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  1. The rude comment about Gale made me remember something I was going to ask. Does anyone think there is a bit of soft focus used on shots of Lucy? This was something that I had been trying to figure out starting back with Here’s Lucy. I know the closeups of Lucy really started to trail off starting with Here’s Lucy and I’ve been trying to pay attention to how tight they get with her on LWL. Gale seems to have some tighter framed shots in comparison to Lucy and his seem clear. I’m undecided on Lucy’s tightest shots if there are any “softness” to them.
  2. I love the bonkers part. I caught the documentary done on him after his book came out. Seeing him tell these stories actually was less creditable then reading them in his book.
  3. Well considering that they got the amount WAY off it already is a crap review. And if you are going to say you watched this with her then maybe provide a bit more details. Were you the liquor store delivery boy and she said, 'hey kid, come watch this piece of trash they forced me to make!" Did they watch it when it aired, or from her private collection years later. Yeah, so much crap here. I got to thinking. I might know who this is. Given the name and some social media run ins and a mention in someone's book, it's all starting to gel.
  4. The department store Nedermyers gets mentioned a few times as well as on shopping bags. Did the LWL writing staff contain an ex Mama's Family writer? The same store is mentioned on that series.
  5. I've been contemplating getting a Lucy themed vanity plate. I ran a few of the better combinations and most of the good ones are taken in my state but have found one that wasn't and would look pretty good. I tried a few years ago and got rejected on 2 as already taken. Unfortunately it's gone up to $85 to get one. I think it use to be $20. So I'm still thinking about it.
  6. I got to thinking this morning about jobs in the McGibbon family. When Lucy and Curtis move in it’s mentioned that they can help with the finances since Margo’s job doesn’t pay a lot and Ted is in law school. I have lots of questions. Was Ted working before he went to law school and saved up the money for school from his previous job? Was it ever established that he is working while going to law school? How was the family with 2 kids getting along before the grandparents showed up with their hardware money? Was Margo the only one making money in the house before then? What did she do for a job, I don’t think that was ever mentioned?
  7. Donovan posted this story on his Facebook the other day about how he got the part on LWL. HOLLYWOOD TALES OF DONOVAN SCOTT In July of 1986 while visiting family in Maui I got a call from my agent that Lucille Ball wanted to talk with me about doing her next series. I thought it was a joke. But when I returned to the mainland, I was invited by the “Queen of Comedy” to come to her house. Aaron Spelling (who was producing the show), had shown Lucy a pilot I had done for Mr. Spelling, (Scared Silly) ,in hopes she would like one of the two leads, she did not pick the romantic guy, Spelling was pushing, she wanted the other guy, the fat funny one, who was me. ME!! Lucy wanted me! I met at her house, we talked and laughed for about an hour, taking about movies I had done and people we had worked with, and then we played backgammon, we laughed for another hour or so. The whole time I was in my head wondering if I had blow the interview because we were no longer talking shop. Instead we were telling jokes, and I was watching to see if Lucy was cheating at backgammon because she was beating my so quickly. She was cheating, but who’s going to call the queen out? I would just say, “How about 2 out of 3…. 4 out of five, and so on, until Gary Morton, her husband said, they had a dinner engagement, and I was shown to the door and on my way out Lucy stopped me at the door and said “Oh by the way kid, you got the job”!! I remember floating out the door and the rest of the day is and was a complete blur. This was a dream come true, like most of America I grew up with the antics of this woman, learned comedy from this woman, and was inspired to become a comedic actor BECAUSE of this woman, and now I would be working with one of the 3 people who influenced my whole life. The other two were Jerry Lewis and Lou Costello. We rehearsed and shot on the set at 7200 Santa Monica Boulevard, West Hollywood, now called the Lot. (I think it was called Warner Hollywood Studios at the time), off of Formosa and across from the Famous Formosa café. It was 6 blocks from my apartment, but I would still drive to the set , because I had my first parking space in a studio lot. THIS WAS TRULY HOLLYWOOD. It was a great experience, a highlight in my fantastic career. We were scheduled to shoot 22 episodes, we shot 13 but were cancelled after eight episodes aired, the other 5 episodes have never been seen, UNTIL NOW!! On October 8th all thirteen episode will be on sale. I can’t wait for this to happen, I have never seen any of these episode in good quality DVD and can’t wait to relive the wonderful moments we had in making the series. How lucky I have been.
  8. I also read or maybe it was just heard through the grapevine that he would call her late and night and she didn't want to get off the phone but in the morning was tired.
  9. They are ridiculously short. I wonder if they were part of a larger 30sec promo and they just cut all the other shows off that were part of the promo leaving the LWL bits. I was hoping for full 15 and 30 promos for the show.
  10. Greg in Hollywood had some photos on his Instagram and a lovely one of Carole and Tom.
  11. This was the only "good" episode I had of the whole lot as I had the original recorded off Nick At Night, so I was able to see the tie. Another things I'm noticing are some awkward pickup shots. But what's interesting about that is each series Lucy did, in the beginning all had wonky pickup shots.
  12. I'm Prime so they should have no excuse.
  13. I'm noticing more and more that I have shipments arriving late or getting lost. I don't know if it's this switch to one day Prime or they just are dealing with so many retailers they can't get things figured out. Bigger isn't always better.
  14. Deep Discount wanted to charge me tax so after a price compare Bull Moose was only 40cents more so I just let my order stand there. Glad I did as I got it a day early. Amazon use to always be the cheapest and you got your stuff on release day. Glad there are other retailers out there now that can price compete and get you the stuff when promised.
  15. I know how you feel. Battling traffic home last night in the rain. 'People stop being stupid and go, I've got rare Lucy to watch." On my couch later watching episode one while shoving sandwiches in my mouth and telling Charlie, just ignore some of the bad jokes and watch Jenny Lewis.
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