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  1. This is getting ridiculous. I bet most of the people who complained probably never even saw the movie.
  2. Lucy Sightings!

    I know both Lucy and Desi have said years later in interviews they could hear DeDe in the audience. But they never said anything about her being the uh-oh lady. So I'm not convinced either.
  3. Lucy Fest 2019

    Yes, and it's so stupid. I had to email them about it. Look where it has the date in green in the center of the page. Then look to the right and you'll see "next day". Click that. It will take you to a new screen. Then you're good to order.
  4. I always wondered if little touches like that were Lucy's idea or one of the props people having a little fun.
  5. Lucy Sightings!

    I think this may be the oldest reference to I Love Lucy I've heard. 1952 episode of The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show. Mistakenly Gracie thinks George is going to kill himself. Harry Morton asks Gracie " I don't know why George would kill himself. Did he see the I Love Lucy show?"
  6. Lucy Sightings!

    That's very cool. What year did the book come out?
  7. Lucy on the Big Screen on Her Birthday!

    I was able to buy my ticket tonight via a direct buy from my favorite cinema with the recliner seats. First seat bought in the theatre. Smack in the center. Great way to get in the Lucy mood for Jamestown later in the week.
  8. August 13th is going to be the official release day on this. It was part of the Fathom Events press.
  9. Lucy on the Big Screen on Her Birthday!

    I love when new Lucy stuff comes out of left field. This is awesome. I have 2 theaters near me that do Fathom Events. One is a bit farther away but always runs the shows correctly. The other theater is 5 mins away and is a hot mess when it comes to anything Fathom Events. Hopefully the good theater has it. I also saw something about a free poster, gotta find that info.
  10. Lucy Sightings!

    And that's why I love her. Seriously, lady?
  11. Snazzy. I like to wear my winter beanies with shorts too.
  12. Thanks. Forgot his name but remember reading about his death in 2005. Awe, that's really nice Kate did that.
  13. Thanks, I was wondering what the middle name was in reference to, I figured it had to have some sort of family relation. And pardon my ignorance, but who is Kieth?
  14. Lucy on Cheers?

    Oh I saw that. That was a good question.
  15. MAME

    I found this in a clipping about Dark Corner. Dark Corner. “I’m going to see it on the screen because I couldn’t tell you what it was about when I was making it. And the man who made it. (Director Henry Hathaway). Hate him! In CAPTIAL LETTERS!” -Lucy 1946