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  1. Yes, they have been doing this for a while and they do not change their TV listings schedule, so the listing has the episode that should air but instead its replaced for a show from an earlier season. Not sure why they do this.
  2. the commercials are not that bad - only 2 or 3 and they don't go on forever, at least not yet. When they were running the Marathons, they would show the theme song to a show, then have one 15 second commercial for Decades then go back to the show and have one commercial in the middle and one at the end. Much better than most networks. Each day is different as they have an original show looking back at the history of events that took place on a particular date, which makes the programming more interesting. As yesterday was John Wayne's Birthday, it was basically a salute to him and that's why they showed the JW episodes of I Love Lucy and Lucy Show.
  3. The new Decades TV Network launched yesterday (after a few months of marathons). Since these are CBS shows, I Love Lucy and The Lucy Show is included in their library. Today they are showing the I Love Lucy and The Lucy Show episodes with guest star John Wayne. On Friday, they will have a few airings of the Lucy Show episode "Lucy decides to redecorate". Decades is an over the air network but I think it may also be on a few cable channels too. In New York, we get it on channel 2.2. Here is a link for the Decades web site: www.decades.com for more info.
  4. True, and over time they can probably release most shows thru compilation sets. I think they released about 50 shows for Seasons 6 -11.
  5. so they are just releasing a best-of set. It would have been nice to see season sets but I doubt that will happen. Glad to see Lucy will be included in the best of set.
  6. Its a hard choice to make but I think the Shout Factory set would up at the top of the list. It had so many extras included and you are right about the reviewers who may not have cared for the show but were astounded by all the extras included.
  7. That's cute - "lucyisms"
  8. Thanks for posting these pictures. I was interested to see how the box set looked.
  9. I don't know who this Kardisihian chick is but I don't like it.
  10. How many times was Lucy Meets the Burtons shown in prime time? I assume twice during the 3rd season.
  11. That's interesting that SNL are out as season sets. How much were they priced when they came out. Im sure those prices are on sale. I know when they put out a compilation of Sonny & Cher shows (9 shows on 3 DVD's) and were sold thru on line and TV sales at $79.99. They were later distributed thru stores at $59.99. I picked up my copy at Tower for $45. but it was a 3 DVD set, still expensive but it was because it cost so much to produce. Somebody once told me they asked the guy who distributed them about the sales and they did sell well but the guy still lost money on it. Im sure a big company like Time Life can take a risk if they lose money on it. Lets see what they do.
  12. I've never seen any variety show released on DVD as Season sets. They usually compilations. It would great if they did release season sets of Carol Burnett but I know it will be very expensive. That Time Life set had about 50 shows and cost around $200. so if Carol did maybe 25 shows a seasons- it would have to be close to $100. Per season with all the music rights. Eventually the price will go down over time. Was Dean Martins show ever released as season sets? I know there are a lot of compilations out there.
  13. Will these DVD's be season sets or a best of collection? It would be nice to seem them release season sets but I doubt they would do that - it would cost to much to produce and would be an expensive set to buy as season sets. I think if it will be a best of collection, then will probably include Lucy appearances.
  14. Im gonna do what every red blooded woman in America would do, Im gonna try it on
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