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  1. Yes, Mama comes to ME-TV on Christmas Day with two holiday episodes then join the schedule the following week (I think)
  2. It never happened, they showed the Sammy Davis show that night but I am hoping they do air the 73 show soon. It was one of his best shows.
  3. Yes, I love the Banner art too and it reminds me to watch this episode tomorrow.
  4. I am really hoping they show that Merv Griffin Show again as Merv is now on every Monday night on GetTV.
  5. Hallmark is running ILL from 5am to 8am everyday.
  6. It was the Hallmark channel that was showing Lucy Raises Chickens. I actually don't get MeTV from 5 am to 8 am - all paid programming during that time -thru local and cable TV - we used to get it.
  7. yesterday we had Lucy is a Bird sitter competing with Lucy Raise Chickens
  8. and its also opposite I Love Lucy on the Hallmark channel
  9. Yes, Neil you are correct, Lucy was at the taping of the first show. There also pics of Judy and Lucy together after the show. CBS did make a mistake and not air the premiere episode until December and Judy's version of Old Man River is one of her best ever numbers. I too loved Steve's book on this show and of course Desilu. I met him back in 2011 and spent some time with him and he was a great man. He told me a lot of about Judy and Lucy. I miss him and wish he was here to enjoy the show being broadcast on television again. GetTV has not said about what specials will be on in the 9pm hour. They did mention a few but Lucy in London would be a great idea.
  10. The Merv Griffin Show and The Judy Garland Show will becoming to GetTV every Monday night starting October 12,2015. We know we will see Lucy on Merv's show, only wish she could have done Judy's show - that would have been exciting. Here's a link announcing it: http://variety.com/2015/tv/news/merv-griffin-judy-garland-gettv-richard-pryor-1201604041/
  11. I saw the commercial and I think you just get the first 6 DVD set volume (with Lucy on it) plus the 2 bonus disc's for a total of 8 shows for only five easy payments of $19.99 each - that's $100, when the first 6 volume DVD set comes out next week, its list price is $59 but of course will sell for less.
  12. There is a six DVD set coming out on Sept. 15th and I believe its the first volume of the Ultimate Collection Box Set, so that will include 2 Lucy episodes.
  13. this box set cover is nothing like the original box cover released, which was much better
  14. Id love to see the return of Juan Jose - always loved him.
  15. I know, still haven't found it yet in NYC, just wondering why B & N thinks it will be out in January.
  16. on the Barnes and Noble web site you can pre order this magazine - its available on Jan 16, 2016???????
  17. no they haven't run any specials - at least not yet.
  18. Update: Just checked the schedule and they will not be shown in order but it looks like they picked some episodes from the first 3 season.
  19. Decades is having a Lucy Show Marathon beginning on Saturday, August 8th at 1pm and running till Monday morning (Aug 10th) at 7am. They are starting with the episode "Lucy Buys A Sheep" and episodes should be in order till the marathon ends.
  20. We don't get the 7pm shows in NYC - it gets interrupted for local broadcasting, hopefully we will get the next days showings. We don't even get the Sunday airings of HL.
  21. COZI will be moving Here's Lucy to once a day at 5:30 pm, guess I wont be able to watch HL anymore.
  22. The Decades network is running a Lucy Desi Comedy Hour marathon on Saturday, august 1, 2015. They usually do a weekend marathon of selected shows, so this will probably continue on Sunday, August 2nd or maybe they will plan something else for Lucy's Birthday?
  23. I tried the B & N near me and they don't have it yet but I also saw it on Ebay
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