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  1. It's crazy how many different places clothing turned up. And in different forms such as this. It really feels like it takes some group thinking to figure it out. The purple dress at the LD museum was another one in discussion. Seems like the collar on that one changed.
  2. First episode, season 3 of The Marvelous Mrs Maisel has a Desi reference by Jane Lynch's character. I actually LOLed at it.
  3. Now how could I forget a parody with an original cast member?
  4. Was Lucy hurting for friends at that time or was it just her nature that she liked to become friends with those she worked with? If you've seen photos of her with Bea in the mid to late 70s Lucy was super excited to see Bea in all of those and was getting pretty squeezy with her.
  5. Oh to know what just went on inside that room. "Where's Lucy? Is it safe to come out?"
  6. Ah, gotcha. Wonder how up on the stand-up comics Gary remained through the decades and what he thought of them. Do we know if Gary's Ed Sullivan appearance exists anywhere?
  7. Now I'm intrigued. What was Gary supposed to do about all of that? Did she need further backed up on her point or something? Or was she out of cigarettes and after that rant needed 2?
  8. I take it everyone at Thanksgiving dinner will be getting a UPS bedazzled beanie.
  9. Your pairing assessment in Staten Island is something I've long thought myself. Why this wasn't explored more I wonder?
  10. Self-published no doubt. What the hell? It's like the comments section of a Lucy Facebook group in book form.
  11. Yes. Brock can correct me if I'm wrong but I think in the earlier days of Diane and Rhonda's Jamestown shows they had more leeway with reenacting famous scenes but something changed with CBS and they can't even get close to the sketches or lines. So they do a theme every year for an all original show.
  12. I'm wondering if NBC can even do line for line episode recreation given that CBS owns the show and has been a prick to all the Lucy impersonators about using actual lines and plots.
  13. Kate and Allie, In Living Color, Muppet Babies, That 70s Show, Ellen all had recreations of sketches or parodies on the show. I know I'm leaving out a whole bunch more.
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