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  1. I was giving hints for Heads Up last week with a group of friends and none of them were able to get Liz Taylor. When I said who it was they said they'd heard of her but that's it.
  2. A-one a-two a-three a-four a-five a-six a-seveneight! Mary Wickes gives me life.
  3. Oh yeah, Mulberry. What is it with britcoms and dying old people? Mulberry, One Foot In The Grave, Waiting For God....
  4. Update: Robert Culp killed Anne. That yutz Stan didn't do anything to help solve the case.
  5. Update: Anne was murdered in her apartment. Lieutenant Stanley Zbornak is investigating the crime scene.
  6. Anne just showed up. This episode aired just two months after Mother of The Bride and she looks surprisingly different from her Lucy character. Also she isn't shouting all of her lines.
  7. Right now I'm watching "Murder By Appointment Only" and it says one of the guest stars is Anne Dusenberry. She hasn't shown up yet.
  8. Good old Larry Luckinbill was on the Murder She Wrote episode "Lady In The Lake". He was falsely accused of killing his wife. The episode right after that, "Dead Heat", featured the wonderful Carole Cooke as a rich woman who loved betting on horses.
  9. I always said the Mame number could have used an overhead shot or two. One of the movies biggest problems was cinematography.
  10. I honestly love DeDe so much and all I've ever heard her say is 'uh oh'.
  11. This is a thread where you can post a sighting of a recurring Lucy cast member that you see on TV or something. I'll start: I saw Mary Wickes in the Murder She Wrote episode called "Widow Weep For Me". I think she got killed by Mel Ferrer. I wasn't paying much attention.
  12. Lucy is featured in the BuzzFeed article "16 Situations That Are Tough For People Who Dont Have A Poker Face"
  13. That song was so great, but I remember Bob doing a little ad lib that kinda ruined the sentimentality of it. That guy was always fishing for a laugh.
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