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  1. This is the first time that I ever heard of Lucy product on Super 8mm film format. Was any Lucy product ever released on the 8mm videotape format? I think some movies where released on 8mm tape but am not sure about Lucy stuff. I also got the 40th anniversary I Love Lucy laserdisc. That disc is huge compared to the current dvds.

  2. The three color I Love Lucy shows have been around for a few years. But this will be the first time they have been together on one disc. Lucy's Italitan Movie in color was only available on the Time Life I Love Lucy dvd set that was sold on Time Life.com Now it will be available at regular retail stores and online stores. If sales of the new dvd are good maybe CBS will bring us more I Love Lucy shows in color. Only time will tell.

  3. WE-the Lucille Ball fans that would like to see I Love Lucy in color.


    Nothing wrong with the show in black and white. Lucy is good in black and white or color. Color would add a new fun element to the show.

    Remember all televisions have a color setting that can turn off color. So go ahead and feel free to watch The Lucy Show, Here's Lucy and Life With Lucy in black and white. Just turn the color off on your tv set.


    Desilu did not film the show in color because of the extra cost of color film. Black and white was the tv standard in 1951. It is now 2013 and the color technology exists. So why not color the show? The black and white versions will still be available.

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  4. I have no problem with watching I Love Lucy in black and white. But every episode should be availabe in color. If one does not like the new color versions then find the color setting on your television and turn off the color. I Love Lucy has been available on every new home video technology. First VHS videotape then laserdisc then DVD and soon Blu ray disc. It was first seen on free over the air television on CBS then rerun on free over the air television then rerun on cable tv and satellite tv and now is available to watch on CBS.com on the internet. I Love Lucy has been available on every new technology. Color will not change the story of the shows it will enhance the shows. It is time for the show to be available in color. The Lucy Show from the second season on is in color. Here's Lucy is in color. Life With Lucy is in color. What is wrong with I Love Lucy in color? So go ahead CBS please colorize I Love Lucy, The Lucy Desi Comedy Hour and the first season of The Lucy Show.

    I Love Lucy is great in black and white and would be even greater in color. SO CBS PLEASE BRING ON THE COLOR!!!!

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  5. I bought the Dean Martin Christmas Show dvd because it said on the back of the dvd case that Lucille Ball was in the show. It said nothing about Gale Gordon being in the show. That was a very nice suprise. :gale2: Wish that Lucille and Gale had more time on the show. This is a very good show. So much Lucy stuff out there waiting to be released on dvd someday. :gary:

  6. Listen Jamestown New York we want a all Lucille Ball celebration!!!! No new comics, no $1000 fee to see Joan Rivers we want Lucy and nothing but Lucy. What a dry and dull press release. Why are they doing this to the Lucy fans? Come on this is the 100th anniversary of Lucy's birth. The fans want something better. The fans will come looking for true Lucy related events but they will find little known standup comics instead. We can watch new comics on cable tv us true fans demand a true Lucy 100th birthday celebration.

  7. This public service film is a very rare Lucille Ball find. You just never know when something like this film will show up. Just when we think we have seen everything the lady did something new is found. So much work from her long amazing career waiting to be explored. This film would make an excellent extra feature for the Here's Lucy dvds. Thanks so much for sharing this rare film wih us. :)

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