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  1. Fairly new article on Carole. https://www.ebar.com/bartab/cabaret/279633?fbclid=IwAR0TsF1Ixvq4kG5GQbkyf2KaaXQQ0dbLiOZfxM61zRMql7yzX_8O4Wcldzc

    Thank you for the recap. $25 that's pretty good. Watching Lucy with people is always fun. I never heard of the guy either until I saw the promotion for this event. Glad you had a fun time.

    Are you going? I've been seeing a lot of publicity for this on social media. Looks like a fun time.
  4. Lucy Clippings: The 1950s

    This is the most I've ever seen Lucy say about equal rights/women's rights. I think as the decades went on she warmed up a bit to it but was never into the ERA movement or how that was playing out. So interesting to read now when fans keep wanting to champion her as a female breaking barriers. It just goes back to she did what she had to do and had no intentions of breaking rules. Madera Tribune, Volume 17, Number 225, 28 March 1950 Lucille Ball Opposes Move Dames Have Too Many Rights Now, Initiative Taken Away From Men By VIRGINIA MacI’IIERSON HOLLYWOOD (UP) Congress is still sitting on that equal rights bill for women and as far as Lucille Ball’s concerned they can let it go at that. She says dames need equal rights like they need a hole in the head. “We've got too many now,” she snorted. “We've taken all the initiative away from men. I say they oughta put the bill in reverse and take away some of our rights,” Lucille, of the bl ight hair and wisecracks to match, doesn t rightly hanker to be the same as husband Desi Arnaz. There are a lot of things men can do that ladies can’t and she, for one, is happy to leave it at that. “There are times.” she said, “when I like to be mastered. What woman doesn’t? It makes us feel feminine,” Miss Ball is not one to write her congressman at the drop of a vote, but she’s threatening to do some-thing if the house of represent-) ative.s passes that bill. The senate already did. So far the boys in the lower house haven’t done much about it. "The whole thing's ridiculous,” Lucille says. "If this thing becomes a law I suppose we ll have to try everything the men do. And I can't imagine anything duller than ■sitting through a session of slag jokes. I ' "Now we can get up and leave. But the minute they make us equal we won't have any excuse.” The same thing goes for picking up dinner checks. And alimony. "Heavens,” she wailed. “That'll be the day! Whfn women have to pay off their divorced husbands.” There’s none of this equality nonsense around the Ball-Arnaz household, Lucille’ll have you know. I “If I put on a hat Desi doesn’t like off it comes,” she says. "I don't stand around arguing about how we’re equal and I know as much about how I look as he does. I want to look like he wants me to. "I like to be waited on, too, and be taken care of. Right now Desi’s down at the beach painting our boat so he can take me on a vacation when I finish ‘Fuller Brush Girl.’ “If I were legally equal I'd probably have to take turns with that paint brush. No, ma’am, none of that for me.”
  5. Police Reports

    This is the one that has been written about. Desert Sun, Volume 40, Number 23, 31 August 1966 Desi Arnaz Arrested On Shooting Charge SAN DIEGO (UPI) - Television comedian-producer Desi Arnaz, 49, was arrested Tuesday night after he allegedly fired two shots at the feel of a young man who had parked his car in front of the actor’s expensive home in nearby Del Mar. The Cuban-born Arnaz, former husband of actress Lucille Ball, was booked at San Diego County .1 ail on a charge of a.'sault with a deadly weapon and released on $1,106 bail. Sheriff’s deputies said Arnaz fired the shots at the feet of John Winston Vodee, '>o, Santa Fe Springs, Calif., after Vodee and a companion emerged from Vodee’s car near the Arnaz home. Vodee told deputies that Arnaz approached them, brandishing a ,38 revolver, and asked w«hat they were doing. Arnaz first threatened to shoot the car and its tires, Vodee said, but then fired twice into the ground. Vodee was not injured.
  6. Police Reports

    Madera Tribune, Volume 73, Number 50, 22 July 1964 $36 Million Lawsuit Facing Desi Arnaz INDIO (UPI) A $36,750,000 suit was pending today against entertainer Desi Arnaz by two former employes of the Thunderbird Country Club in nearby Palm Springs. In one of the largest damage suits on record in Riverside County, Jack and Alberta Young Tuesday accused Arnaz of slander, assault and battery and false imprisonment during an altercation at the club last Jan. 1. The action, filed by the firm of Jones and Waldron of Compton, and Melvin Belli ol San Francisco, charged that Arnaz slandered Mrs. Young in the presence of witnesses. The suit claimed Arnaz. former husband of actress Lucille Ball,imprisoned Mrs. Young in the club for 15 minutes and assaulted her husband
  7. Police Reports

    Deep digging through newspaper articles I uncovered 2 stories I never heard about and 1 I had. Madera Tribune, Volume 68, Number 69, 18 August 1959 Desi Arnaz Escapes Car Accident Injury OCEANSIDE, Calif. (UPII Actor Desi Arnaz, husband of comedienne Lucille Ball,escaped injury when his sports car careened off the road, tore out 20 feet of metal guard rail and hit three utility poles, the Highway Patrol reported today. The accident occurred shortly before midnight last Friday when a truck forced Arncz off Highway 101 north of Del Mar, Calif.
  8. Well this blew over fast. Looks like it's coming back next week. So did they really listen to people who wrote in or was this the plan all along? I got snarky on the 8000 post about this in a Lucy FB groups and just wrote: "I heard all the episodes burned in a fire and now they are just ashes. Worn out ashes."
  9. What season did they move to that big house? Yawn.
  10. They apparently kept changing it as these colorizations went on. They talk specifically about her hair in the feature.
  11. Deep Discount has it in stock and is offering a free magnet. https://www.deepdiscount.com/i-love-lucy-colorized-collection-with-free-magnet/762184487724
  12. I take this as a good sign. Amazon is showing "Temporarily Out Of Stock" for the DVD.
  13. New Play About Vivian

    A review. https://www.broadwayworld.com/new-jersey/article/BWW-Review-SIDEKICKED-at-Cape-May-Stage-20190814?fbclid=IwAR1NZNThHe9IviKdvlm51vdpYVRTPQ7A2glgqrBOC4rjbxu3yPRX8gA174k I have to disagree with one point not even haven seen this. I think VIv seemed to have a sparkling personality. She seemed like a sassy broad that would be fun to hang with.
  14. Lucy Fest 2019

    Weekend recap from the Comedy Center. https://comedycenter.org/2019-lucille-ball-comedy-festival-recap/?fbclid=IwAR3AOw9IgVHgNdYJHaItCguCuyENFi8hTcSvIUGkyKlGCVtehxuIRX0Qgbk
  15. Saw this over on the Carole FB group. This is a bit short notice, but Carole will be performing in the 25th annual Help is on the Way event this Sunday at the Herbst Theater in San Francisco benefiting the Richmond/Ermet Aid Foundation. She will be receiving their lifetime achievement award. If you're in the area, be sure to get your tickets!