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  1. Complete "Lucy Show" DVD $26.00

    Thank you for the feedback Harrison.
  2. Complete "Lucy Show" DVD $26.00

    well that's really a shame. Already have my DVDs from when they first came out. Thought it might me a nice gift but guess not.
  3. Complete "Lucy Show" DVD $26.00

    That would be a great deal for a back up, since i already have all seasons in nice packaging. Is the packaging for this set really that bad?? This would also make a great gift for someone.
  4. Lucy on the Big Screen on Her Birthday!

    I didnt get to go - he theater near me in NYC had an 7 pm sold-out showing and i couldn't make the 10:30. Lets hope they will add another day in the future. I did spend Lucy's Birthday at The Cher Show on Broadway which includes Lucille Ball in the show.
  5. i just saw their Facebook page and saw tons of posts about them dropping I Love Lucy, which they say is on hiatus - we shall see.
  6. Yes, the cover art needs to change and i am sure it will.
  7. That's great news to hear. A two disc set does not sound like there would be many extras but who knows. I hope so. It will be great to have good quality videos of these shows since we have only had the bootlegs for the last 30 years.
  8. Yes, ME-TV only shows the 30 minute versions. Are the CB episodes that are streaming - the same episodes that are out on DVD? Hopefully they have more available for streaming.
  9. No, unfortunately, these will be half hour versions of the one hour show. I guess it might be too expensive to show the complete Carol Burnett Shows as they did have a lot of musical numbers included. It would be nice to see these broadcast. I have at least 3 DVD sets of the first few season of Burnett Shows with about 25-30 shows on the discs. They are fun to watch and i also believe they are available for streaming or downloading but not sure if all seasons are available.
  10. Yes, I saw that listed and i am glad that they are going back to the Burnett shows from the beginning. Since Lucy was on several times, i am sure there will be more Lucy episodes shown.
  11. It seems the Lucy Show has quietly joined the prime time line up for JLTV (Jewish Life Television) on Wednesday nights at 8pm and 11pm. Although its not listed as one of their shows on the web site, they aired "Lucy & Viv Put a Shower" last week and "Lucy's Barbershop Quartet" last night. Next week, the George Burns episode is scheduled to air, so these are the public domain episodes and not sure how long it will last. The Beverly Hillbillies (also public domain episodes) airs after the Lucy Show. I just found this out last week when i went to watch Joan Rivers's 60's morning talk show "That Show", which JLTV has been airing for a while now. The episode with Vivian aired about two months ago. Joan has now moved to Thursday nights.
  12. Lucy in The Cher Show on Broadway

    Yes, she has talked about it before. I remember her first talking about this on "Dinah" back in 1975.
  13. Lucy in The Cher Show on Broadway

    Yes, I hope it stays in the show.
  14. Lucy in The Cher Show on Broadway

    Yes, I wouldn't take out a camera or phone at a Broadway show. Its just not done. The meeting between Lucy and Cher is set up at the beginning of the second act when Cher was having doubts about breaking up the marriage and the act and thinking America would hate her for this, so there is a brief talk with Lucy giving her advice and telling her to go on a get a new show, one with her name in the title - that always worked for me. Then they sing "Heart of Stone" worked into the show. It was probably only about 5 minutes long but fun.
  15. Lucy in The Cher Show on Broadway

    No, i don't think it came off cheesy. The audience loved it and there was applause when Cher introduced Lucille Ball. I had heard it was in Chicago and that it might be taken out. Glad its still in the show. I haven't seen any photos and i didn't take one as its a Broadway show but i had 7th row center seats, so i could have got a great shot. After it opens, i am sure we will see some photos.