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  1. Maybe Lucy disliked the Christmas show because it was a flashback show? Well just a guess. Would love to see more color shows on dvd like a best of dvd set. And a great idea to color the Lucy Show first season Christmas show. This new 2013 color I Love Lucy Christmas version is much better than the 1990 color version. Now the 1990 version is good but the new version is more color accurate and clear. Once again thanks to all involved in the Christmas Special and the color Christmas dvd. I am just amazed. Great work just great work. Thank you so much for such a high quality job.

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  2. Now color shows would be amazing extras. But I think that the color shows will be released on dvd and Blu -ray in another set. If more color shows are released I wonder if they will be season color releases or special releases like the color christmas dvd. I would say that the new Blu -ray release will only have the remastered black and white shows with the new extras.

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