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  1. Yes I also have the Million Dollar Idea Ball glitch. I found my copy at a local Barnes and Noble store. They only had one copy in stock. And I noticed that no black and white show option is on the discs. But I understand that they where probably not included because of dvd storage limits. But no big deal since this is a color show dvd. Overall a really nice dvd set. I really like the extras. Redhead Tales, color Jingle Bells and color Phillip Morris spot. Just great extras. The best color dvd release so far. Thanks to all involved with the set. GREAT WORK THANK YOU.
  2. Will the Redhead Tales feature that was part of the color I Love Lucy theater presentation be on the new color dvd set?
  3. Another great color special. Nice clear color. My thanks to the I Love Lucy color crew. Another color job well done. And great news that we will get more color shows on dvd this fall!!
  4. Once again a great I Love Lucy Christmas Special. So will the color shows that have not been on dvd yet ever make it to dvd? It would be nice to be able to see them with no cuts and complete on dvd.
  5. So are we going to get a new Superstar Special this year? May will be here in a few hours and so far no news yet of a new special that I can find. Hope we will get a press release soon.
  6. I wonder if the new owners are actually Lucy and Desi fans themselves? A great business idea to bring back the Desilu brand. Will be interesting to see how this new company operates and what tv and movie projects they will make.
  7. Once again another great color episode. The colorization for The Fashion Show was very well done. Nice bright color. Now if we could get all the as yet unreleased color shows on DVD complete with nothing cut out. It is nice to have the color shows air on CBS but I would hope we can get all of the color shows on DVD.
  8. Once again another great color Lucy special. Clear and super color. A very nice special. Thanks to everyone involved with the special. You have made this Lucy fan very happy.
  9. I got my copy and this is another great I Love Lucy color show dvd. I like to see the color shows complete with no parts removed. So any news on if or when we will get the other color shows on dvd such as the Christmas show with the color flashback parts, Lucy Does A TV Commercial and Lucy Gets Into Pictures? Thanks CBS and all people involved with the dvd. A SUPER job.
  10. Once again another great color Christmas special. The I Love Lucy Christmas Special is now a Christmas tradition. Thanks to everyone involved with this years special.
  11. Very nice news! So glad that we now have a release date. Now just wondering what color show they will pick for the Christmas special this year.
  12. I got a copy of the Superstar Special #1 DVD and really liked watching it. A super super DVD. A very well done DVD release. Great news on a spring 2017 Superstar Special #2 DVD release. Now is it possible that Lucy Does A TV Commercial in color and The I Love Lucy Christmas Special with the colorized flashback parts might at some point be released on DVD? A big thank you to all the people involved with the I Love Lucy color show project. The CBS color specials and color DVDS are very well done. I look forward to your future I Love Lucy color projects.
  13. Super news! Finally more of the color shows on dvd. Now if CBS will continue and release the other color shows on dvd. Time will tell.
  14. I also would like to ask for an update on if we will ever get the color shows on DVD or Blu-ray. The John Wayne Superstar special was very super. A job well done. I really enjoyed watching the special. A big thanks to everyone involved with the special. Thank you for a super job. :D
  15. WOW this is great news. MORE COLOR I LOVE LUCY! And then maybe another color show for Christmas 2016. Now if we could get CBS to release a dvd with the color shows that have so far not made it to dvd. Well we can always hope.
  16. Is a dvd release still in the works for the color I Love Lucy shows that are not on dvd yet? And thanks for the updates. :)
  17. When I say the color I Love Lucy show project I am talking about the special CBS color show airings and the color shows on dvd. I hope the color airings and color dvds will continue. And hopefully the I Love Lucy blu rays will continue. The Lucy fans want more Lucy product and CBS wants the Lucy product cash. A win win. We get more Lucy and CBS gets more money.
  18. What about the color I Love Lucy show project? No more color I Love Lucy? No more I Love Lucy blu rays? No Life Wth Lucy dvds? Could Mr. Watson please provide his insight on all of this?
  19. Thank you for providing complete information on the dvd sets. Good news that The Lucy Show is included in the 60s set. This is another chance to introduce the dvd audience to The Lucy Show.
  20. Yes all three sets 60s,70s and westerns are from CBS DVD and Paramount. Their logos are on the box sets. I have checked Wal-Mart.com, Amazon.com, and CBS dvd store website and found nothing.
  21. Well the dvds are in a box that is new. I did not buy the set so I don't know how the dvds are packaged inside the box. But for sure they are in a new box. It had a picture of Lucy and Vivian from season one of The Lucy Show on the front. And a picture of Lucy as Charlie Chaplin on the back. CBS DVD also had a 70s binge tv set and a western binge tv set at Wal-Mart. I have searched the internet and can't find any information on the new sets. The information has to be there. I just have not been able to find it yet.
  22. I found a new dvd box set today at Wal-Mart that includes the first season of The Lucy Show. It also includes the Andy Griffith Show and some other shows. It is called something like 1960s tv binge box set. It is a 2016 CBS DVD release. I can't find it for sale on the internet. I don't remember what other shows it includes. Maybe someone can provide complete infomation on the new set.
  23. Another great I Love Lucy color Christmas Special. A super color job on the flashback parts and Lucy Does A TV Commercial. Since the special was aired so close to Christmas this year I guess that rules out a repeat of the special for 2015. Hopefully CBS will release LA At Last, Lucy and Superman, the Christmas show with the color flashbacks and Lucy Does A TV Commercial in color on dvd in the near future. I would love to see the shows complete in color on dvd. Again thanks to all involved for another great Christmas special.
  24. Thanks for the super news! Now will we get the new Christmas show with the color flashbacks, Lucy Does A TV Commercial, Lucy And Superman and LA At Last in color on dvd any time soon? I hope so because I want to see the new color shows complete. Another great I Love Lucy Christmas Special for 2015. Thanks to all involved with the great color shows. Very nice work.
  25. The flashback scenes in color would make the Christmas show more interesting. I would like to see the LA At Last and Lucy And Superman color shows released complete on dvd. Maybe they will release those along with the color show that will be part of the Christmas 2015 tv special on dvd. I am surprised that CBS has not rerun the I Love Lucy Superstar Special. It was a super super special.
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