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  1. The I Love Lucy Christmas Special is once again the best Christmas special of 2014. A great presentation.The colorization of Job Switching is just amazing. Beautiful bright clear color. The show looks like it was filmed on color film. This colorization technology is very good. Colorization will extend the life of the shows. New generations will see the show in a great new way. The commerical for the color dvd set did not mention the new color Job Switching dvd that Target will have. I hope the dvd will still be available at Target. Once again a super presentation. Thanks to all involved  in the making of this special. Your work is super. Thank you. :ill:

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  2. I wonder which parts of the Job Switching episode had to be cut in order to fit the time slot? Must be a tough decision trying to decide what to remove. Only 4 more days left and it will air on Sunday on CBS. And then on Tuesday December 9 we get  the new color show on dvd from Target. Thanks to all involved with the I Love Lucy color shows and Christmas Special and Blu ray dvds. Your work is amazing and makes this Lucy fan very happy. :peachonthebeach::ill:

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  3. I got my copy at Target on sale for $59.99. The regular price is $79.99. I have two Target stores in my town and both had the blu ray set.  My local Wal-Mart did not have it but it can be ordered from Walmart.com. Looks like Target has the best in store and online price of $59.99. Thanks to all involved for an amazing blu ray set.


    A suggestion for future set special features-

    Babalu Music

    I Love Lucy 50th  Anniversary Special

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  4. Yes that is it. I have all the I Love Lucy dvds. I can't find the introduction on any of the discs. On the old Lucy Lounge I remermber someone said that it was on one of the discs but it was hidden. You had to input a code in the dvd player for it to play. It was what was called easter eggs on the dvds. Easter eggs where hidden special features on dvds that required a code in order to play them. They where like hidden features that the viewer had to find on the disc. I have all the Columbia House I  Love Lucy VHS tapes with the introduction on them. I was just trying to find it on the dvds.

  5. Is the color opening from the Columbia House I Love Lucy VHS tapes on any of the I Love Lucy DVDS?  The one that has Lucy, Desi, William and Vivian in color with the background in black and white and has Desi singing the I Love Lucy Show theme. I remember this topic being covered at one time here on the lounge. It was a special feature or was somehow a hidden feature on one of the discs that required some type of special code to be entered in the dvd player in order for the feature to play. Anyone remember anything about this? I know it has been a long time since this topic has been covered.

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