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  1. Lucy Sightings!

    The things you find stumbling into a YouTube rabbit hole! You-know-who is in the audience of this nightclub act, presumably taped for cable in the 80s. Maybe someone could pinpoint a specific date? I'm not familiar with Charles Pierce's work, but he's very funny. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gkO1nV-e9fI

    Not only is Finney’s Poirot one of the great film performances of all time (he was in his 30s!), but Sidney Lumet’s Murder on The Orient Express is one of the most masterfully crafted and entertaining movies of the 70s. Check it out! I believe it’s free to stream with Amazon Prime.

    Black Lagoon cohort and Cabot Cove real estate mogul Julie Adams has died at 92.
  4. I Married Joan

    She didn’t strike me as such, but maybe I’m not that familiar with Jane Kean of that era.
  5. I Married Joan

    What a piece of work! Just as any (non-rodeo-themed) episode of I Love Lucy could be analyzed as a perfectly constructed half hour of comedy, this episode of Joan is so absurd it teaches through its failures! It's quite a feat to turn Florence Bates, Jim Backus, Doris Singleton, and Bobby Jellison into dull, forgettable performers. The most nonsensical bit for me was the timer in the turkey, but then again, absolutely nothing makes sense anywhere else in the show. Flo Bates constantly assumes that Joan should know all of these ballet terms and know how to execute them even though she's in a beginner's class??? We never actually see the Jim Backus plot play out, so who knows- maybe he was having an affair with that girl and created an even bigger ruse to cover it up. Notice that the director is Hal Walker; an Academy Award nominee, albeit in the forgotten category of "Best Assistant Director". Less than a decade before IMJ, he was an AD on two of the greatest movies of all time (IMO)- The Uninvited and Palm Beach Story.
  6. Kaye Ballard has passed away

    North Dakota Moon forever! Up until her passing, I always assumed that Kaye was just as enchanting and full of life as she appeared in her performances and interviews. It's very sad to hear that she was bitter, but I sincerely hope that the wild success of her documentary gave her an eleventh hour moment of reassurance; everybody loves Kaye! This is very similar to what happened with Rose Marie about a year ago.
  7. Kaye Ballard has passed away

    From what I've seen/heard, a lot more people were fans of Kaye than I knew. Of course she was a legend, but not necessarily a household name. Thank goodness for Mothers-in-Law, even though it only ran for two years (as Neil so aptly discussed), because it was such a terrific documented showcase for Kaye's talents. And speaking of mothers-in-law, how interesting was it to read that Kaye was considered for Marie Barone?
  8. Kaye Ballard has passed away

    We're all heartbroken down here about Carol and Kaye, but there's one heck of a double act playing "up there" right now. She certainly had good luck with her mouth.
  9. Carol Channing has passed away

    There probably isn't a single Carol performance that isn't absolute gold, but here's a personal favorite of mine, from about a decade ago at the Hollywood Bowl: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RakE9t4jcbI Even though it isn't the best quality video, she still has you in the palm of her hand (a phrase that's been thrown around a lot today) and truly exudes that special something that comes with one in a million performers.
  10. Carol Channing has passed away

    This is not the news anyone wants to wake up to. LL Cool J never had a better partner.
  11. I thought I was the only one who didn't like Mankiewicz! (and his political "network" or whatever it's called, The Young Turks, is almost worse than Fox News!) I also like Karger, and the passion and joy Alicia Malone has for film is downright contagious.
  12. https://timelife.com/products/jackbenny Once again Time/Life is bringing a rare variety show to DVD. It doesn't look like Lucy's appearance as Mrs. Revere is included (did she only do the ONE episode of Jack's regular show?), but the set has all of Jack's later specials, quite a few of which she appears in.
  13. Lucy Sightings!

    Today I saw a lady with an I Love Lucy purse and complimented her on it. All I received back was a very terse "thank you" and the story ends there. You'd think someone who carries around the show's logo all the time would want to strike up a brief conversation with a fellow fan, but no!
  14. The comments highlighted at the end were hilarious. From now on, Gary should only be referred to as "that lovely second husband".
  15. Philip if it's a boy... ...and Morris if it's a girl! Until (re)watching "Fire at The Bank", I didn't realize that Lucy Carmichael wasn't supposed to be a smoker. Would it be possible to assume that the "no smoking" character trait was introduced just for the sake of the gag? Maybe she was one back in the day, but Barnsdahl/Mooney's budget wouldn't allow it (cigarettes are expensive)! In LWL, health-nut Lucy Barker chastises Leonard for smoking, and I don't think we see Lucy Carter light up, either. It would've made for quite the Here's Lucy plot line if she mixed up her cigarettes with one of Craig's