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  1. Many thanks to everyone involved in compiling this set! Technical questions for Tom: Can you please explain why the costume and makeup tests appear so much more clear than the actual episodes? Was that footage scanned at a higher resolution, or is that element just less compressed as a digital video file? Also, if you don't mind my asking, what resolution were the episodes' negatives scanned in? Thank you.
  2. If this thread is referring to Lucy's late '70s (1977?) appearance on The Tonight Show in which she promotes daytime Here's Lucy reruns, that interview was posted briefly on TCM's mobile application a couple of days ago. It's since been taken down; hopefully that will air soon, as it is quite funny.
  3. That is very sad, but it also sounds like something that may've been printed in a LUCY: BROKE & NEAR DEATH issue of the National Enquirer with an ugly close-up paparazzi shot of Ms. Ball looking very distressed as the cover pic. Where did you hear this, Claude, and do you really believe it?
  4. I was curious what the UCLA Film & Television Archives had on file for Lucille Ball. A simple keyword search turned up over 400 results of many very rare television programs, newsreels, audio recordings, and film clips. Here are a few interesting entries from their catalog. (As a side-note, it's too bad we can't actually see these. Nearly all Lucy-related entires are preserved on non-circulating archival tapes or films reels meant for preservation and research. Reading some of these entries makes me regret turning down my undergraduate admission into UCLA!). The best of Three’s company--rehearsal footage with Lucille Ball (3/4 in. videocassette, 1982) ["How the West was won" premiere--Los Angeles, California. Hearst vault material, HVMc6497r13, 221963]. [1963-02-21] - 28-minute videocassette -- includes close-up shot of Lucille Ball and Gary Morton out of car [Lucille Ball--Desi Arnaz. Hearst vault material [1956-02-06] Shot description: Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz meet most unselfish woman of year. Judges seated. Fannie Hurst. Grover Whalen. Paula Stone. Group of women enter. Winner (Hearst index card). (Newsreels Collection) VHS, 3 min, 30 seconds [birmingham General Hospital--Van Nuys, California. Hearst vault material] [1944-03] Summary: "Newest in army hospitals officially opened by Lucille Ball; MGM star who is on hand to greet the first South Pacific casualties"--Hearst index card. Includes footage of wounded U.S. troops, autograph. [President Roosevelt receives a check for 240,000 dollars from motion picture industry for National Infantile Paralysis Fund--White House, Washington, D.C. Hearst vault material, [1944-01-30] Shot description: Basil O’Connor, Mr. Rathman, President RKO, President Roosevelt, Joan Fontaine, Lady Hardwicke, Roland Young and Brian Ahearne. Red Skelton and Lucille Ball. Various other scenes, stars and Mrs. Roosevelt. Mrs. Roosevelt and Lucille Ball (Hearst index card). (26-minute videocassette) [Movie stars of MGM develop war gardens to aid war effort, Culver City, Chatsworth, Hollywood, California. Hearst vault material, HVMc1764r3, 50290]. [1943-04-08 and 04-09] Shot description: Lucille Ball works in her garden at Chatsworth. [Home movies. Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz. Culver City celebration. Travels]. [between 1959 and 1960] Date supplied based on the fact that Ben Hur is being promoted at MGM. Summary: Reel begins with a Culver City celebration at which Lucy and Desi are appointed honorary mayors of Culver City. Next are home movies of the family at Las Vegas, then at a Western ghost town for tourists (possibly Calico), then on the MGM lot and back lot, taking a bus tour, then at Marineland, and finally at Death Valley. [Thalian Ball, 1974--Mrs. Wonderful, Lucille Ball] / a presentation of the Thalians and the Loyola Marymount Communication Arts Dept. ; executive producer, Bernard Abbene ; producer, Ridley Williams. 