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  1. Lucie and Desi Jr. Photos

    This long hair was my absolute favorite hair ever she had. It's hard to grown hair that looks that great.
  2. That news item did say it was a 12 piece collection. Based on other collections I've seen Unique Vintage do, part of the line is accessories. So maybe they'll throw a bone to the guys and do a necktie. I've noticed that sometimes those ties have a little DA one and it's just another thing I look for while watching.
  3. Lucy's Jamestown Friends

    Ah, yes. I feel fine.
  4. I recall the names Jim and Dorothy Wynne being used in 2 episodes of I Love Lucy. I have learned that these were real people. But until recently I thought these were Hollywood friends of Lucy's. Does anyone know who these people were because I'm finding reference that Marion Strong and Dorothy seemed to know each other somehow? But Dorothy's name never comes up in anything Jamestown related.
  5. Vintage clothing is hot right now and especially pop culture lines. Torrid/Hot Topic does tons, Unique Vintage as I said and a few lines from the UK. I'm hoping they can get some "well known" Lucy related person to model this line. These will be more than just costumes but actually clothing you can wear for day and night. Well at least I will since hats, swing dresses and petticoats are part of my normal dress rotation.
  6. Oh it's from Unique Vintage. Awesome!!! I have some stuff from them. They have really been getting into pop culture lines recently. They've done 2 Barbie lines. They also have some great social media presence and respected well in the vintage community. They are also size inclusive so us big girls will be able to buy this too.
  7. Lucy's Jamestown Friends

    Weren't they the couple also getting a divorce in Lucy Tells The Truth?
  8. New ‘Closer’ cover featuring L&D

    I agree, it got really trashy for awhile and they recycled a headline and picture for one cover.
  9. Viv as VERA?

    I can absolutely see Viv as Vera. She had that dry sassy wit.
  10. Lucy on the Big Screen on Her Birthday!

    Thanks for the links. The Closer article was a good read. In the today show one there's this: "My dad had some great physical comedy in this episode," said Arnaz. "Unfortunately, he slipped on some rice in one scene and broke a couple of ribs. That did not stop the show, though. First time I think I heard about this. I know the second fall in that scene was a "hey, this got a laugh the first time, let's try that again."
  11. I've always thought that. Years ago when I first saw Critic's Choice I was puzzled because I couldn't see how this was the same guy on The Larry Sanders Show. I had to double check it was the same actor.
  12. MAME

    I’ve concluded that I really don’t like this musical. It’s something about the songs that I just don’t find them appealing. Maybe one or two are fine and it’s better with Julie Andrews singing. But I’m not a fan of Audrey Hepburn, so it’s just a bad combination.
  13. MAME

    I'm a member of that group over on Facebook. Great group. I put up a video of the snow scene and the roller skating home scene over there. The book used the photo of Lucy skating to illustrate the shooting on that street. I've never seen My Fair Lady. I did google around for a few shots and found some that had the same feeling as the Mame sidewalk and buildings but not enough to do a one for one match up.
  14. MAME

    I'm reading a book on the Warner Brother's backlot and found this bit of info. A few exteriors in Mame were shot on the Warner Brother's backlot on what is called Wimpole Street. These sets were built for My Fair Lady on WB's largest soundstage. They were eventually moved onto the backlot after that filming wrapped. Apparently the sets were not really made for outdoors and got shabby over time as they were rarely used.
  15. Ah thanks. I like the name. So crazy that she waited all those years and got 2 in such a short few weeks.
  16. Found this blog post with details from Kate's wedding this past weekend. There were so many touches of her grandparents in this. Just beautiful. http://cameroncolumn.blogspot.com/2016/06/lucie-arnaz-and-larry-luckinbills.html?spref=fb&m=1
  17. I saw the posts on Social Media and thought, well that was unexpected. I figured it had to be one of the step sons, but Joe's her second kid, so that was surprising to without out all the fanfare Kate got. Thanks for clearing that mystery up. Not that it matters and you can have a kid anyway you want, but did he get married and I missed it?
  18. This is getting ridiculous. I bet most of the people who complained probably never even saw the movie.
  19. Lucy Sightings!

    I know both Lucy and Desi have said years later in interviews they could hear DeDe in the audience. But they never said anything about her being the uh-oh lady. So I'm not convinced either.
  20. Lucy Fest 2019

    Yes, and it's so stupid. I had to email them about it. Look where it has the date in green in the center of the page. Then look to the right and you'll see "next day". Click that. It will take you to a new screen. Then you're good to order.
  21. Dates are up. August 7-11th. Start planning now. Last year was a blast.
  22. I always wondered if little touches like that were Lucy's idea or one of the props people having a little fun.
  23. Lucy Sightings!

    I think this may be the oldest reference to I Love Lucy I've heard. 1952 episode of The George Burns and Gracie Allen Show. Mistakenly Gracie thinks George is going to kill himself. Harry Morton asks Gracie " I don't know why George would kill himself. Did he see the I Love Lucy show?"
  24. Lucy Sightings!

    That's very cool. What year did the book come out?
  25. Lucy on the Big Screen on Her Birthday!

    I was able to buy my ticket tonight via a direct buy from my favorite cinema with the recliner seats. First seat bought in the theatre. Smack in the center. Great way to get in the Lucy mood for Jamestown later in the week.