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  1. Sorry to report that there will NOT be a colorized I LOVE LUCY special on CBS this spring... However, we are at work colorizing two additional LUCY episodes, one of which will almost definitely be used as part of this year's I LOVE LUCY CHRISTMAS SPECIAL... The other will either be used as part of a spring special NEXT year, or held for Christmas of 2019... Just wanted you to know... Tjw
  2. Just heard that Lou Ann Graham, Vivian Vance's youngest sister, passed away Tuesday (November 1). Do not know any of the details...(Will let you know if I hear more...)
  3. Just saw that Hugh O'Brien -- star of "The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp" -- filmed by Desilu back in the 1950s, has died. I am sure there will be various on-line obits... http://variety.com/2016/film/news/hugh-obrian-dead-the-life-and-legend-of-wyatt-earp-1201852383/ I met him a few times when he and Lucy attended various charity events here in Los Angeles, usually for his Youth Leadership Foundation.
  4. It looks as though the "I Love Lucy Superstar Special #2" (the John Wayne hour) will be released on DVD sometime in the spring. Will let you know if I hear a definite release date...
  5. Sorry to hear the news. Jonathan certainly was enthusiastic about Lucy -- and especially about the colorization! Always hate to hear about losing "one of our own."
  6. This may be old news, but it was new to me, so I thought I would share that Screen Archives is issuing Desi Arnaz's motion picture, THE NAVY COMES THROUGH on DVD. Technically, I believe it is a made-to-order DVD-R, but "beggars can't be shoozers." It sells for $19.95... Here's a link http://www4.screenarchives.com/title_detail.cfm/ID/31685/THE-NAVY-COMES-THROUGH-1942/ Just wanted everyone to know...
  7. #2t -- I believe -- means #2 in the time period (in that demo)... which is still very good. CBS historically has done better with slightly older audiences -- the 25-54 (and older) crowd... Conversely, some of the other networks -- ABC, FOX and especially some of the niche cable networks -- attract younger viewers...
  8. Actually "Together for Christmas" is on CBS' radar and the show almost made it last year. We were trying to find something to pair with "The Andy Griffith Show" Christmas episode, and one of the candidates seriously under consideration was this episode of "The Lucy Show." However, the network had already committed to airing the "I Love Lucy Christmas Special" (the Christmas episode + Vitameatavegamin), and they thought doing yet another "Lucy" program a couple of nights later would be a mistake... We went with a second classic episode of the Griffith series instead, and the hour worked very well on Christmas night.
  9. Am glad you mentioned "The Operetta." It is one of the episodes we have been discussing for possible colorization... Am wondering, though, whether it would be appropriate at Christmastime? Two schools of thought: (1) the Christmas shows so far have teamed the Christmas episode, which is essentially a clip-show, with a strong (dare I say "classic") script show in which Lucy is up to some of her zany shenanigans... We've done the grapes, the chocolate factory and the Vitameatavegamin programs so far. Each illustrate Lucy being Lucy and at her comedic best. Is "The Operetta" too much of a "special" (as in atypical) episode? It is essentially a show-within-a-show, with only a rather weak first few scenes as the set-up. There is not a typical Lucy Ricardo plotline... (2) By pairing the two of these shows, one creates a very jolly holiday hour... I think both are valid opinions... Just not sure which would work best in 2016 prime time television...
  10. Yes, there are many ways to read the ratings... While the rankings -- Top 10, Top 20, etc. -- are great, that is not the only measure... Winning one's time period is also very important. It is saying, of the people who are watching TV at that hour of the week, a show -- in this case, the I LOVE LUCY SPECIAL -- was seen by more people than any of the competing shows. That counts! I know CBS is very pleased by last Friday's numbers.
  11. We were going to be up against the BILLBOARD MUSIC AWARDS on ABC again this year (on Sunday), so the "powers that be" at CBS thought that the special would do better on Friday night. I think, but am not sure, that our replacement on Sunday will be just an extended two-hour version of 60 MINUTES. They were trying to give the special a better shot...
  12. My favorite line: "Oh, no... I may go home without any fingers but I'm not going home empty handed!" Love it! T
  13. I believe the first episode to be repeated in color after having originally aired in black-and-white was the weirdly popular "Lucy and the Ceramic Cat" -- which was part of the FIRST batch of summer reruns, which filled in between the end of THE LUCY SHOW (SEASON 6) and the premiere of HERE'S LUCY. That summer was a grab bag of shows -- most of them from the California based episodes... But this one opened the series... (Repeats of THE LUCY SHOW often filled in for the summer during the early years of HERE'S LUCY.) The show that opened the daytime series was "Lucy Plays Cleopatra," again being seen for the first time in color. I remember feeling cheated when that show first aired in 1963. TV GUIDE ran a full color photo from the show that looked wonderful, making the broadcast itself look kinda dowdy by comparison... Of course, I did not have a color set at the time, so I guess it really didn't matter!
  14. I Love Lucy was not syndicated to Canada until 1955... However, harkening back to my original discovery about stations in this country showing I Love Lucy prior to its Monday night broadcast -- YES, at least one station (WTTV-TV, then in Bloomington, Indiana) presented the baby show two nights early: Little Ricky was born in that community on Saturday, January 17, 1953 -- two days before Little Desi arrived in Hollywood!
  15. Good question! The Lucy broadcast on CKCO was in black-and-white. Most of the local stations (at least in the smaller communities) were among the last to convert to color... After seeing your question, I flipped through the rest of the magazine to see if any of CKCO's other programs were in color that week, and no they were not... BUT I also discovered that three other Canadian stations in that area -- CKVR-TV (Channel 3) in Barrie; CBLT (Channel 6) in Toronto, and CHEX-TV (Channel 12) in Peterborough, all simulcast a showing of The Lucy Show on Thursday evening April 30, 1964, at 8:30PM. This simulcast was again in advance of the CBS airing: it was a repeat of "Lucy Gets Locked in the Vault," the program seen on CBS in the United States the following Monday, May 4. Again... did not know about these advance showings!
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