1974. Cast: Ruta Lee, Eve Arden, Sammy Davis, Jr., Steve Allen, Jayne Meadows, Andy Williams, Carol Burnett, Desi Arnaz, Jr., Mayor Tom Bradley. Not broadcast. Summary: Thalian Ball held at the Century Plaza Hotel in Los Angeles. Lucille Ball receives the organization’s "Mrs. Wonderful" award. [Victory gardens, Washington, D.C. Hearst vault material, HVMc1788r5, 50674]. [1943-07] Shot description: Mr. and Mrs. Hopkins and Diana walking toward camera. White House lawn. Mr. and Mrs. Hopkins and Diana (closeup). Penthouse victory gardens on rooftops showing children working on gardens. Scenes of Lucille Ball, Fay Holden and Jackie Jenkins working on their victory gardens (Hearst index card). [Mame (1974)--interview. Lucille Ball and Navarro]. [1000 ft of 16mm film reel] [National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences. 1969-10-25, Salute to Lucille Ball]. [1969-10-25] [sound tape reel] Zsa Zsa Gabor show (Television program : 1969). 1969, unidentified issue. The Zsa Zsa Gabor show. [1969, unidentified issue] / a Winters-Rosen production in association with Chris-Craft Stations ; producer, Harry Koplan ; director, Ozzie Knudson. 1969. Host: Zsa Zsa Gabor. Guests: Lucille Ball, Adam West, Marty Allen, Steve Logan. Announcer: Bob Warren. Credits: Music director, Don Randi, the Don Randi Orchestra. Talk show. Broadcast on KCOP-TV, Los Angeles. Record date: February 16, 1969. ["How the West was won" premiere--Los Angeles, California. Hearst vault material, HVMc6497r13, 221963]. [1963-02-21] Unedited newsreel footage. Shot description: Red Buttons being interviewed -- Rosalind Russell (close-up) -- Russ Tamblyn and wife (close-up) -- Natalie Wood and Warren Beatty (close-up) -- Mary Pickford with Buddy Rogers (close-up) -- Zsa Zsa Gabor (close-up) -- Ann Miller (close-up) -- Ronald Reagan and wife out of car -- Same (close-up) -- Jane Powell (close-up) -- Movie poster -- Walter Brennan and wife (close-up) -- Karl Malden being interviewed (close-up) -- Debbie Reynolds and husband Harry Karl (close-up) -- Photographers -- Lucille Ball and Gary Morton out of car (close-up) -- Carroll Baker out of car -- Andy Devine and wife (close-up) -- George Peppard (close-up) -- Lee J. Cobb with hat on (close-up) -- Jimmy Stewart and wife (close-up) -- Loretta Young (close-up) -- Irene Dunne with companion (close-up) -- Warner Theater, crowds, searchlights (various shots) -- Searchlight (close-up) -- Crowds cheering (close-ups) -- Marquee How the West was won (close-up) -- Crowds cheering. News of the day. [Vol. 24, no. 284--excerpt. Lucy is back in the movies--Culver City, California]. United States : A Metro-Goldwyn Mayer release, [1953-06-16] Summary: "Lucille Ball, the nation’s number one comedienne, and husband Desi Arnaz, sign a new long term contract with M-G-M and is welcomed back to her old ’lot’ where she will star in ’The Long, Long Trailer’"--Hearst index card. Shot description: Lucy, Desi and Mannix in front of trailer (long shot). Lucy and Desi sign M-G-M contract (closeup). Same (semi). Ball ready to break bottle, Desi counts (long shot). Ball breaks bottle (closer) Dining (long shot). Ball eating (closeup). Ball and group eating (long shot). Trailer pulls away (long shot). Lucy and Desi wave (long shot, same). Desi kisses Lucy, waves (Hearst index card). All star party for Carol Burnett / a Paul W. Keyes production ; producer, Paul W. Keyes ; director, Dick McDonough ; writer, Paul W. Keyes. [1982-12-05] Host: Burt Reynolds. Reminiscences and tributes from Lucille Ball, Carol Burnett show (1967-1979). 1968-11-04. The Carol Burnett show. [1968-11-04] / CBS. [1968-11-04] Host: Carol Burnett. Regulars: Vicki Lawrence, the Ernest Flatt Dancers. Guests: Lucille Ball, Eddie Albert, Nancy Wilson. Comedy variety program. Record date: October 25, 1968. 