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  1. How is it that Lucy never worked with Mae West at any point? There's a picture of a young Lucy at a screening of "My Little Chickadee," so I'm assuming they met.
  2. I wanted to listen to this again, but the video's been removed. Anyone know where else I can find it? I checked some old time radio sites, but no luck. I'd buy a copy if need be.
  3. Wow, so they worked together twice that year. Hopefully somebody will dig up the other show. Do you know if there are any existing pictures of Lucy with Gracie? One poster in that thread mentioned a photo of George & Gracie holding a magazine with Lucy on the cover, but I haven't been able to find it.
  4. I apologize if this is the wrong forum, but it seems to be the most active. It's come to my attention that Lucy was a guest on the 4/4/44 episode of the Burns & Allen radio show. As far as I know, this was the only time she worked with Gracie Allen. None of the old time radio websites that feature Burns & Allen episodes have this show for some reason. Any Lucy/Gracie fans out there ever hear it? It'd be a shame if it were lost.
  5. Here are a couple: And here is a color promotional film the cast did in 1958 (2 parts):
  6. If they did appear on Gleason's show, it would've been the same night (June 6) that the Honeymooners sketch "The Prowler" aired. That sketch exists and has been released, so the Gleason estate should have the rest of the broadcast. Lucy & Desi appeared on the 1/12/57 Gleason show with guest host Eddie Cantor and I can confirm that exists. I compiled a list of ILL-related guest spots a while back that I just wanted to pass along since you're involved with the Blu-rays (some were mentioned earlier in this thread): -"Dinner With the President" (November 23, 1953) (all 4 appear) (at Paley) -The Buick-Berle Show - "Episode #6.23" (May 4, 1954) "Miltie rents a new rehearsal hall from landlords Fred and Ethel Mertz." -from IMDb -Toast of the Town - "Tribute to 'I Love Lucy'" (October 3, 1954) (all 4) (at Paley) -The Bob Hope Show (October 2, 1956), (October 8, 1956 - all 4) -Make Room for Daddy - "Lucy Upsets the Williams Household" (January 5, 1959) -The Ann Sothern Show - "The Lucy Story" (October 5, 1959) -Sunday Showcase - "The Milton Berle Special" (November 1, 1959) -Westinghouse Desilu Playhouse - "The Desilu Revue" (December 25, 1959) (at Paley) I assume "The Long, Long Trailer" & "Forever, Darling" would probably be pretty costly additions. I've also seen a number of Westinghouse commercials on YouTube with all 4 cast members. Maybe one of the experts here can tell us how many of those were made.
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