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  1. "Roseanne" - 2018 Revival on ABC

    I caught the first episode last night and really liked it. There are a lot of cast members in this. After, I was flipping around channels and saw Archie Bunker's Place on one of the retro channels, oddly competing against All In The Family on another retro channel. I got to thinking, would Archie Bunker's Place technically be a reboot? The Conners seemed to now share a lot with that show. Both took one of the leads and killed them off, yet still continued on with a few of the same characters while adding new. So would Golden Palace also be a reboot or a sequel? No one got killed off in the change over but we retained all but one of the characters (even though Bea did show up once or twice) and added new, with a new location. For it to be a reboot does it have to take place in the same location with a certain percentage of the original cast?
  2. Last Lucy Item You Bought?

    Maybe this was the address of a trade show and they had a booth?
  3. The Desi Photo Thread

    2 of Desi's Playhouse episodes came up on ebay a few years back briefly, along with many others. Sadly they ended up getting pulled. I'd love to see them too. I only have the Christmas one and KO Kitty. And Kitty is looking pretty terrible.
  4. Last Lucy Item You Bought?

    Oh you're gonna need to track this down. Very interesting. Great find.
  5. Lucie and Desi Jr. Photos

    Reunion, the kids didn't go. They were away for a few weeks on the tour. Both kids are in the photos of Lucy and Desi leaving but only Jr. is in the return home photos. My hunch was Lucie was in school.
  6. Vicki Lawrence headlines FOX pilot

    I was told this weekend that laundry would not be put away until there was no Mama's Family on in the bedroom. I guess Golden Girls is the limit for my husband and chores around my TV viewing.
  7. Mary Wickes on an episode of MASH. House Arrest in Season 3, 1975. Left the TV on after The Jeffersons and caught her voice right away, as I'm not a regular MASH watcher.
  8. CBS revives Murphy Brown

    Thanks for the recap. I'm laughing at the pizza, as when I worked on Drew Carey and we ordered pizza I knew it was going to be a long night and they had to keep the audience there. Seemed very much like a cast having fun to be back.
  9. Vicki Lawrence headlines FOX pilot

    That's pretty much how he was used on Will and Grace.
  10. I schedule the paid programing for my station and have one Time Life a week. It would perk up my Thursday and this crappy task if I actually got to schedule that one.
  11. Lucie and Desi Jr. Photos

    I tried to do a little research in to this train car. It was a former Santa Fe car that I think was once used by the railroad President. It was redone for this Forever Darling trip. I can't find much else out after 56' and none at all on what eventually happened to it. In the Lucy Comes Home book there are photos of the inside. Both of these photos were taken when Lucy and Desi arrived back in LA after the many weeks they were on tour promoting the movie. Desi is wearing the hat he got when they did the Dallas/ Fort Worth stops.
  12. Lucy & Hank & Ginger & Jim

    I read the Jimmy and Henry duel bio this year and I'm trying to recall when the Stewarts moved in. Lucy doesn't get mentioned too much. The story about all the mice running over to Lucy's is in there, but nothing at all on YMO and just the brief double date story. Found an article saying 1949.
  13. Lucy & Hank & Ginger & Jim

    I found this passage last year and it does lend itself to they had more that one date. I know Fonda always told the story of the first, this making it sound like it they never went out again. Ginger and Jimmy were way more an item but he didn't want to marry an actress. Before he left on his military service in the 40s, he gave Ginger his wings.
  14. CBS revives Murphy Brown

    I'm trying to remember back to when I watched the show in its original run. It was pretty political, especially when the whole Dan Quayle thing hit. I took a break for awhile as I got pissed off when it was winning Emmys over The Golden Girls.
  15. The Desi Photo Thread

    Looks like it. Gotta drink the family rum.