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  1. John Davidson Comes Out

    Good for him. Better late than never. I remember him most from the 1980s version of Hollywood Squares where Joan Rivers was the center square. Watched that every night.
  2. Was "Mame" *Really* a Flop?

    Very interesting chart. Also of note are 2 family members in movies that year. Lenny with Gary ranked higher than Mame, Billy Two Hats with Desi Jr. ranked far lower than Mame.
  3. They Love Lucy: Celebrity Lucy Fans

    I only have garden size tracks currently set up at my house.
  4. CBS revives Murphy Brown

    I think I read about this over on Ken Levine's blog recently and it was a movable wall.
  5. They Love Lucy: Celebrity Lucy Fans

    And she needed some polka dots. No one really gets Lucy until you add the polka dots.
  6. They Love Lucy: Celebrity Lucy Fans

    I look more like Lucy on a daily basis. How is her guy "Ricky" besides he put on a tux?
  7. 2018 Christmas Colorized Episode

    Favorite part for me was when I realized I was eating cookies off the indentical plates to ones they were washing.
  8. 2018 Christmas Colorized Episode

    That cut I actually yelled at the TV.
  9. Lucy Sightings!

    Lucy mention on season 2 Catskills episode of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisels. Resort employee wants to be the next Lucille Ball. Honey, hang around up there 2 more years and you might run in to her.
  10. It was a toss up between Betty and Carol for me but they made a good decision on giving and naming this award. http://www.playbill.com/article/carol-burnett-to-receive-golden-globes-inaugural-tv-special-achievement-award
  11. The Post-Journal

    Had to Google for that one, but it's hilarious. Oh if I could only hope that's true for us all.
  12. The Oscars Make Terrible Changes

    If they decide to even have a host you know it's going to be anybody but a straight, white guy.
  13. I saw that top one last night. So was this hanging at Gimbles touting how Lucy got her dress from the club show at a bargin? I needed to know more about this.
  14. 2018 Christmas Colorized Episode

    I know, I'm glad that made it. Love it in color. All those bubbles.
  15. 2018 Christmas Colorized Episode

    First videos are up. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=raABIyi0xI0&fbclid=IwAR3CpKxoqF9y14oIU6OYUTOT9i8KSV_O3MFG-hO31KU6qfwf-0B8MOp6iLM https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z8z4A3KLBbo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MEkIeRQ1RBg