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  1. Barbara Pepper as a teacher in the film A Child Is Waiting.
  2. I heard a bit of Ron Howard today.
  3. The Sean Astin one is just so oddly meta given the whole mess with his mom.
  4. Saw they have one with Rosie O'Donnell.
  5. Watching Broadway Beyond The Golden Age, a Carole story I never heard. Ethel Merman was Tom's date to the show opening night. After the announcement of Gower Champion's death and the curtain coming down, Ethel turns to Tom and says, "if you gotta go that's the way to go."
  6. I'd never listen to anything else. Since the radio shows started the only music I have listened to was Saturday night at the roller rink. If I got audio on, it's Lucy. I know Desi did 10 tapes of audio about his book and it did sell at an auction but I'm assuming this is what Lucie is talkin about. I don't care if it sounds bad, I want to hear it.
  7. Great interview on the radio shows, the documentary and the current film. https://www.palmspringslife.com/lucille-ball/
  8. In the Christmas episode they say DeDe has 8 grandchildren and 2 great grandchildren. I've got the grandchildren. Looks like Cleo's Tina wasn't born yet so it would end up as 9. But who are the 2 great grandchildren? I think Pam is the oldest but had she had kids by 64/65?
  9. Random observations. 1. Listen carefully, I notice it most with headphones. Lucy strikes a match often to light her cigarette. I'm now noticing I can hear her exhale the smoke. 2. I like her God Bless and drive carefully sign-off. 3. Lucy is trying so hard to raise her children with discipline, spend quality time with them, navigate the coming teenage years, deal with their studies all while knowing how fast they grow and she won't have them much longer. She asks lots of questions about kids so she can learn. It's evident how important her children were to her. 4. Lucy really seemed to love Europe and visiting it. 5. I'm hearing more unusual ways Lucy pronounces words. Rodeo she pronounces as the street not the horse kind. 6. Gary is a big music guy, hates cold weather, and is an emotional guy. 7. Lucy's voice is so calming and I especially like when it slips into a breathy softness when she reacts between a guest or asks some of her probing questions. 8. Lucy seems so content and happy with her life at this point in time. 9. Lucy refers to the kids as our children and Gary even calls Desi Jr. my little boy. The kids called Lucy and Desi mommy and daddy, or at least that's the words Lucy uses. So what did the kids really call Gary? 10. Lucy is into knowing what everyone's astrological sign is.
  10. This is an on going list of episodes I heard and how many parts there were. Hope it's a good checklist. There are ones out there I know I haven't heard yet. Mary Tyler Moore is one. Let’s Talk To Lucy Guests 1. Gertrude Berg- x2 2. Eva Marie Saint- x6 3. Dinah Shore – x3 4. Hy Gardner- Syndicated Columnist- x3 5. Robert Stack- x3 6. Mitzi Gaynor and husband Jack- x2 7. Lucy Day At The World’s Fair- x2 8. George Smith talking about high school dropouts- x2 9. Sheila McCrea- x2 10. Steve Allen -x5 11. Barnaby Conrad- in San Fran- x3 12. Loren Green- x4 13. Donald O’Connor- x4 14. Carol Burnett 15. Ray Walston- x2 16. Bea Benaderet- x2 17. Evelyn Keyes, married to Artie Shaw 18. Mike Frankovitch and Binnie Barnes- x4 19. Hal King- x6 20. Mel Torme- x4 21. Bill Bixby- x3 22. Lucy Talks About Working With Animals- x2 23. Tammy Grimes- x2 24. Candy Moore 25. Hilly Rose KCBS in San Fran- x2 26. Carolyn Jones from Adams Family- x2 27. Gypsy Rose Lee-x3 28. Vivian Vance on the Great Race- x3 29. Helen Girly Brown- x3 30. Lucy Stays At Home 31. Georgia Skelton 32. Dr Harold Glick talks about acne- x2 33. Hedda Hopper- x3 34. Richard Crenna- x3 35. Leonard Slater- x2 36. Fredrick Lowe 37. Nancy Sinatra and Tommy Sands- x3 38. Jane Powell- x3 39. Mary Costa- x5 40. Bing Crosby- x2 41. Cynthia Lowery- AP Columnist- 42. Clint Walker- x3 43. Desi Jr’s New Dog 44. Julie Andrews- x2 45. Doris Day 46. Jeanne Martin- x2 47. Dean Martin -x2 48. Lucy Talks About Teenagers 49. Lucy Talks to Voice of America 50. Bea Lillie 51. Dick Van Dyke- x2 52. Betty Hutton- x5 53. Ernest Gold- composer- x3 54. Andy Williams- x3 55. Mary Kay Dodson- from Bergdorf Goodman 56. Joshua Logan 57. Robert Culp-x3 58. Gene Kelly- x4 59. Carol Channing 60. Gale Gordon 61. Ann Sothern-x2 62. Aldo Ray-x3 63. Betty Furness x5 64. Shirley Booth x3 65. Barbara Streisand – x3 66. Robert Sunval - Australian Actor -x2 67. John Mc Giver- x3 68. Frankie Lane- x3 69. Eve Arden -x5 70.Debbie Reynolds- x3 71. Arlene Dahl- x5 72. John McGiver -x3 73. George Cukor- x3 74. Julie Newmar- x2 75. Bob Hope 76. Lucy Talks Christmas- x2 77. Jack Warner- x3 78. Edith Head- x4 79. Frank Sinatra- x2 80. E.E. Wall- President of Standard Oil and Jr. Achievement Program- x2 81. Arthur Godfrey- x2 82. Ruth Berle- x2 83. Joy Hodges- x2 84. Sergio Fantoni 85. Lucy Talks About Life Podcast 1 1. Danny Kaye 2. Copa Girls 3. Peter Lind Hayes 4. Carol Channing Podcast 2 1. Jeanne Martin 2. Dean Martin
  11. What a great piece. They did an excellent job of highlighting how great her guests were and also how fun it is to hear the real Lucille. Glad these are getting press and I've noticed people are finding these shows over the past 2 days.
