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  1. Can't find any mention of this online, so I thought I'd post here. Recently acquired the complete series DVD set of The Lucy Show, and have noticed that the Season 6 episodes are out of order, placing Lucy and the Pool Hustler as episode 16 rather than 13, the Carol Burnett episodes as 13 and 14 rather than 14 and 15, and Lucy and Viv Reminisce as episode 15 rather than 16. Anyone know why or how that happened? There's usually such loving attention to detail on those DVDs...
  2. I hope everyone's sitting down. Wikipedia says Johnny "Call For Phillip Morris" Roventini prided himself on pitching his famous call precisely at Bb every time he uttered it, which numbered over a million by his estimation. Friends, the footage of him doing it on these I Love Lucy blu-rays is solidly an A natural. Requests for a comment from his estate were not immediately returned.
  3. Got the blu-ray's today at Target. FYI, the shelf said $80, but they were actually $60 like online. The picture quality is so much more of an upgrade than I had thought they would be, and as others have said the costume test footage is truly special to watch. Congrats to all involved, and I highly recommend readers think about taking the $60 plunge if they haven't already!
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