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  1. I can't remember if other homages have done it consistently, but I really like that the apartment has the light shining through the windows on the back walls. It's a little touch like that that tells you this is coming from genuine fans.
  2. Lucky you! That would make me assume that Lucy is selling well enough to warrant more products. Those gigantic ratings on the covers of non-Region One DVDs always irk me, though. And yes, the Lucy Show box looks really big in proportion to the DVDs next to it. I wonder how it’s packaged.
  3. After an evening of (marginally) hard work and a LOT of beer, I decided to put on "Lucy and The Astronauts", because of the obvious quarantine/isolation themes. I also decided (as I occasionally do) to write down my thoughts on a notepad as I watch the episode. Normally, I'd compile these into a barely cohesive mini-essay and share it on here, but tonight I figure I'll just give highlights from the various bullet points I scribbled down. It feels like a concise way of discussing an episode. NOTE: This is an episode I think I've only seen once; when I bought the fourth season DVD at Jamestown in ~2012. All bullet points are in chronological order and are phrased as closely as I can interpret them from my drunken handwriting. Where was the stock footage from? TIRED opening- scared Lucy Poor Harry is so lonely he has to stop at Lucy's to show off his uniform Narration/framing device feels like a Paul Henning show Is that Doctor the Doctor (Harry's Doctor?) Lucy is horny for astronauts WHY establishing shot of ship when they walked into a trailer Why DO women spend so much time in the bathroom The doctor is definitely the psychiatrist- Ray Rodgers? Roy Roberts? WILLIE THE GRABBER President is never named- syndication worry? Nobody has ever been so excited about Nixon BOAT OR TRAILER? I have slept in places like this Lucy causing drama- IRVING- who the fuck is Irving? Wood paneling WHO is this for? Now I know why I haven't seen this show in 7 years Only explanation for laughter- asbestos in studio audience I would fire these writers At least they get the World Series in quarantine Why is Harry in orange? Still more watchable than Big Bang Theory, I guess Hopefully I'm not too inebriated and my little observations are interesting/funny to somePlease stay safe during this bonkers situation, folks.
  4. During this lockdown, the band students at my former high school have to record themselves practicing and send it in to the director or something. My sister is currently playing her saxophone in the basement and I can hear it from my room two floors up. I'm starting to think Curtis had the right idea with that mousse.
  5. I love everything about that episode save for the last scene. It's not that I'm against Lucy hamming it up in a costume, but when the rest of the episode has been pretty mature and focused on the relationships between Lucy and Harry and Viv, it's a shame to see it turn to rehashed shenanigans. Come to think of it, if the structure had been reworked, the scene where Lucy and Harry embrace at the restaurant would've made a great closer for the episode.
  6. What might've been- apparently Betty and Carol Channing were slated to do a sitcom in the early 80s! I can't find anything online at all about Friends Like Us, but I'd assume with this Merv Griffin stunt, they at least shot a pilot? Or maybe this little skit was going to be in a pilot that was never produced. Merv Griffin Enterprises never did a sitcom, but maybe he was looking into it and did this to drum up interest. Just a theory. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yan-BrxBZ54&t=658s
  7. Very cool- especially Bernie Kopell and the Carole/Tom connection. I enjoy Middleditch but have only ever seen Sara Rue on the one season comeback show that Reba did with Lily Tomlin a few years back. I’m generally wary of Chuck Lorre shows but if it makes it to air I’ll give it a watch. It’s too bad they don’t air or stream unsold pilots like they used to. I’d love to see Carol Burnett’s show from a year or two ago.
  8. "Celebrity Next Door" is certainly among the best of the Comedy Hours, but I think I agree that "Danny" might be the very best. IMO the former isn't quite as cohesive as the latter; when everything falls apart and gets farcical during the play, it feels a little too on the nose for some reason, like they didn't set things up well enough and they're acting like the payoff is way funnier than it is. It's very cool that you did that for your mother and her fellow residents- I'm sure they appreciated it. When my grandmother was in a nursing home, most of her tenure was in the "Sunshine Wing" of the building, which was for the unfortunate folks with varying stages of dementia, so they never had movie screenings or anything. The biggest entertainment for me was the lady down the hall who would have very loud conversations with herself! Although, we would always bring DVDs of her favorite shows to watch- especially Lawrence Welk. I remember one time when we were watching Keeping Up Appearances and as an aide was passing by, she recognized the sound of the show and came in to watch it with us. "Is that 'Keeping Up With Appearances'? My sister in law acts just like that woman!"
  9. Even though they're both also ending this year, I'd recommend Schitt's Creek and The Good Place to anyone. As for Will & Grace ending, apparently there's been drama between its two leading ladies and the ratings for the past two years have been absolutely crummy. If I recall correctly, NBC renewed the show for an additional two seasons before its first revival season had even premiered. Last year there were episodes of Murphy Brown that had double the viewership of Will & Grace so yes, I'm still salty about it getting the axe. It sounds like Les Moonves was the biggest factor in bringing the show back, so had he not been (rightfully) ousted, I'd wager that we'd be seeing season twelve of Murphy this year. It's weird that someone so associated with misogyny and alpha male crime shows that dissect hookers every week would be a big fan of such a feminist show. And on Lucy and communism; I always assumed that the "grandpa made me do it" story was true. Did she actually align with the Communist party at some point in her life?
  10. Miss Grant Takes Richmond gets my vote. It’s kind of like seeing the Lucy character before she met Ricky.
  11. Of course the news is very sad, but I’m curious about a couple of things. How long ago was “the other night”? I’d assume at this point they’d stopped shooting shows with an audience. Also, could you give us a little scoop on what the pilot was about/who was in it? Just speaking as a sitcom nerd who is toiling away in self-isolation.
  12. On the one hand, it’s awesome that a show is doing such a wholehearted tribute to Lucy. On the other, a full-fledged gimmick like this seems like the sign of a show that’s run out of ideas. If I were a Will & Grace viewer and not a Lucy fan, I’d probably be disappointed that in the show’s final weeks, they devoted an episode to characters other than the ones on the show. Maybe I’m just blowing smoke; I’ll be watching no matter what.
  13. I also have never understood the way that people worship Beyoncé. This image of her being an untouchable artist and American royalty doesn’t make sense to me, since I see nothing that makes her stand out from every other non-controversial pop star, and the only song of hers I’ve ever heard played more than once is “All The Single Ladies”, and that’s always been at dances or weddings. On the other hand, I totally love Lizzo, especially her song “Juice”. The body positivity preaching can get heavy handed sometimes, but boy is her music fun to sing on road trips with friends.
  14. Max von Sydow has lost the chess game at the age of 90.
  15. Director Howard Storm, a member of the Desilu Workshop, was recently on Gilbert Gottfried's show. Carole and Robert both get mentioned (WHY haven't they pegged Carole and Tom as guests yet?), and he talks about how Lucy didn't really like him. Storm grew up as a genuine comedian on stage, whereas Lucy was an actress more than anything, so there's a lot of discussion about their clashing sensibilities. It's so interesting that people are always surprised to hear that Lucy wasn't humorous in real life. Are folks ever shocked to learn that Anthony Hopkins doesn't eat people? Storm tells a story about how she told him to count to three after a laugh, and Howard questioned what to do if a laugh lasted longer than "three". Maybe I'm out of it, but I swear I remember Lucy saying that Buster Keaton told her that? One great thing is that Storm talks about what a genius Desi was- not only in terms of production, but with script problems as well. The Lucy/Desi portion is pretty substantial with a few good stories, so I'd recommend a listen.
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