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  1. This is a great documentary. It is full of Hollywood history. And the best part is that Lucille Ball is included in the program. Carol Cook and her husband are in the program also. Just a super program that is very well done.
  2. Sorry about that I did an edit now it says I hope 2014 will bring us more color I Love Lucy on dvd.
  3. Claude you are right we want anything that Lucy did in tv or movies. Salt and pepper shakers are nice but bring on the dvds and Blu-rays with Lucy's tv and movie work.
  4. Happy new year to all Lucy fans. 2014 will bring us the new first season I Love Lucy Blu-ray set. I hope that 2014 will bring us more color I Love Lucy on dvd. HAPPY NEW YEAR 2014 LUCY FANS!!!
  5. I like all 3 in this order- 1. I Love Lucy Christmas show for the amazing new colorization 2. the first season Lucy Show Christmas 3. The color Lucy Show Christmas
  6. In 1989 was the I Love Lucy Christmas show found and the decision to air it in December of 1989 done before or after Lucille Ball's death on April 26, 1989? Just was wondering if she might have known it was found and would air on CBS in December 1989 before her death.
  7. The fact that I Love Lucy is on CBS in primetime again is very SPECIAL. And how long does it take to color just one episode?
  8. Maybe Lucy disliked the Christmas show because it was a flashback show? Well just a guess. Would love to see more color shows on dvd like a best of dvd set. And a great idea to color the Lucy Show first season Christmas show. This new 2013 color I Love Lucy Christmas version is much better than the 1990 color version. Now the 1990 version is good but the new version is more color accurate and clear. Once again thanks to all involved in the Christmas Special and the color Christmas dvd. I am just amazed. Great work just great work. Thank you so much for such a high quality job.
  9. The I Love Lucy Christmas Special is the best Christmas special of 2013 in my opinion. And we will get one more airing on CBS this year!
  10. I just knew this special would do well. It was a winner. Thanks to all the people involved with getting the special produced. A job very well done.
  11. Yes you should be able to play back regular dvds on a blu-ray player. Plus a blu-ray player will make dvds look better.
  12. This set sounds great. The extras are going to be interesting. And yes where is all of this new material being found? Just how much more can they find? LUCY- the gift that keeps on giving for the Lucy fans!
  13. A shame that CBS could not run the shows without cutting things out. But money talks and they have to make room for more commercials. :lucydisgust:
  14. Well I think CBS did a great job with the special presentation. The announcer voice was kind of odd. Wonder who the announcer was? The credits were new for this special. And CBS did advertise the color dvd at the end. Now to me it looks like no program content was cut for more commercials. Now I could be wrong. Anyone know if anything was cut?
  15. Once CBS has the official ratings count of viewers of the special it should be a large number of viewers. Or I hope it gets a large number of viewers. In black or white or color this special is a special event just because Lucy is on CBS in primetime again.
  16. I hope the I Love Lucy Color Christmas Special turns out to be the most watched Christmas special of 2013. The more people watch or record and watch the special later the better. So get ready to watch live, set your dvr, dvd recorder or vcr for 8:00 pm Friday December 20, 2013 on your local CBS station.
  17. Only one day left and Lucy returns to CBS primetime in amazing color.
  18. I hope we will still in the future have some sort of physical media format to watch Lucy on. I like to have the dvds of Lucy on the shelf so I can watch her work at anytime I want. Plus we also get the nice dvd covers to help showcase our Lucy dvd collections.
  19. Or one day we will see I Love Lucy, The Lucy Comedy Hour, The Lucy Show, Here's Lucy and Life With Lucy on one future format disc.Think how much shelf space it would save to have all the series on one disc!
  20. How about The Lucy Show and Here's Lucy on Blu-ray. I know that the current dvds of the two shows are amazing, but they would be even more amazing on Blu-ray.
  21. $90.99 !! What would Fred Mertz or Mr. Mooney think about that price?
  22. Now color shows would be amazing extras. But I think that the color shows will be released on dvd and Blu -ray in another set. If more color shows are released I wonder if they will be season color releases or special releases like the color christmas dvd. I would say that the new Blu -ray release will only have the remastered black and white shows with the new extras.
  23. March will have to get here fast. I am excited to know that we are going to get I Love Lucy on Blu-ray with the will blow fans minds extras. Maybe they went in the vault and found some new things that have never been shown before. We will just have to wait and see.
  24. A question for anyone that might have the new dvd. How long is the Lucy and Carson special feature on the dvd? And I guess it is in color?
  25. Wow thanks for the great update on Vanda. So glad that she is still with us. I always liked Vanda and Sid's work with Lucy.
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