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  1. Yes I also have the Million Dollar Idea Ball glitch. I found my copy at a local Barnes and Noble store. They only had one copy in stock. And I noticed that no black and white show option is on the discs. But I understand that they where probably not included because of dvd storage limits.  But no big deal since this is a color show dvd. Overall a really nice dvd set. I really like the extras. Redhead Tales, color Jingle Bells and color Phillip Morris spot. Just great extras. The best color dvd release so far. Thanks to all involved with the set. GREAT WORK THANK YOU. :ill::peachonthebeach:

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  2. It looks as  though the "I Love Lucy Superstar Special #2" (the John Wayne hour) will be released on DVD sometime in the spring. Will let you know if I hear a definite release date...

    I got a copy of the Superstar Special #1 DVD and really liked watching it. A super super DVD. A very well done DVD release. Great news on a spring 2017 Superstar Special #2 DVD release. Now is it possible that Lucy Does A TV Commercial in color and The I Love Lucy Christmas Special with the colorized flashback parts might at some point be released on DVD? A big thank you to all the people involved with the I Love Lucy color show project. The CBS color specials and color DVDS are very well done. I look forward to your future I Love Lucy color projects.

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  3. TJW


    Just out of curiosity, would you be able to tell us (or show us) what the color's of the Ricardo's bedroom, in "Lucy Does a TV Commercial," being that it wasn't shown during the Christmas Special?


    Also, has colonizing the "Jingle Bells" tag-scene, from Drafted, been discussed? I think there was also a scene from "Lucy Goes to Sun Valley," where Lucy and Ricky are in front of their Christmas tree, talking about Little Ricky's ski's? Has this been discussed about being colorized?


    One more thing. Will all of these colorized episode's eventually become available, and released on DVD and/or Blu-ray, as well as future colorized episode's? Any information will be greatly appreciated.

    I also would like to ask for an update on if we will ever get the color shows on DVD or Blu-ray. The John Wayne Superstar special was very super. A job well done. I really enjoyed watching the special. A big thanks to everyone involved with the special. Thank you for a super job. :D :D

  4. First of all -- never say never, particularly when consumer products are concerned.  Things that are not selling well today, may in fact be hot items a few years from now (and, sadly, vice versa)... We will just have to wait and see.  It IS true that  the I LOVE LUCY blu-ray project is "on hold" (or "on hiatus," to use a Hollywood production term)... But that is not to say that it will not be revived at a moment's notice sometime in the future.


    I agree, in retrospect, that the sets were over-priced... But, quite honestly, they did cost a fortune to produce. I know: I saw the bills! If we had it all to do over, we probably should have done what Image did with THE DICK VAN DYKE SHOW and (1) put out a full-series set first, then individual seasons if needed, and (2) include just the basic episodes with a smattering of new "special features."


    In all fairness, we DID discuss this early-on, but the consensus at the time was that Gregg Oppenheimer had done such a marvelous job with the original DVD releases, that there would not be a big market for blu-rays that were just the same material in higher definition.  A lot of people over the years -- Tom Watson, in particular -- had been very vocal about hoping to see the shows in their original "as broadcast" format, with all the original openings, closings, commercials, etc., restored... We thought that by doing this, we would in fact be making the new releases "unique and euphonious" -- and desirable by consumers... Sadly, there simply were not enough people who wanted to see the original broadcasts to justify the added expenses (and the high sales price!)...  Live and learn -- ain't hindsight grand!


    As for the colorized LUCY projects: yes, we are moving ahead with at least three new colorized episodes. And NO, I cannot and WILL NOT tell you which ones they are.  No broadcasts have been scheduled as yet -- this is all just in the very preliminary stages... But I am guessing that we will be doing another Christmas broadcast, with the traditional Christmas episode leading into another of Lucy's classic misadventures... And we are hoping to have another independent one-hour special possibly between now and Christmas or, at the latest, sometime next spring... But we are working on it!


    Lastly, I am hearing that there may in fact be a single-package DVD re-release of THE LUCY SHOW sometime in the fall... It will include all the same material that we released between 2009 and 2012 on the six single season sets. They will now all just be in one very compact package. No new materials will be added...


    That's all the news for now... Will keep everyone up to date as we move forward...

    Is a dvd release still in the works for the color I Love Lucy shows that are not on dvd yet?  And thanks for the updates.  :) :)




  5. What's one got to do with the other?  Not sure what you're referring to anyway in reference to the "color (ILL) show project"? If what you mean is whether or not they'll continue to colorize selected episodes for special airing(s) and possible subsequent release on DVD, I doubt that'll cease anytime soon, given the successful, highly-rated airings experienced so far..... unless the cost to colorize these eps is exorbitant, I see no reason they'd quit.  As a matter of fact I wouldn't be surprised to hear sooner than later that they'll colorize them all and start releasing them that way. 


    As long as CB$ sees a way to cash in on this evergreen (lucky for us fans at any rate, aside from the pocket book aspect!), I imagine we'll continue to get "new" product one way or the other! for a very long time!


    I just wish it'd be in the form of these amazing blu-rays! :(

    When I say the color I Love Lucy show project I am talking about the special CBS color show airings and the color shows on dvd. I hope the color airings and color dvds will continue. And hopefully the I Love Lucy blu rays will continue. The Lucy fans want more Lucy product and CBS wants the Lucy product cash. A win win. We get more Lucy and CBS gets more money. :lucythrill::lucysmirk::gary::D

  6. Well the dvds are in a box that is new. I did not buy the set so I don't know how the dvds are packaged inside the box. But for sure they are in a new box. It had a picture of Lucy and Vivian from season one of The Lucy Show on the front. And a picture of Lucy as Charlie Chaplin on the back. CBS DVD also had a 70s binge tv set and a western binge tv set at Wal-Mart. I have searched the internet and can't find any information on the new sets. The information has to be there. I just have not been able to find it yet.

  7. I found a new dvd box set today at Wal-Mart that includes the first season of The Lucy Show. It also includes the Andy Griffith Show and some other shows. It is called something like 1960s tv binge box set. It is a 2016 CBS DVD release. I can't find it for sale on the internet. I don't remember what other shows it includes. Maybe someone can provide complete infomation on the new set.

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  8. Another great I Love Lucy color Christmas Special. A super color job on the flashback parts and Lucy Does A TV Commercial. Since the special was aired so close to Christmas this year I guess that rules out a repeat of the special for 2015. Hopefully CBS will release LA At Last, Lucy and Superman, the Christmas show with the color flashbacks and Lucy Does A TV Commercial in color on dvd in the near future. I would love to see the shows complete in color on dvd. Again thanks to all involved for another great Christmas special.

  9. The flashback scenes in color would make the Christmas show more interesting. I would like to see the LA At Last and Lucy And Superman color shows released complete on dvd. Maybe they will release those along with the color show that will be part of the Christmas 2015 tv special on dvd. I am surprised that CBS has not rerun the I Love Lucy Superstar Special. It was a super super special. :lucythrill::lucywow:

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