60 minute VHS print Carol Burnett show (1967-1979). 1970-10-19. The Carol Burnett show. [1970-10-19] / CBS. [1970-10-19] Host: Carol Burnett. Regulars: Vicki Lawrence, the Ernest Flatt Dancers. Guests: Lucille Ball, Mel Torme. Comedy variety program. Record date: October 9, 1970. Production no. 409. The Carol Burnett show. [1967-10-02] / a Burngood-Bob Banner Associates production ; producer, Joe Hamilton ; director, Clark Jones ; writers, Arnie Rosen, Stan Burns, Mike Marmer, Don Hinkley, Saul Turteltaub, Kenny Solms, Gail Parent, Buzz Kohan, Bill Angelos. [1967-10-02] Cast: Carol Burnett, Lucille Ball, Tim Conway, Gloria Loring, Harvey Korman, Lyle Waggoner, Vicki Lawrence. Credits: Editor, Buzz Felty; music, Harry Zimmerman. Includes the following segments: Carol Burnett answers questions from the audience; Carol, Lucille Ball and Harvey Korman perform Cafe Argentine skit; Carol performs a pantomime about kitchen commercials; Carol, Vicki Lawrence and dancers perform I dig rock and roll music; Tim Conway does a newscaster spot; Carol, Lucy and Lyle Waggoner talk about how we’ve been rehearsing this kiss all week; Carol, Lucy, Tim, Vikki Duggan perform Rent A Car skit; Gloria Loring sings Goin’ out of my head and Try to remember; Carol and Harvey perform Superguy skit (taped August 26); Carol, Lucy, dancers perform See what the boys in the back room will have. Broadcast on CBS. Record date: September 23, 1967. Show no. 4; production no. 006. Commercials: Libby’s Foods. The Dean Martin show. [1966-02-10]. [1966-02-10] Version: [syndicated version of show originally broadcast February 10, 1966; syndicated broadcast date(s) unknown]. Guests: Rowan & Martin, Kate Smith, Bill Cosby, Lucille Ball, Big Tiny Little. The Dean Martin show. [1972-11-30]. [1972-11-30 (10 PM PST)] Comedy variety program. Originally broadcast on NBC. Show no. 812. Summary: "Steve Lawrence and Charles Nelson Reilly are the guests. Comedy: a look at marriage in the year 2000. Also: film clips from MGM’s The Ziegfeld Follies (1944) [i.e., 1946], featuring Fred Astaire, Gene Kelly, Lena Horne, Lucille Ball, Esther Williams and Lucille Bremer. Rodney Dangerfield, Kay Medford, Dom DeLuise, Nipsey Russell and Lou Jacobi. Highlights: Arrivederci Roma--Dean; I’ve got to be me--Steve; the Ziegfeld Follies finale--all; Swing medley--Dean, Steve; I’m sitting on top of the world--Dean, Ding-a-Lings"--TV guide, November 30, 1972. The Dean Martin show. [1973-03-15]. [1973-03-15 (10 PM PST)] Originally broadcast on NBC. Show no. 806. Record date: October 13, 1972. Dub date: March 15, 1973. Summary: "Joseph Campanella, Laugh-in’s Ruth Buzzi and Dean’s daughter Gail Martin are the guests. For comedy: frumpy Gladys Ormphby (Ruth) accuses Dean of attacking her in a dark alley; and Joe joins in a barbershop routine on crime in the streets. Also: film clips from MGM’s Best foot forward (1943), featuring Lucille Ball, June Allyson, Gloria DeHaven, Harry James, Nancy Walker, William Gaxton. Dom DeLuise, Nipsey Russell, Rodney Dangerfield, Kay Medford. Highlights: Pardon--Dean; Too marvelous for words--Dean, Joe, Ruth; Best foot forward finale--all"--TV guide, March 15, 1973.
  5. Whatever happen with that TV Land's LB 100th Birthday Commemoration of clips/rare interviews? DId the plans fall through, or did I just merely miss its airing? Thanks for the info in advance.
  6. It's funny that some of those hand color-tinted images of Lucy that appeared on magazine covers in the '50s seem more accurate today than these modern digital colorizations. I do fully support the addition of color, but it looks like we still have a long way to go. What bother me the most are those salmon colored fleshtones; they are reminiscent of those very early 2-strip Technicolor test films of the '30s.
