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  1. "Roseanne" - 2018 Revival on ABC

    I would call Archie Bunker's Place, The Golden Palace, and The Conners "continuations", because they happened immediately after the parent show's end. But who knows what to call anything today. News came out recently that Diablo Cody and FOX are remaking Alice, and every source called it a reboot. I take reboot to mean that a show will have the same cast and characters, but obviously that won't be the case. It's a remake. It also begs the question- why bother? There's no way that Diablo Cody is going to write in a similar style to Bob and Madelyn, so why even attach the Alice name? Couldn't you come up with your own sitcom about a single mother who aspires to be in showbusiness?
  2. "Roseanne" - 2018 Revival on ABC

    I certainly miss Roseanne (Conner), but oddly enough, this premiere felt more like an episode of the original series than anything from the previous season.
  3. Vicki Lawrence headlines FOX pilot

    Ken Levine discovers Thelma Harper: http://kenlevine.blogspot.com/2018/10/keep-open-mind.html
  4. CBS revives Murphy Brown

    I would assume that the Will & Grace number (about 10 million) that was being touted probably didn't include delayed numbers. If that's the case, it's possible that W&G would still be the ratings "winner", but I would assume by a significantly slimmer margin. However, Murphy retained something like 96% of its "Live and Same Day" viewers in Week 2, which is certainly a remarkable feat. I'd be curious as to what the next 11 weeks hold. After its premiere, W&G's numbers dropped immediately and have leveled out at around 3-4 million broadcast viewers, including the season ten premiere.
  5. CBS revives Murphy Brown

    With streaming numbers out, the premiere has an extra 3.6 million viewers to its name, giving the "mediocre" debut a higher rating than Will & Grace's last year!
  6. CBS revives Murphy Brown

    They were all very on top of things. I think it was about three hours total, but I'm not totally sure. All phones had to be powered off and put in individual, un-openable cloth baggie things. In between scenes, the DJ played Motown music and the warmup guy (comedian Joey Kola) kept the energy high. He would ask the audience trivia questions for a chance to win prizes. I got one right (Who was Murphy's last secretary on the original series?) and he tried to give me a $10 Starbucks gift card. I insisted on getting a "Make America Murphy Again Hat". Not to be difficult, but if I'm walking away with a prize, I certainly want it to be special Joe Regalbuto and his wife were celebrating their recent wedding anniversary, and they danced to their wedding song and Joe recited a sonnet for the audience that he'd recited at his wedding. Faith Ford was also able to get her husband dancing to their wedding song with a little coercion. Diane English interacted with the audience a bit, and they also introduced us to legendary costume designer Patricia Field, who gave a speech about how she loves the multi-camera sitcom format. Director Pam Fryman was celebrating her birthday, so the taping concluded with a little celebration for her. Candice Bergen didn't interact with the audience at all, she seemed more focused on the show itself. And yes, we did get served pizza. There was never a dull moment, not that I would have complained if there was.
  7. CBS revives Murphy Brown

    As someone who was lucky enough to be in the studio audience for tonight's episode, I thought I'd share a little behind-the-scenes info: The episode was much longer "on the floor", and all of the stuff that was cut was funny, but expendable. The laughs were a lot bigger and a lot longer, but clearly had to be edited down for time- at the expense of the "rhythm" of the show, in my opinion. Notably, the line "I'm your new assistant", made the audience go crazy, and Candice's speech in the press room (pre-taped, obviously) got applause- neither of those audience responses made it into the final show. Save for the pre-taped White House stuff, each scene was done about three times. Candice Bergen stumbled over her words a couple of times at the very beginning, but after that, there really weren't any slip-ups; although during the scene at Phil's, Bergen and Grant Shaud got into a bit of a giggle fit, as they were wont to do on the original series. The episode was taped the day after Aretha Franklin's death, and before we watched the prerecorded segment, they played the classic scene from the original series where Murphy and Aretha sit at a piano on the empty FYI stage and sing Natural Woman together. The whole cast and crew gathered on the floor while the audience watched on the monitors. I noticed that while Candice Bergen watched the clip, she was moving to the music in exactly the same way that she was on the episode 27 years before. Faith Ford was sobbing ("verklempt", in her words). After the clip, the DJ played Aretha's studio recording of the song, and everyone kind of stood up and sang along and it was a really touching moment. After the show, we went to eat at the nightclub across from the studio, which just happened to be where the cast and crew were having their after party! (I think we've run into a whole nest of them!) The entire cast was very, very gracious, including Diane English. Joe Regalbuto knocked over a vase on the table next to us with his duffel bag but didn't notice. Jake McDorman brought his dog into the restaurant, which probably wasn't legal.
  8. CBS revives Murphy Brown

