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  1. Marvelous job, everyone. Thanks for a good laugh!
  2. Well! How long has THIS been going on!? They're racing little girls at Churchill Downs!

    1. Brock


      For a little girl, she certainly had a lot of money in her purse.

    2. Mot Morenzi

      Mot Morenzi

      Surely you've heard of Grantland Rice?

  3. Look what happened to your washing machine!

    1. Mot Morenzi

      Mot Morenzi

      OUR washing machine?

  4. What's the word I'm looking for? Oh yes...appalling.
  5. Ick! I hate it when videophiles overuse the word "crisp" to describe an image. They should say sharp! SHARP!
  6. Oh I must pick this up while I'm out shopping tomorrow. TV dinners are running low, hehe
  7. It's a moo-moo.

    1. Mot Morenzi

      Mot Morenzi

      They look like women from Mars!

  8. Sexy Cuban girl?

    1. Brock


      What about a sexy Cuuban gal? :D

  9. What is with all the age discrepancies?
  10. Does ze vord amputation ring a bell?

    1. Brock


      I've got an idea, luv.

    2. Freddie2


      I wash my hair in beer!

  11. Lotus! You almost made me spill my drink!
  12. Does CBS pay you to phrase these posts like press releases?
  13. Trained seals of the world, unite!

  14. Me gadnah sent by Windslor Galden Crub. Hele to get lid of Japahnee Beatre!
  15. Mrs. Miriam Chumley and Puh-ty

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    2. chedderchester


      We may as well pop off!



      I always say:You never get let down if you go and see Ricky Ricardo.That's what I always say.

    4. Mot Morenzi

      Mot Morenzi

      RICKY RICAHDO AIN'T HEAH NO MOAH!? Well I'm gettin' outta this crummy dump!

  16. Ethel's Home Town. Five Tickets Clock Garbage Beds
  17. Ann Sothern flown to Mayo Bros. - Disappointed it is not mayonnaise factory. Following Mame, Gene Saks to direct traffic.
  18. The ending is very silly but her hillbilly shtick is quite funny. But at least it's not as ridiculous or unrealistic as the giant bread loaf.
  19. One can only hope that one of the unaired episodes shows us Maude posing for the infamous painting.
  20. Scandal at hair dressers! Lucille Ball accidentally asks for blow job! Scientists discover cause of California earthquake: Lucille Ball turning in grave over colorization! CBS promotes racial harmony - Fred and Ethel to be black in future colorized episodes. Unaired Lucy episode discovered - "The Chimp Sitter." Featured appearance by Gloria Swanson. Shock! Lucy does not want to be in Ricky's show when she discovers that she has her own! Lucy disguises herself as Rabbi to infiltrate ham-eating Mertz household on Chanukah. Conundrum! Ethel dyes hair to be passed off as Lucy's sister - Cannot choose between grey or color. Wants to appeal to a modern audience. Ethel discovers porn under Fred's side of mattress - extracts revenge by leaving vibrator in refrigerator salami compartment.
  21. The picture of Lucy decorating the tree clearly demonstrates just how bad colorization can be. I know she had vibrant, dyed red hair but that color is akin to something a valley girl might do to 'make a statemen'. And it bleeds into her temple skin. I'm not fussed if others like these effects but it just serves to prove to me that this 'technological advance' is yet another case of modernization gone wrong.
  22. Bliss! Finally we can watch all the fun as Bea deals with colorization
  23. Must say that I'm delighted to find these scenarios! Thank you for the best laugh I've had in over 42 hours!
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