Playhouse (New Jersey) in August. By Kim Powers Directed by Roy Steinberg August 7th-September 20th Tuesday-Sunday at 8:00PM It's the last night of filming "I Love Lucy" and America's favorite sidekick - Ethel Mertz, played by Vivian Vance - has a lot to get off her chest. This new play gives a glimpse into the behind the scense drama of "I Love Lucy" as well as incredible unheard stories from Vivian Vance's extraordinary career. https://capemaystage.showare.com/eventperformances.asp?evt=4
  15. ME-TV is going to be showing some of early season Carol Burnett Show episodes. So there is hope that we can see Lucy. Very happy about this as I have not gotten the DVDs with these episodes yet. Crossing my fingers my NBC affiliate that carries ME-TV doesn't stick local programming in this time slot. UPDATE: April 15th 11pm is a Lucy guest episode. https://metv.com/stories/metv-presents-early-episodes-of-the-carol-burnett-show-not-seen-in-tv-in-41-years?fbclid=IwAR0MwZkQBnD0qnjQeiRR1OkxM1lukfHPMdljXW3_5SY4tyovyRhwiwSjCxY