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  1. I thought that that was where it was leading but instead it took the side path into utter oblivion If she was implying it then she needed to say it. I agree though, really REALLY unlikely. I'll give her the benefit of the doubt as she never actually claimed it was Steven Spielberg but the Lucy parts of the story more or less matched up to what we know.
  2. I can't remember much that was particularly mean and overall the commentary seemed to match what we know about everyone. I think that she amplified her role in many events as I doubt that she was as important, or as relied upon, as she claimed. Her facts do seem accurate though and we know that she was the costumer so there seems less ambiguity around how often she saw Lucy as other books. A large portion of it goes in an odd direction and talks about her mentor / friendship with a teenagers. Then that sort of goes nowhere and you're left feeling confused and a bit annoyed at the waste of time. Overall I think that it's well worth a read! She provides a behind the scenes description of times we know well and some interesting insight into Gary. At least it's not expensive!
  3. This one was definitely true. Sharon Thober, a Here's Lucy costume lady, wrote about the Joan Crawford episode in detail in her book My Lucy Years. Desi was asked in to 'schmooze' Joan over and convince her to do her best work. Apparently he did a good job with her but it came too late in the episode's rehearsals. Sharon describes a nice moment between Lucy and Desi that day. Apparently she walked out at the end of that day and saw Lucy and Desi walking alone down the set holding hands. She said that they were standing very close and talking quietly to each other while holding hands and that the whole moment looked very intimate. She said that she would have thought there were still married from that behavior. It's a good ebook read!
  4. I've heard some chatter about a psychiatrist that Lucy supposedly agreed to see, Dr. John T Chirban. Seeing a psychiatrist soooooo doesn't sound like Lucy! Although there some to be some interesting quotes out of the interview such as: "Lucy was very emotional about Desi. She was truly in love with him." -Dr. Jonathon Chirban, talking about a 1980 interview with Lucy.Does anyone know anything about this psychiatrist or what was happening? I recall Lucie Arnaz saying that she urged her mother to see someone at some point and it went down very badly so this just doesn't seem like Lucy. Thanks all
  5. Aww it was such a cutie pie pic. I had never seen it before Was it from Lucie's wedding? I love the quote from Lucie about Lucy always getting that light in her eyes when she saw Desi when they were old. It seems very applicable to this photo.
  6. Well they certainly are stamped!
  7. I so love this quote and the amazing questions it raises: "When my mother came back to television, my father directed 'The Lucy Show' - and she was married to Gary Morton, who is doing the warm up. My God, that's really psycho. There were these three years, that crossover period, where they tried - 'Okay, we won't be married. We won't change anything. I can have my woman. She can have whoever she wants. Fine, maybe it's better this way. Sure, let's try it.' See how long that works when the two people are still madly in love with each other." -Lucie Arnaz
  8. I've read before that she lost three as well so I'm confused about that one. In an interview with a psychologist who supposedly spoke with from 1980 - 1982 she says that 'she had two and lost two'. The interview is here: http://www.closerweekly.com/posts/lucille-ball-miscarriages-psychologists-transcripts-marriage-confessions-sons-addiction-77061 I'm not very inclined to trust an interview with a person claiming to be her psych as we know that rejected the very idea of psychologist when Lucie brought it up. Still it seems very likely that she did have 2 miscarriages. I do think it was odd that Desi specifically mentioned one miscarriage, but as you said, I'm sure he didn't want to dwell on it or perhaps breach her privacy. I wonder is she could have had children when she married Gary if she would actually have wanted to? It's a huge change and would have been hard on Lucie and Desi. They already had to cope with divorced parents and then Gary so another baby would have been another big thing. She seemed very set on Desi being the father of her children during the earlier years of her marriage so I wonder how much of that feeling stayed with her even after the divorce.
  9. Joey I haven't heard of her abusing booze before. Desi most certainly but never Lucy. Other than the 'slushies' that Lee mentioned, what else did she drink? The voice was broke the Lucy character illusion for me. I think it really added to Lucy Ricardo that she sounded quite childish and the deeper voice didn't work so well for me in the later characters.
  10. A sad topic but I've never found much out about her miscarriages. From her book and newspaper articles I understand that she had more than one but I'm not sure how many or when. It must have been unbearably sad for her especially as she was so desperate for kids. Does anyone know how others around her helped her and Desi cope? Neither of them seemed to ever mention it or support relevant foundations or anything so I'm wondering how they were so strong? Iv'e finally found a copy of Desi's book and gotten to read it, yay, but I noticed that he quite specifically referenced only one miscarriage. He mentioned that if the first child is lost after so many years of marriage then the baby wasn't meant to be. Assuming she had more miscarriages this quote is a little odd and I wonder if he didn't want to acknowledge the painful situation in his book or is it possible that he didn't really know about all the miscarriages? If it happened early, and he was rarely home, she may never have wanted him to have to feel the painful truth? I'm so glad that they finally got their two kids! I also read an article where someone questioned Gary if Lucy was pregnant. He said the they would be thrilled. Was it possible for her to have kids after little Desi? I'm a little surprised that Desi and Edie never had a child together as it seemed like Desi would have always wanted more and Edie was a little younger than Lucy. Thanks for any info!
  11. Is there anyway this could be in reference to their second divorce in 1960? If not she must have stopped and sent it on her way back to him!
  12. Sweet. I'm guessing that they were really expensive judging by the number of gifts he used to cover it?
  13. Such a strange one. The use of the word ranch makes it feel as though it was much earlier than 1961. If the dates are correct though, it gives us more information about our Lucy/Desi/Gary timeline. By this time I thought she was dating Gary? And apparently ready to get back with Desi.
  14. I'm glad you brought that up Irene. I never understood that quote. It sounded like he was saying that he'll always love the character Lucy Ricardo but not ther woman Lucille ball. But that just sounds horrible and not like him?
  15. I would love to see this but I can't find it Could you please, please, please post a link
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