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  1. Lucy letters, telegrams, etc...

    Never saw that Channing one. That's very cool. The second one I love.
  2. Rose Marie weighs in on Harvey Weinstein

    Bob's rep was known about for years. I'm pretty sure we'll be hearing some old Milton stories come out too. I've been watching the new Amazon series The Marvelous Mrs Maisel set in 1958 and cracked up when her manager was getting thrown out of the Friers Club. "Why don't you get Milton Berle to swing his dick and knock me out in the street." That's a guy I never found funny and yet one not only did Lucy like she dated in her starlet days. I wonder though if Bob did cross a line with Lucy but one she didn't seem to care about.
  3. So I got to thinking about this the other day. With a focus on the interworkings of a week in the life of I Love Lucy as the new focus it changes how we are thinking of Cate. Many of us have said that she is a good dramatic actress and will be able to capture Lucille. More criticism has been about her playing Lucy Ricardo, and many come back with she’s playing “Lucille”. Well now that we have a stronger focus on the show itself, there has to be times where they will be showing her play “Lucy”, so the question is, can she play “Lucy’? Something that we keep dismissing when casting choices are talked about.
  4. Lucy Sightings!

    Thanks for the heads up. I read his blog but haven't listened to a podcast yet.
  5. I read it in the store as I didn't think it would have any new info in. If you've read what Betty said about Lucy in a few of her books you pretty much had the article. I think they go back to the 70s. You know the story about Lucy sending Tess flowers? That was in the article so therefore that shows a friendship in the 70s. And Allen and Betty were at a party at Roxbury circa mid 70s from photos I've seen.
  6. Yes, and I determined it was a set, not actually shot in Desi's office.
  7. Me neither. I died when I saw it yesterday. I've always thought it was late 50s but never knew what it was about.
  8. That first one she is so damn sexy. Those others I've seen the attendants before. Does anyone know what the ocassion is?
  9. Your favorite fun facts

    The wig thing is because of the face contraption. Lucy used her real hair in front of the camera for years and it was fine. Some more. Lucy, Desi and Gary all played on their high school basketball team. Lucy hired her business manager Andrew Hickcock in the late 30s on the advice of William Holden. Lucy held the record for most female comedy Emmy nominations until Julia Louise Dryfuss broke her record. Lucy was on the cover of 26 national TV Guides in her lifetime. Lucy, Desi, Bill and Vivian have birthdays with only the numbers 2 and or 6 in. Lucy claimed she was allergic to cigarettes in 1984 and gave them up. Rumor was she took up the habit again after that. Lucy's lucky number was 19. Lucy's imaginary friend's name as a child was Sasafrassa. Cleo and Lucy shared a bed growing up. Lucy had a dog named Whoopee after the Eddie Cantor movie. All of Lucy's grandkids from Lucie are named after a person or place ( first and middle names). Lucy's favorite color was yellow, and liked the combo yellow and gray. Desi built many buildings on the Chatsworth ranch including 2 additions to the main house. Desi became a US citizen when he joined the Army. Lucy once threw a typewriter at her typing teacher. Lucy got her first mink coat from Desi on her 9th anniversary. It was a Door.
  10. Yawn. How is this going to give us any real drama? This show became a well oiled machine that it took 4 days to do then they were off to Palm Springs for a 3 day weekend. Are we going to get the inside writing process, nights editing, what is going on in Bill and Viv's life too? Lots of phone calls with Desi in his office. So just a week in making a TV show huh? Yeah been there done that. Its not all that exciting.
  11. Dress from Lover Come Back.