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  1. Awww. Sad news. I never got to meet Zo, but by all accounts she was a terrific lady. RIP Zo!
  2. Bought my tix a couple nights ago. I'm going to have to miss some of the more groovy sounding things, since we won't be getting in until late Thursday night. I'm super pumped that Wanda will be back, though. LOVE her! Looking forward to seeing you again, Brock and Joyce, and it'll be great to meet you, Taylor!
  3. Any more news on that documentary? I was interviewed for it and want to know if I'll have to go to Jamestown in cognito this summer to keep all my fans from mobbing me.
  4. Heard this sad news yesterday. RIP. (and I'm also an arfer! )
  5. Oh man! I haven't been online in awhile and was back to work yesterday. So bummed that I missed this!
  6. I have Brochu's book but I've only read it once, maybe twice, tops. Lee Tannen's book, however, is one of my favorites and that I've read at least 10 (probably more) times. I also agree with your comments about Ball of Fire. I didn't even buy it when it came out because of all the lackluster reviews by genuine Lucy fans. Someone gave it to me as a gift about 5 years ago, though, so I read it then. Snoozefest overall and definitely nothing to write home about!
  7. And speaking of that episode, a little moment I love is after Lucy's been found out in her disguise as the bass and, in costume, she gives Ethel that "follow me" shrug.
  8. Did you pay this month's water bill? Yeah, why? THAT WAS A DUMB THING TO DO!! Give her the money? Is she going with us? If Fred left you what would you be doing? Celebrating.
  9. LOL that might do more harm than good. But thanks for the compliments, Claude! You're sweet.
  10. Lucy Visits Grauman's => Lucy, the Cement Worker Both involve Lucy "playing" with cement.
  11. "Pregnant Women Are Unpredictable." While not wildly funny, this episode is full of "those little things" that make it heartwarming and so enjoyable to watch.
  12. Totally agree. Vivian Bagley is a great character, but she lacks much of the warmth and humility that makes Ethel Mertz so likeable and enduring.
  13. Ah, the good old "Was Lucy a Slut?" thread. I'm being totally un-sarcastic when I say that was, and remains, one of my favorite discussions ever. LOL.
  14. I also love Desi and think he's hugely underrated as an actor, performer, and businessman. By the way, Miki, I love your new signature!
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