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  1. Yes I am a fan of her entire career. I try to collect her game show appearences movies and specials. I have many of her Password, Password Plus, Super Password, What's My Line and I've Got A Secret shows recorded from Game Show Network on vhs tape. I have almost all of her movies on vhs and dvd. Plus I have recorded anything that I knew she would be in from tv since the 1980's. I  have a large vhs tape and dvd collection of her work. I recorded The Lucy Shows from Nick at Nite back in 1991 and Here's Lucy from Pax tv in 1998. I like the super rare dvds that come out with Lucy like the color christmas dvd. The vcr and dvd recorder are a Lucy fans best friend. I even recorded the I Love Lucy Christmas special in 1989 and the color broadcast in 1990. I collect Lucy books, magazines and newspapers that had a story about her. If it's about Lucy I want it.  I was a We Love Lucy fan club member back in the early 1990's when the club would send out their Star Notes magazine.and Lucy pictures. The fan club was my number one source of Lucy information.  The fan club web site is lucyfan.com.  But not much is going on now with the fan club web site it is now kind of quite.  Now  the internet is my Lucy information source.

  2. As a long time Lucy fan I like, love, adore anything that is associated with Lucille Ball. She the best of the best. She can make me happy by just watching her shows. To me she is pure comedy magic.


    And now my Lucy  COLOR  wish list-








    After watching the color christmas dvd I am sold on the idea of I Love Lucy in color. Just an amazing I Love Lucy dvd.

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  3. If CBS does not care about the I Love Lucy fans then who does CBS think will buy any I Love Lucy dvds or Blu ray discs? Yes it is true that CBS is doing everything they can to continue to make money on the series. Color, dvds, Blu ray disc they are money makers for CBS. They need the fans to buy this stuff so they can make their money. And I also am looking forward to the new Blu ray I Love Lucy discs in black and white or color.

  4.  If the shows can be colorized exactly as they looked 62 years  ago sure it would make more "cents" But the problem is does enough color pictures or film exist today that they could use as color guides? If they have nothing to work with as a color guide then alot of hard decisions will have to be made in the selection of colors. Who knows 5 or 10 years from now the color technology might be better than it is today. Until then they are trying their best to get the colors almost correct.




  5. Misguided attempt at colorizing it? So just what is wrong with the current colorized shows? The colors look good and they seem to be as accurate as can be after 62 years of watching the shows in black and white.  Atleast they are trying to get the colors as right as they can. Like it or not color for I Love Lucy is here to stay. CBS has found a way to make more money on the show and that way is color. You know that saying that money talks. I think that I Love Lucy should be in color period, it is 2013 and the current color process in very good. Remember this new I Love Lucy Colorized Christmas dvd includes the three shows in black and white. One can watch the color or black and white versions. As CBS releases more color I Love Lucy dvds I say they will also include the black and white option also. So for anyone that hates I Love Lucy in color get over it and get use to it. Color for I Love Lucy is here and trust me it will not go away. Color for the show is the shows future.

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