  12. The 6 part Hal King interview was so interesting. She talks about how she does her makeup, Hal gives piles of tips on applications. Not only does it show how much makeup and skincare changed since the 60s. But the fact that your breakfast table makeup, yes you had to wear it to make your husband happy, was not the same look for a lunch date with the girls.
  13. I started with the Gertrude Berg ones this morning. Gary pops in to ask some questions. Did learn that he calls his mom Rosie and why he loves the CA sunshine. I'm keeping a list as I listen today and making some notes.
  14. I'll have to check this out. I've been working my way through Depalma films and most recently watched Vanities.
  15. More Ann Dusenberry. Playing a rich friend of Mary Jo's in a fourth season episode of Designing Women.
  16. My favorite call back to Men Are Messy is The Simpsons. Homer..."I'm gonna divide this house a la I Love Lucy."
  17. Brock said it. 576 pages in volume 1!!! What a piece of trash. It sounds like someone's vindictive fan faction about two people he truly hates. https://www.foxnews.com/entertainment/lucille-ball-scandalous-past-book
  18. Looks like entire festival got moved again to 2022. All the things that were on the schedule for 2021 now have 2022 on them. Due to the status of COVID-19 health and safety concerns for indoor, large-group events and arena performances, and the existing restrictions relative to these events, the shows scheduled for the Lucille Ball Comedy Festival this summer will be rescheduled for the same weekend in 2022: August 3-7, 2022, in order to ensure the health and safety of festival attendees, staff and volunteers. Current festival ticket holders will have their tickets transferred automatically to the same shows and events for the 2022 festival, unless they choose a different option. Learn more about these options at ComedyCenter.org/TicketForm. A new schedule of festival events for 2021 is available at ComedyCenter.org/Festival. Those wishing to purchase new tickets for 2022 festival events, including Jeff Foxworthy and Legends of SNL, without holding existing tickets for 2021, can do so by visiting ComedyCenter.org/Festival beginning Tuesday, June 1, 2021 at noon ET. In lieu of an indoor festival this August, the National Comedy Center is proud to announce its “Summer Fun Weeks” featuring “Riverside Saturdays” with FREE movies, bands, family comedy shows and more June 20-August 7. See the full list of events at ComedyCenter.org/SummerFun. We appreciate your patience, support, and understanding — and look forward to laughing with you again soon!
  19. Never caught the show but that sounds like a fun episode. And applause for those pj's.
  20. Sr based on the rest of his post. There is a scene in Ironside where Desi is in a car crash due to a tie rod cut. I think there was a mechanic in that. Its the only thing that made sense to me based on Desi's post 1960s work I've seen. But Desi wasn't a mechanic, he was a doctor.
  21. That's what surprised me because its always I Love Lucy. And it was mostly Keith's dialogue in the scene too. I just recognized it since they never showed the TV screen. It also had nothing to do with the scene but boy were those actors laughing.
  22. 1981 movie Looker. Susan Day visits her parents who are enjoying The Lucy Show episode Lucy Goes Duck Hunting so much they ignore her. You never see the screen but its the scene in the duck blind. You hear them talking about Lucy shooting the decoy and a few quack, quaks from Lucy.
  23. Ken had another Lucy post over the weekend. The comments section is pretty good. http://kenlevine.blogspot.com/2021/05/weekend-post_0335712146.html Does anyone know what Desi show this was? "I spent a good hour under a car with him shooting some long-forgotten show. He was a mechanic, I was his goofy assistant. I was in awe the entire time. Still am."
  24. I just wonder why Cate dropped out of this project. I vaguely heard scheduling conflicts. But that seems dodgy. She does lots of theatre, especially in London. Theatre is still on hold. Tv and film is obviously shooting with strict guidelines so I'm unclear if they are up to pre-covid capacity in how much stuff is in production. And if they waited all these years with Cate on, they couldn't wait a few months more for her to finish a project and also hopefully shoot under less strict covid protocal?
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