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  1. Rose Marie weighs in on Harvey Weinstein

    Regarding the actual Weinstein controversy, I find it ironic that people are expecting a change in the industry even though one of the main figures asked to comment on the situation was Woody Allen. Woody Allen.
  2. Rose Marie weighs in on Harvey Weinstein

    There’s a Kaye Ballard documentary? Hot dog!!!
  3. Rose Marie weighs in on Harvey Weinstein

    It was interesting to hear from Rose Marie on this topic. Apparently it’s discussed in her new movie, which is supposed to be terrific! Her Twitter activity is a mix of showbiz reminisces and Tweets of love sent by her celebrity fans. Highly recommended.
  4. Bob Schiller has died at 98

    I was just thinking about Bob recently. How incredibly lucky to get to meet him, Brock. Mot’s comment about a “Spiritual Revival” made me smile. From Lucy’s tango to Edith Bunker’s dead lesbian cousin, Bob sure gave us a lot of laughs.
  5. I did watch the premiere a couple of days ago, and it made me laugh, which is the minimum I ask for from a comedy show. I was definitely missing out on some stuff by not being familiar with the earlier episodes, and I agree that the political stuff was too much. I wasn’t planning on watching more, but seeing that they did a TLS shoutout like that has me interested!
  6. MAME

    I always assumed that “The Squeal” referred to all the girls squealing because Rudy was just too much. Sci Fi fans and Broadway fans can be the most fussy, anal retentive people sometimes. Even sports rivalries always seem to be all in good fun.
  7. Same! I’ve never had reason do doubt Closer’s credibility, but that Valerie article sounded like it was straight out of The Enquirer.
  8. MAME

    Incredible! The Criterion Collection needs to release special Neil-ified versions of movies!
  9. I wanted something fluffy to watch this morning, so I while flipping through Amazon Prime, I picked a random first season episode of The Doris Day Show. Based on the description provided, I figured it would be guest star-driven and hopefully feature a funny character actress. I was right! Mary played Denver Pyle's ex-WWII marine girlfriend who infiltrates the ranch. I gotta say, for a show that tries its hardest to be laid back and unoffensive as possible, Mary just shines through and gives an incredibly funny, human performance. She was so good in such a mediocre role, it kind of took me aback. For those interested, it's season one episode seventeen, "The Buddy". To drag this out even further, I'd like to give a shoutout to Amazon Prime for their pretty excellent classic TV selection. Not only do they have episodes of ILL, TLS, and HL, but they carry quite a few of her specials that MPI has released, and those old Goodtimes "Lost" compilations (you know what I'm referring to- I've still got my VHS tapes)- and that Lucy-Desi-Berle special that didn't get released until very recently.
  10. The over-saturation of reboots can only mean that an era of fresh ideas is just around the corner! I might watch the premiere, but I'm not particularly familiar with W & G- I think I sampled some season two episodes awhile back. I'll probably watch the new Roseanne, but I can't imagine that being anything extraordinary. All the shows I'd like to see come back for a reunion series or special have way too many dead cast members! Even something as recent as Everybody Loves Raymond would very sadly be out of the running. This starting and stopping is what British comedies actually do very well. The Vicar of Dibley aired five seasons for almos fifteen years, and Absolutely Fabulous spanned two decades!

    Oh no! Ken Levine's praises of her on a recent podcast episode prompted me to look into the life of Anne. She seemed every bit as talented and elegant as he said. My grandma is a big Topper fan.
  12. Real Life Lucy

    The scene would end with the Keurig going haywire and spraying right in the face of Mr. Mooney as he walks through the door.
  13. A Ma Parker reenactment would surely bring out the lawyers (and the Razzies)!
  14. Lucy Sightings!

    In a new YouTube video essay called "Why Norm McDonald is a Genius", the author talks about how Norm doesn't have nearly the same amount of fame as equally funny stand up comedians. This statement is accompanied by an animated photo collage of stand ups. However, there is one person in the whole thing who was actually never a stand up comedian. I'll give you three guesses as to who. Talk about influence and legacy!
  15. I'm excited for any good widespread Lucy exposure, and this seems like it has pedigree. With the kids involved behind the scenes... I don't know. I think that Home Movie is excellent, so if it takes that vibe it's cool. Let's just hope Carole Cook doesn't file any legal complaints about her portrayal. We have enough feuds going on.