    This reminds me of when I was little and would refuse to watch Gone With The Wind because it beat The Wizard of Oz for Best Picture

    One of my favorites! He certainly has left an abundant legacy (he even had a tour of Europe scheduled for next year!). Recommended viewing: Shoot The Piano Player.
  10. CBS revives Murphy Brown

    The Clinton Cameo was shot on a closed set, not only for security reasons (everyone had to sign confidentiality contracts), but also because of Hillary's busy schedule. The ratings weren't a surprise. Despite the show being placed in the most-watched comedy block on TV at the moment, lead-ins aren't what they used to be (even airing right after Roseanne, the final season of The Middle didn't fare much better than every other year of the series), and Murphy had the unfortunate luck of debuting against Thursday Night Football and the Grey's Anatomy Two-Hour Teenage Girl and Housewife Sobfest Season Eighty Seven Premiere.
  11. Time/Life has done smaller releases that coincide with these "mega" sets that they put out; Laugh-In has been getting individual season sets since they put out the complete series, and I know they've done one or two single disc collections of their Red Skelton release, so... maybe LWL is closer than we think. Re: Joey When I think about it, even if all of ILL was colorized, I'm certain I'd still watch the show in "glorious black and white" (but still have the colorized episodes for the occasional novelty).
  12. CBS revives Murphy Brown

    In my opinion, this reboot is the best of the bunch of this recent craze. I don't expect it to get Roseanne numbers, but I certainly hope it's a big success. Murphy's first new secretary was kept under such wraps that I actually guessed who it was going to be; I just didn't think it would be so reminiscent of Lucy and The Plumber!
  13. The Brady Bunch

    Florence Henderson was a massive talent and deserves the street cred she got for playing Mrs. Brady, but I think that character would've been way beneath Lucy. It's been a long, long time since I've actually watched and episode of TBB, but for the life of me I can't remember a single time Carol Brady was given the opportunity to clown around. Granted, if Lucy had (somehow) ended up in the role, it probably would've been changed to suit her. In every iteration of "Lucy", the main character's name contains the letters "ar", (in reference to "Arnaz") so would that make it... The Bardy Bunch? I would totally watch an LBP version of the show if it had the characters "Gale The Maid" and his girlfriend "Vanda The Butcher".

    What did Lucy do on the special? I've only seen a couple of clips on YouTube. I don't think the whole show is available.
  15. There aren't really any episodes selected that I'd consider criminal, but the lack of some are disappointing. Most saddening for me is the lack of third season ILL episodes. Though they aren't as "flashy" as most of the best-remembered entries, I think the quality is almost as great as the fourth season (which is very favorably represented). If I remember correctly, "Life Story" was held over from season two, so there's really only ONE third season episode included ("Tells The Truth"), which is a great one, but I think it gets a boost because of the iconic shot of Lucy and the balloons. Every season (and episode) of the show has its own unique representation of the series, and I think the third season stands out as especially ahead of its time. A lot of the episodes are "smaller" than we usually see, so they prominently feature the dynamics between the cast and the show's "Men vs Women" theme. I especially like "Tells The Truth" because it explores a specific facet of the Lucy character: her pathological duplicity. Even The Jack Benny Program, which is praised for pioneering "character-driven comedy", hardly ever explored what made its characters tick.