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  1. The Drop That Name Game

    Lucille is named in a long list of people in the song I Want It All from the musical Baby. There's a song in the musical Bring It On that mentions Lucy and Ricky.
  2. It's Carol Burnett appreciation night on Get TV Sunday night Apr. 23rd. She'll be on Van Dyke and Company, Jim Nabors Show, Merv Griffin, Sonny and Cher.
  3. Rose Marie has died

    Well it better be on display in Aug. That bow is iconic.
  4. If Lucie or Desi Jr. wrote a book

    Lucie has mentioned she is going to write her memoirs. Don't know where she is with that. For what she might write about check out her 3 hour interview on her life and career on The TV Academy's website.
  5. Paula Stewart's book now available!

    That was Sheila McRae. The Paula story was in NYC during Wildcat.
  6. Paula Stewart's book now available!

    There is one Desi interaction Paula had with Desi that didn't go well. But given that her overall tone on him was positive, she knew Lucy still loved him. Paula talks about being obsessed with a man and discussing this with Lucy, and Lucy knew what that was like because she says she was obsessed with Desi. Nothing on any Gary Desi interactions.
  7. LucyFest 2018

    Can't say I didn't laugh. I'm content just to sit in my car with Rose-Marie and talk about how time has ravaged our faces. Doesn't sound too hot. The first bit just reads weird.
  8. LucyFest 2018

    They're was a parody to the BW interview?????? Why am I just finding out about this now??? What happened?
  9. LucyFest 2018

    What is this about?
  10. LucyFest 2018

    Excited about seeing Lily. That looks funny. I'm not into hearing Amy talk about her vagina. Hope the SNL members share a bit about when Desi hosted.
  11. Desilu Studios is Back?

    Well good. Figured this would happen.
  12. Paula Stewart's book now available!

    1992 interview with Paula.
  13. Lucy & Desi Photo Thread (Vol. 2)

    I have a clipping about the bottom photo screen test. It says that they were both talking off in a corner so someone swung the boom mic over them and apparently the conversation was pretty steamy.
  14. This Concludes Zsa Zsa Watch

    That was one of the craziest yet thoroughly enjoyable things I've watched there.
  15. The Desi Photo Thread

    A Marcella photo, fabulous.