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  1. I also remember The CBS Video Library then later Columbia House Video Library.  I still have all 60 I Love Lucy VHS tapes and the 5 Lucy Show VHS tapes.  TV on dvd available at retail stores is what killed Columbia House..Columbia House was the only place at the time to get the entire I Love Lucy show.  It allowed Lucy fans to watch the shows unedited.  In a time of no DVD, Blu Ray or internet streaming Columbia House was the place to get I Love Lucy. VHS was all we had. Who knows what media the show will be available on in say 20 years.

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    QUESTION:  I didn't know what section of the lounge to put this in, so I figured I'd put it here, being that it's the most active/recent.  


    Is any other member besides me, having issues with their Avatar?  I went to go change it, yesterday, and the new photo wouldn't upload.  So, a friend of mine re-sized it, made it smaller and scaled it down, and it still wouldn't upload.  Then, I tried to upload my old avatar, before I tried to change it, and my old one wouldn't upload.  So, if anybody is willing to help/assist me with this, I'd greatly appreciate it.  Thanks in advance!  

    I have been having the same problem. The avatar upload function will not work. I have tried for over 2 weeks to get it to work. Sorry but I have no solution as how to get it to work again. Maybe the webmaster can look into the problem.

  3. I think each colorized episode will be put on its respective Ultimate Season blu-ray as an extra.


    I have a sneaking suspicion that CBS will be repressing the Christmas DVD to include the three new episodes. If it's not marketed specifically as a Christmas release, it'll include all six. So nobody panic. They'll get put out there eventually.

    Both very good ideas, Ultimate Season blu ray extra or Christmas dvd I just want LA At Last and Lucy and Superman released on disc in color. One would think that CBS would have released the new color shows after the Superstar Special aired. I just wonder if and when the two color shows will be availabe on blu ray or dvd.

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  4. I'm so happy it did well, now let's hope they put it out on DVD soon.  Loved every minute of it and as much as i hate to do this, i will admit here that i am getting a mite tired of some of the shows after all these decades so seeing them in color was absolutely a thrill and brought out yet another little something that makes it the very best series of all time.  I'm not preaching about the color, just the fact that there's something different about these shows.  Is it just me or was there something wrong with the color on her lips, like the contour was black instead of red?  Anyway, the REST of it was absolutely stunning and i want all the shows this way, maybe a new colorized special every year with a couple of episodes, just finish the series before i die.  

     I agree I hope we get it on DVD soon. CBS please release the two new color I Love Lucy shows on DVD or Blu ray. I want to see the shows complete in color.

  5. This was a super special with super color. I really enjoyed watching this special. Just amazing that a 1950's black and white show can be colorized. The two shows look like they are brand new. Amazing what the color can do. The color makes the shows come alive. Thanks to all involved with making this special possible. Your work is the best. Now if we can get the two new color shows on dvd or blu ray soon I hope. I want to see the missing parts that had to be removed for more commercial time in color. I hope a dvd or blu ray release is in the near future. Once again thanks to all involved with the special. Just amazing. Thank you.

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  6. Not one new color show but two new color shows!! Wow this is great news for the color I Love Lucy fans. Now I do like the original black and white versions, but now we have a choice of black and white and color. I hate to jump ahead of things but will we get the two new color shows on dvd? Maybe say like after the May 17 broadcast? The two shows I would hope will be released complete on dvd. Two new color shows and Lucy back on CBS primetime tv! I am one happy Lucy fan today. Thank you CBS and all involved with the new color shows and the new CBS  special. :D:peachonthebeach::ill:

  7. Desilu Productions in 1963 made the decision to film The Lucy Show in color. So I think that now is the perfect time to colorize I Love Lucy. From the second season on The Lucy Show is in color and all of Here's Lucy is in color. And now we have four I Love Lucy shows in color. Color will extend the life of the show. It  is very important that I Love Lucy is available for future generations to enjoy and discover. I respect the opinions of fans who do not like the show in color. But color is needed to keep the show going into the future.Thank you TJW for your great work and the many Lucy updates you give us.

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  8. Target has the I Love Lucy Colorized Christmas with the bonus color Job Switching dvd on sale for $7.99. It is on sale December 14 to December 20. The regular price is $9.99. The bonus dvd is great because it contains the complete color Job Switching show. It also has the black and white option also. The bonus dvd is in a cardboard sleeve inside the original 2013 color Christmas dvd.plastic packaging. The bonus dvd is a great gift for any color I Love Lucy fan.

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