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  1. Just got the color dvd today at Wal-Mart. And what can I say but amazing just amazing!! The colors are so clear and bright. The shows look like they might have been filmed in color not black and white. The color job is just so good. To everyone involved in the production of this dvd I say thank you for doing a great job. After seeing the three color shows makes me want to see the entire series in color. CBS please consider colorizing the entire series plus the Lucy Desi Comedy Hours and the first season of The Lucy Show.


    On the dvd the opening and closing credits feature a pink heart background. Seems I remember Dann Cahn say that the heart  background was to be blue. Seems he used the same blue title backgound he used for Forever Darling. Am I correct about this?


    Also why did CBS not use the original opening and closing credits on the 1989 and 1990 Christmas show airings? They had new computer created credits in 1989 and 1990.


    Now looking forward to the December 20th CBS airing of I Love Lucy.

  2. Well it might not have been the Target stockers fault. But the Target media and electronics department managers should know better. They should not put out media ahead of the release dates and then refuse a sale. But it really does not matter now Target has the dvd for sale now on its Target release date of today Tuesday October 29.


    Trying to decide on colors for the I Love Lucy color shows must be a hard and interesting job.



  3. tjw I am glad that your local Target sold you  the dvd early. I was at my local Target Saturday October 26 and saw the dvd on the new tv show release shelf. Well I was so excited to see the dvd out  early. But my excitement turned to sadness very fast. Target refused to sell me the dvd because it had been put on the shelf to early by mistake.  The checkout computer would not accept the dvd sale. I asked the cashier to try and override the computer but no the cashier refused. I told the cashier that they had about 10 dvds on the shelf with the price of $12.99 shown on the shelf. But no no no they would not sell me the dvd. They quickly removed the  dvds and price tag until the official Target release date of Tuesday October 29. I wonder if all Target stores have put the dvd out early by mistake? Well Target made this Lucy fan mad, angry, sad and most of all shocked that they would not sell me the dvd.

    But I am glad tjw that your Target was nice enough to sell you the dvd early. :D:lucywow::lucythrill::professor:




  4. It might be that CBS thinks the Lucy fans would not buy the show on dvd. But if they think Lucy fans would not buy the show on dvd they would be wrong. As a Lucy fan I want anything that she did to be on dvd. Life With Lucy on dvd would  be great for any Lucy fan's dvd collection. So CBS give us Life With Lucy on dvd!!!

  5. I  think that CBS owns the Aaron Spelling library of tv shows. So since Life With Lucy was a Lucille Ball and Aaron Spelling joint venture it would be in the Aaron Spelling tv library. Now if CBS does own the Spelling library it should own Life With Lucy. I sure hope that CBS changes their mind on a dvd release of the show. I want to see this show on dvd.

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  6. Well then with NBC having color and CBS still using black and white, seems that CBS would have been to cheap to allow the show to be in color. I am sure CBS had alot to do with the black and white film decision. And CBS did not start full color broacasts till 1965.That CBS was still in black and white in 1962 might be the reason the first season of The Lucy Show is in black and white.

  7. Correct Lucy was made for color. Color film was more expensive at the time and color television was just starting at the time. If Desi knew in 1951 that 62 years later the show would still be in reruns maybe he would have filmed the show in color. I say the reasons the show was done in black and white was cost and color tv just starting in the 1950's. But Desi was smart to use film to record the show. Desi was ahead of his time by using film for the show. :desi1:

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