  7. For those unable to read the vintage article posted in Brock's image above, I've transcribed it below. There's one particularly interesting tidbit about the Arnazes and a psychiatrist's conclusion. Lucy and Desi say: Laugh and be Happily Married By Louella O. Parsons [1881 - 1972], Motion Picture Editor, Entertainment Press Service (Most likely published in December of 1955) MERRY CHRISTMAS! In the home of Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz today, as in homes all over the world, the family is gathered around the Christmas tree. They, too wish you a happy yuletide with peace on earth, good will toward men. Lucy and Desi have hung up stockings in the traditional Santa Claus fashion for Lucie Desiree, age four, and little Desiderio, IV, age two. For weeks, Lucy and Desi, who sell America’s best known name brand marriage to millions of TV fans, have been shopping because they are so typical of family life a this season of the year. I did a combined interview with them. Digressing from Christmas for a moment, I asked Lucille if doing a show every week isn’t a strain. “It would be harder if we weren’t just playing ourselves,” she said. “So many of the incidents in our shows are things that have happened to us in real life.” Last month, Lucy and Desi celebrated their 15th wedding anniversary, and I asked Desi what he attributed to their happiness. He said, “A sense of humor and the ability to laugh. Often when we’ve had words, one of us sees the absurdity of it and starts laughing. If people would start to laugh more, marriages would last longer.” “Lucy and I have been happy ever since we were remarried in the church,” he continued. “You know was well as anyone that our first years of marriage were pretty stormy; in fact, so stormy that Lucy and I separated.” “Realizing how we have averted trouble in our private life with a sense of humor,” said Lucy, "we know that a laughing audience is a listening audience, and that’s why we try to get all of this into our shows. Like all married couples, we have our disagreements, but before we know it, one of us will interrupt to say, ‘What a perfect situation for I Love Lucy.’ That’s how so many of our marital problems have been incorporated on film.” Recently, a psychiatrist wrote the Arnazes that a half hour of watching their show on TV often solves problems that ordinarily might require weeks of treatment. “In our new picture, Forever Darling, we use the device of a guardian angel,” said Desi. “It’s a marriage that started out at top speed, but is gradually slowing down to a prosaic crawl. Our angel spurs on the wife to develop an interest in her husband’s work – scientific research, so we have her accompany him on a camping expedition. Lucy in the woods! Need I say more?” Then Desi went on to tell me, “When we were first married, Lucille and I actually did go on a camping trip. I’ll never forget the first night Lucille wanted o leave the light on in our tent. I said no. The light went out. A half hour later, Lucy let out an unearthly scream. Two yellow eyes were glaring at us. An owl had flown into our tent. We spent the rest of the night with the light on!” The story of Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz is stranger than any fiction. Lucille, whose perfect timing has been a model for many other comedians, was at a standstill career-wise when TV came into her life. She started as a Goldwyn Girl and made a few pictures, but offers were not coming in as fast as Lucille wanted. I well remember her carroty red hair, which has since been toned down. Desi was playing nightclubs, and their constant separation was not the best thing in the world for their marriage. Besides, he was not having any luck in motion pictures, either. Then about five years ago, they did their first I Love Lucy show on television and were an immediate success. Their Monday night show became a must in homes all over the country. They formed their Desilu Company and started other TV shows, until today the names of Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz are household words. Their success has been sensational, and because of their earlier struggles, they appreciate their good fortune. I'm glad I could share, Claude! The name is completely nonsensical, though. I assure you it's not worth the least bit of analysis.
  8. VBagley, have you any color screen captures from the colorized "Lucy's Italian Movie" and/or Babalu Music!?
  9. Yes, the added HD visual information is also much higher in terms of the amount of disc space. So to accommodate these large HD file sizes, a capable disc media is used: Blu-Ray, which can store 50 GBs per disc. At this time, the only way you'd have a lot of episodes on one Blu-Ray disc would be if you had them transferred and compressed them from lower quality DVD sizes. BUT there are ongoing developments to create a 1 TB (=1,000 GB) sized Blu-Ray disc (= 108 high quality DVD discs) by next year (2013). Currently, CBS/Paramount would fit about 10 HD Lucy episodes on one 50 GB Blu-Ray disc. If this technology pulls through, we could potentially see 200 HD Lucy episodes per one 1 TB Blu-Ray disc. Note: My guess is that it would also take a few years for this to catch on, but it will happen if Blu-Ray continues to strive.
  10. Lucy at home (1944): I love this series (taken during a Desilu workshop):
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