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  1. Apparently last year she showed up in Carmel for a fundraiser for Doris Day's animal foundation and did a tap dance! Sounds like she was quite a dame
  2. I think the 1974-75 success of Maude on Mondays at 9:00 had a lot to do with the fact that it was airing before the sensation that was the first season of Rhoda. Had Lucy done a seventh season (or thirteenth, depending on how you look at it) as the lead-in for Rhoda, surely her ratings would have improved, and as far as I'm concerned, creatively, HL was in a good enough place that another year would have been worthwhile. Or... Lucy could have followed her "modus operandi", where each of her previous weekly shows had aired for six seasons, so she could have started a new sitcom for the 1974-75 season!
  3. The Oscars Make Terrible Changes

    LOVE that Paddy Chayefsky quote. My, how things have changed. In 1977 the crowd went wild for his comment, today he would get booed! In his (great) Oscar article, Ken teases that he'll be talking about Kathleen Turner on Monday. I'm assuming it's in reference to a very recent and very bonkers interview she gave to Vulture, where she talks a bit about the screenplay for Jewel of The Nile. If you haven't read the interview yet, it's very worthy of your time. http://www.vulture.com/2018/08/kathleen-turner-in-conversation.html
  4. The Oscars Make Terrible Changes

    I wonder how proportional The Oscars downslide in ratings has been in comparison to the rest of broadcast television steadily losing viewership. Maybe by 2050 the ceremony will be a 10-minute special that takes place during Superbowl Halftime. Audiences are slightly to blame for this. Up until this decade, a decent portion of the year's highest-grossing movies have been Oscar nominees and winners. But now, with the worldwide and domestic Top 10 being relegated to a ghetto of children's movies, superhero bullshit (aka movies for children who are old enough to drive), and all the latest reboots, remakes, revamps, and sequels, it's no wonder The Academy is feeling very little love for "popular" movies today. Just speaking for myself, one big reason I've been turned off by the ceremony lately has been the overwhelming political nonsense. For an event that allegedly exists to honor achievements in filmmaking, it'd be very easy to confuse The Oscars with a crappy White House Correspondent's Dinner. This past year, in his opening monologue, Jimmy Kimmell actually encouraged winners to use their platform to voice their political opinions. Of course you should be allowed to say whatever you want when you get up there, but I continually dread having to hear all these people complain about this and that on national television when they've just won an Oscar. I can't imagine I'm alone in this respect. Concept: To trim down the time of the ceremony, excise all commercial breaks and instead have a mandatory dress code where all attendees must wear clothes that have product logos emblazoned across them.
  5. I'm glad to see that the Mame cinematographer is still working. Very informative video; but I've never heard "vehicle" pronounced that way!
  6. Charlotte Rae dies at 92

    I will never not find the Entertainment Tonight Bitch Debacle hilarious. RIP Mrs. G.
  7. Betty graces the cover of this week’s Closer with the (upsetting) headline “Saying Goodbye: Betty White gives her final interview”, or something to that effect. It’s only about a half-page long and features a little information on the upcoming documentary- the rest being all rehash, including the usual quips about how active Betty is and how much she loves to work, so I’m assuming (hoping) this “Saying Goodbye” bit was just to catch people’s eyes at the newsstand.
  8. I turned on the TV to rather inexplicably see that The Paul Lynde Show was starting. The centerpiece of the episode (which also has Anson Williams two years away from Happy Days) is a TV gameshow hosted by none other than Roy Rowan. It's no surprise that William Asher was a producer and director for the show, which was produced out of a commitment to ABC, who wanted another season of Bewitched.
  9. 2018 Kennedy Center Honors

    I think only my grandma would have a legitimate issue with Jane Fonda. Woody I think is too much "on the bubble". I'll still gladly enjoy his ever-growing body of work, but I totally get why people aren't okay with him. Speaking of--- Mia Farrow would be a good choice. She's had a long career that's been associated with many of the great luminaries of American culture and her humanitarian work is monumental- plus, she's never really been honored/nominated for any awards surrounding the arts. (Golden Globes do not count)
  10. Joan Rivers That Show

    Are you watching the show for the production quality and the star's appearance or for the interaction between genuine, competent human beings? Geez, Joan would've had a field day with that review.
  11. 2018 Kennedy Center Honors

    Well, Kylie Jenner made it onto the Forbes cover as a "self-made" billionaire, as if her Mother's decades-old scorched-earth thirst for publicity and half-sister's sex tape didn't have anything to do with it. Besides Dick Vand Dyke and Liza Minnelli, Carol Channing is the big name that gets brought up, but I think at this rate, if it hasn't happened yet, it never will. Betty White and Carl Reiner, both 96 and fairly spry, seem like ideal choices. Mary Tyler Moore never got honored! I have always wanted Disney composer Richard Sherman to be a recipient. I've also always wanted Garrison Keillor, but I think the ship's really sailed on that one.
  12. 2018 Kennedy Center Honors

    This belongs in the "WTF" Thread! I thought I was the only person who was peeved about the Hamilton thing. The damn show is still running. I have a friend who saw it in Chicago a week ago. If they were going to do this, save it for when the cast and creators are a little bit older- say, 92 or so... I bet the Cher segment will be fun to watch. Bob Mackie is going to be working overtime. Reba is the same age as my dad, so it seems weird that she's in a "Lifetime Achievement" stage of her career. She's certainly earned it, though. And at least she's older than 40 (*ahem* Lin Manuel Miranda). Reba's show always had a Lucy-ish vibe to it and I've always been a fan of her music and her standards as a performer.
  13. Joan Rivers That Show

    Interesting that this video went up on YouTube just this morning! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rJSHzYQNuPI Viv gets time to tell some very funny anecdotes at the end. One might think that with her persona, Joan wouldn't be very good at interviewing people, but she's always totally interested in what people have to say and keeps her (very funny) interjections to a minimum. Those two yentas Hoda and Kathie Lee could learn a lot from her.
  14. Specific "Lucy" Memories

    When I was in Jamestown a few years ago, we drove to see Lucy’s childhood home in Celeron. As we approached the street sign, I immediately had a legitimate flashback to a shot from the 50th Anniversary Special that I hadn’t seen in probably over a decade. It was really bizarre, but as soon as I saw that street sign the whole special came flooding back to me.

    The hilarious stage actor Gary Beach, who won a Tony for The Producers, has died at 70!