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  1. Oh I tore the bed apart, under it, around it. I never even left the room from waking up to losing it.
  2. I feel that as I age there are going to be more Fred moments. Still can't find the bedroom tv remote and it's been a month.
  3. Amazon has all 6 seasons available now to watch with Prime. Desi Sr. and Lucie both guest star. Desi's is in the 4th season and Lucie's is in the 6th season. I watched both last night and found both rather enjoyable. Lucie gets to do a song with Dick and Dan. Desi has 2 running gags. One with Artie Johnson and another with a group of rumba dancers who keep interrupting his love ballad. Desi's also had some fun references to Lucy, especially a good one to start off the show.
  4. I have to pull out the movie and watch. It's not ringing any bells. He played poker in PS but gambling would be Vegas. And I'm sure he could have been roaring drunk either place. One of the books talks about a Desilu guy pulling him away from the Vegas tables before he beat the studio. And there was other stuff in PS that was not good. Desi would fall asleep during table reads sometimes but I think that story mostly is told about Lucy Show. My hunch then is they took a bunch of stories and stitched them together for maximum drama.
  5. Here's what I posted. “It started when I fell heir to Desilu Studios…all people could think to ask me was, ‘What’s it like to actually own the studios where you used to work as a starlet?’ And I’d say, ‘Do you really think that when I was a stock player at RKO, I walked around saying ‘someday I’ll own all this?’ Who the hell would want to own a place like that anyway? It was the worst drag of my life. It terrified me. I was into something way over my head and I couldn’t wait to get out, but I had to hold on until the studio got back on it’s feet again; a lot of people were depending on me. Well that’s where I showed my ambition. With the help of some trustworthy people, I got Desilu going again and when I could do it properly, I got out. -article by Robert Osborne From what I understand Lucy's lawyer said that she should sell when she did because the shows, at least Mannix and Mission Impossible were doing well but they cost a lot of money to produce. Star Trek also cost a lot but wasn't getting the ratings the others were. So she had desirable shows to entice Paramount and I think always wanted to be able to expand into that lot.
  6. Don't forget in Lucy's book she talked about hitting Desi with a cast iron pan and knocking him out. She thought she killed him and her and Harriet were trying to come up with a plan. So it seems like these 2 both could weave a tale that sounded like a plot from their own show.
  7. I came across a letter written to Desi's book editor directly addressing this name and phone number passage. The party who wrote the letter ( I wish I could remember the connection) was very concerned about it as it was a direct accusation that she was having an affair and by her reaction admitted to it. I think they were questioning if this whole incident should be in the book.
  8. It's all glitter and tits. Carole at The Purple Room and a sneak peek at the the documentary.
  9. I love these price compares. Ocassionly I find people sell all or part of these VHS sets. Unless for sentimental reasons I don't know why anyone would buy them. And they are never cheap. Well cheap compared to what you listed above. But the most recent I saw for the full set was $150. You can buy the entire series on dvd 3 times over for that prices.
  10. I caught that. Years ago I was at the fair and oved the table scapes. They also had Christmas tree decorating and someone did an I Love Lucy tree.
  11. In Stu Shostak's show recent look back on LWL, Tom said that the night John's episode aired Lucy invited him to the house to watch. Everyone said how nice a guy John was not only in the show but on set all week.
  12. Looks like Allen Thicke interviewed other shows too. I wonder why the ones he did with Lucy weren't on the DVD. From what I saw Lucy seemed very scripted in them. I like the more genuine ones on the dvd.
  13. Here's what was cut out. https://papermoonloveslucy.tumblr.com/post/189792465903/colorful-paris-cuts
  14. While watching the new All In The Family there was a reference to speaking Spanish from Archie. Desi and Charo were mentioned. Watching the original tonight its interesting to hear it again. Incidentally Desi and Charo did a scene together on a Bob Hope special.
  15. Another fantastic job by CBS and the colorization team. A few observations. Did the tree lights light up colored last year? I know they use to show up white. Lucy's ornament with the tassels had little angles hanging off it. Never noticed that before. Lucy's ( replacement) aqua ring was colorized yellow. It fit with her dress/coat look better than aqua which may have stood out. In black and white it's harder to see Madelyn at the cafe. In yellow and with all the different colors you can really pick her out.
  16. I'm glad I don't have a 20min disruption for a tornado warning this time. Just 20 degrees outside.
  17. New interview with Keith. https://nypost.com/2019/12/16/i-love-lucy-child-star-keith-thibodeaux-dishes-on-lucille-ball-desi-arnaz/amp/
  18. He's the only one who photographed her a lot whose name I remember. And I agree with your assessment. Wonderfully lit that made her look beautiful and natural even with the wig and makeup.
  19. I watched a documentary on Erwin Bllomenfeld, a famous fashion photographer. They said Lucy posed for him, yet didn't show a photo of her. A Google search also doesn't turn up any photos that could link them. I'm not up on too many famous photographers who shot Lucy. Does anyone know of the photo/s that Bloomenfeld may have done with Lucy?
  20. It's crazy how many different places clothing turned up. And in different forms such as this. It really feels like it takes some group thinking to figure it out. The purple dress at the LD museum was another one in discussion. Seems like the collar on that one changed.
  21. First episode, season 3 of The Marvelous Mrs Maisel has a Desi reference by Jane Lynch's character. I actually LOLed at it.
  22. Now how could I forget a parody with an original cast member?
  23. Was Lucy hurting for friends at that time or was it just her nature that she liked to become friends with those she worked with? If you've seen photos of her with Bea in the mid to late 70s Lucy was super excited to see Bea in all of those and was getting pretty squeezy with her.
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