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  1. I swear I thought he died years ago. He was old in the 1980s on Our House.
  2. "This is the story of how the most famous and talented sitcom star of her era — and maybe of all time — failed on Broadway." Probably because someone dimmed her bulb. I mean it's just like Lucy Ricardo wrote that. As for the book. I'm waiting on my library to get it in to give it a spin.
  3. Now just get Randy Rainbow to record it and you're viral.
  4. This is what Bob and Madelyn shined at. They set up the gag so subtly. Going back to ILL there are many times when they'd show Lucy doing something right so later when she messed it up you knew that it was because of funny circumstances, not just she was terrible. They grounded the crazy from the start, thus making it believable.
  5. I think he may have been going for the shock value. I wonder if Desi ever got confronted in other interviews with the hard to talk about stuff.
  6. That is so clever and reads like a real gossip column. This brings up the idea of who would be a good Vern for Viv. Gotta think about that.
  7. I feel like we get Bob from Critics Choice in this special, and he drove me nutts in that. Lucy does in fact look beautiful but her paired with Walter is so not the guy I wanted for her. Well I didn't want Bob either. There are parts of this I like but the baby thing was far fetched and I'm curious what the premise of their TV show was.
  8. This was a big launch. Not just Lucy fans. But the vintage community was big on this too. The red lipstick is already sold out, except in the complete set. I think in a week a lot will be gone. They had a glitch in the system at first and the complete set disappeared and went out of stock. Eventually worked everything out with customer service who got me all fixed up. This should look lovely displayed. The red gold packing looks classy.
  9. I'm locked and loaded with my credit card waiting to buy this today. I'm splurging on the whole collection. I wish the image was more Lucy looking. They had so many Lucy artists to pick from. I don't know why they couldn't have found one to get a better likeness of Lucy. It's not like there aren't 1000s of photos of 1940s Lucy.
  10. Did anyone catch the very brief interview in the Mae doc with one Herbert Kenwith? They credit him as having managed Mae. I yelled, "he's still alive?" Now maybe he passesd on since that was filmed but don't recall hearing anything. Surprised to see Rona Barret was still alive too.
  11. That was a really good and VERY informative interview. Can we just scrap the feature film and get another documentary. One I hope that gets into the post 1960s years.
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