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  1. I was just on ME-TV's web page and noticed they are starting to stream some episodes of The Lucy Show and some other TC shows. Only a handful of Lucy episodes so far. Here is a link: http://www.metv.com/shows/the_lucy_show/videos
  2. oh, then you will be reunited soon. Yes we are lucky to just pop in any one of Lucy's TV shows and watch them whenever we want.
  3. It looks like Decades will be running another Lucy Show marathon starting on Saturday, February 25. They will start with the first episode of the series "Lucy Waits Up for Chris"
  4. There will also be a MTM marathon on Decades, starting Feb. 4th at 1pm till 7 am on Monday, Feb. 6th.
  5. well I know what you mean about cable bills. I pay almost $170 for my cable and the high speed internet. Anyway, Decades is a CBS digital broadcast network that is available on local broadcast television (with an antenna) and some cable channels. I don't think its on any Time Warner cables but I am not sure. I get it thru local TV on channel 2.2. I have both cable and local broadcast television. Decades is a cool network as they offer different programing every day. They usually broadcast shows that either aired on that particular day in history or there could be another them - maybe honoring someone's birthday or anniversary of their death. They also run a one hour news program Monday - Friday and they cover events that occurred in history thru the years on that particular day. As an example, on Oct 15th, the would be covering the day I Love Lucy premiered on television. Its a very interesting program. On the weekends, they run marathons that usually start at 1pm on Saturday until 7am on Monday morning. They have a vast catalogue of shows owned by CBS so they have plenty to run. They also started something recently where they will air a show such as Laugh-In twice a day 6pm and 9 pm (different episodes - not the same show twice). I think you would enjoy it and you should be able to get it with an antenna, hooked up to the back of your TV and local television is about 40 channels.
  6. Today, Decades is showing episodes from 1967 of The Lucy Show from 2-5pm and from 11pm - 2 am.
  7. There will now be an I Love Lucy marathon the weekend of January 7-8th.
  8. Thanks for the info. I have all six season sets but was curious how they packaged the box set.
  9. How is the complete box set? Are all the seasons in one big box and do they have the same artwork as the season release sets?
  10. CBS is repeating the special on Christmas night at 8pm.
  11. I think they are showing Lucy and the Choirmaster on Christmas Eve.
  12. Yes, it would have been nice to see any of them on Life With Lucy, if only it lasted longer.
  13. Cher collects her social security checks, although they are then split up and give to some charities.
  14. Thanks and yes, it is, I can only imagine what if I had walking down that street coming from a store or something, which I have done before but then it can happen anywhere at anytime. It was fun to see her.
  15. I never got to ask a question. At first, she answered questions from the mezzanine then began asking from the orchestra. I wanted to ask her about any guests she could not get on her show for any reason but that question was asked by someone else before me. She was only on for about 80 minutes and showed clips in between. It went really fast. It was over by 9:45 and after I took some video of her taking her bows, I looked at all the text messages on my phone. Apparently at 8:30pm, there was an explosion down the block from my house - yes it was that terrorist attack in NYC. Went home after that, which was fine although I found out our building shook and it was really LOUD. Streets were closed for about 2 days. Her show was good but short.
  16. I am going to see Carol on Saturday night at the Beacon Theater - I have 5th row seats anyone have any questions you think I should ask her? I ma trying to come up with a good question.
  17. As of September 20th, Cozi is moving Here's Lucy to 4am - two episodes a day Mon - Fri.
  18. They said that because they did not air the Marathon on Saturday, August 6th (Lucy's Bday) they aired it on Friday. Sometimes they do that if they cant air a marathon or show about someone on their particular birthdate. Since Lucy's birthday was on a Saturday and they didn't air it on Saturday, they aired it the day before and that's why they say "this week".
  19. I got all excited when I heard about this, maybe thinking it was the ILL Stage show but then I found out it was Lee's book. Not planning on going even if it is near me.
  20. Did they say what the rating was for the week, as far as number position - Top 20 maybe?
  21. Nice to hear TLS will be back on ME-TV, unfortunately we wont get it in NYC as they have paid programming on from 5 - 8 am.
  22. Decades only airs shows in the CBS library (owned by CBS that is)
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