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  1. Hi Neil, I like their Through the Decades show, which is on Mon - Friday and the highlight the events that happened on that date over the decades. Since they don't have airings on the weekend, any major events that happened on those days, is either reported on Friday or Monday's show. Sometimes I think they even report some things as to what happened this week in a particular year. Not sure what happened with the Black Wig episode and I didn't even get to see any of Decades yesterday.
  2. On April 26th, the Decades Network will be showing a mini-marathon of Lucy (which will run 4 times a day). The following shows will be included in the marathon: I Love Lucy - Job Switching I Love Lucy - Lucy's Italian Movie I Love Lucy - Lucy Does a TV Commercial I Love Lucy - Lucy Goes to the Hospital The Lucy Show - Lucy is a Kangaroo for a day The Lucy Show - Lucy Puts Up a TV Antenna The Lucy Show - Lucy and Viv are Volunteer Fireman The Dick Cavett Show - Lucille Ball, Carol Burnett, Lucie Arnaz and Dr. Freddie Pacheco
  3. Tonight they are showing Lucy Meets Danny Kaye before the Cavett interview.
  4. No, for some reason they showed the episode with Frankie Avalon and then Lucy Gets A Diploma (not sure why these were picked). They also showed 2 Desilu productions - Mission Impossible and the Untouchables.
  5. In honor of Desi's Birthday today, Decades is showing 2 episodes of ILL and one episode of Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour. Then after that they are showing 2 Lucy Shows.
  6. They are also showing it on Saturday, March 5th at 7:30am. I get Decades and love watching these Cavett shows. Sometimes they only show 1 hour shows, so I am glad they are showing the full 90 minutes of this show.
  7. I remember seeing this show when it first aired and would have liked to have seen the Mame clips again. I loved when Lucie said when she turned 84 someone would say to her ok now Miss Arnaz, we are going to take you to see your mothers show tonight and they would wheel her into the taping. Lucy loved that too.
  8. It was so much watching Lucy and family on Merv last night. I remember seeing this show when it first aired - it was such a great show.
  9. Wow, Im surprised your cable co just replaced it with Comet. Di they possibly move it to another channel? Comet is a new channel showing old sci fi TV shows.
  10. I was at the taping of Mother of The Bride on Thursday, October 16, 1986.
  11. I just found my ticket from Life With Lucy and its dated October 16, 1986 taping at 7pm.
  12. After Lucy announced she was coming back to TV, i found the name of some company, think was called "Audience tickets" or some thing to that effect. It was over 30 years ago. I may have called ABC and then they told me to write to this company and you tell them what show you would like to see when you would be in LA and they would send you tickets by mail with a SASE. I requested tickets for Lucy for any dates in October and i had them within a few weeks.
  13. Thank you. I didn't see that post before I posted mine asking about the last episode of Life With Lucy.
  14. Was Mother of the Bride the last show filmed or was there one after that episode?
  15. Did they know at that time that the show was axed? We didn't know and I think it was the following week that we may have found out. Does anyone know the date it was axed. Maybe Gary just didn't want to say anything then.
  16. This was a dream come true seeing Lucy live. As soon as she announced she was coming back to TV, I kept trying to find out how to get tickets and I did and went to LA and saw the show with a friend who was living there at the time.
  17. Yes I agree I think it was Gary's idea and the applause does not translate that well at home. I was looking forward to her entrance.
  18. No she didn't seem like she was in a bad mood. Gary introduced everyone in the cast before filming except Lucy, so when Lucy did appear in her first scene, she got tremendous applause from the audience. She did yell out from back stage and one point saying "Gary, I Love You" Some retakes were done after the filming (audio issues) with the boy and with Gale Gordon and Lucy was not around for that. She was of course introduced at the end. I do remember Gary saying that they had one more show to film and then they would be taking a short vacation. I saw the show on Oct 16 or 17th. I would have to check my ticket (which I saved).
  19. I think ABC should have put her on a Monday or even Tuesday night. Saturday was a mistake. I did get to see a taping of the show. It was a thrill to see Lucy perform live. I ended up getting tickets to the Mother of the Bride taping. Gary Morton did the warm up in the audience before the show. I will never forget it.
  20. Oh that would be great if they decided to air Lucy Show Christmas episode. Glad to hear it made the Top 10.
  21. Yes, maybe HL did do better than Baywatch, which is now moving to &pm and yes Dick Van Dyke will air before Lucy at 6pm
  22. Cozi is now moving Here's Lucy back to 6:30 pm effective on Monday, January 4th.
  23. No Neil, I am watching the COZI episodes too. Now that they are on at 7:30am, I wake up with them. Yes, isn't it funny how many times Lucy has meet Jack Benny.
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