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  1. Was "Mame" *Really* a Flop?

    Making back its budget and making the Top 30 of a year that has a lot of standouts most certainly takes it out of commercial flop territory. It's interesting to see that Mame made more money than influential heavyweights like Texas Chainsaw Massacre and The Conversation. Perhaps Mr. Leatherface got his inspiration from Mame's Santa mask (I'm kidding). On the topic of Mame as the last gasp of studios trying to get another Sound of Music, here's an interesting and thorough video essay on the topic: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b8o7LzGqc3E&t=850s Although Mame isn't mentioned, Lucy makes a "cameo" in the video.
  2. They Love Lucy: Celebrity Lucy Fans

    At the very least she did a decent job of capturing the Lucy Ricardo makeup. And the broach is a nice touch. I see miniature train tracks in the background; was this taken at your house
  3. 2018 Christmas Colorized Episode

    One small moment from the episode that really made me laugh this time around was when Lucy and Ethel check on the dough for the first time. Lucy looks down and says "help me", but the way she said it was so genuine (in that "Lucy" way) that it completely sold the absurdity of what was going on. The situation may be ridiculous, but the people are real. Also, shoutout to the great Florence Bates who is the very definition of a "Society Matron".
  4. 2018 Christmas Colorized Episode

    What was the "Swedish" line? Also- very curious to hear your reasoning for not liking Chuckles!
  5. 2018 Christmas Colorized Episode

    For the first half of the special (Christmas Episode) I left the TV on but wandered off and took a shower. I only see that episode once a year but I'm finding it a bit grating. IMO the colors seemed a bit "less" than the past couple of years. Give us the Connecticut House already! Being a first season episode, Pioneer Women has a different tone from the rest of the series, and its logical fallacies are hard to overlook, but the fact that it still makes me laugh out loud is certainly something. It's weird to think about how the gang had such trouble living as pioneers, when today we'd all have trouble living like it was 1952! I had a prior engagement and was only able to see the first half of the first DVD episode, but it was hilarious- certainly in part because I don't have it ingrained in my memory like a lot of ILL episodes. I also think that the Van Dyke episodes look much better in color than ILL. Perhaps it's because DVD didn't have a cinematographer who knew how to service black and white film like on ILL?
  6. Carol is an excellent choice, although I concur that I would've had a different pick for the inaugural recipient. Ah well, there's always next year...
  7. The Oscars Make Terrible Changes

    Kevin Hart has stepped down as host after failing to properly apologize for making homophobic jokes in the past. Now, I think Hart and his puerile ego are a poor fit for the show, but the fact that he was edged out over "offensive" material seems like an incredibly regressive move. Anyway, here's hoping they give Tiffany Haddish a call!
  8. The Oscars Make Terrible Changes

    With the deadline looming ever closer, apparently the Academy is looking at Kevin Hart to host this year's ceremony. I'd rather watch Bill Cosby emcee the show live from San Quentin.

    I can't make a lick of sense out of this. "Dick Joke Naming Convention"??? What is the Mary Taylor Moore Show connection? Doris appeared on Phyllis, but that's about it. I'm very much intrigued but also don't want to give this wacko any of my time. Kind of excited to hear his Mary Jane Croft/Lady Bird Johnson theory, though.
  10. Lucy Sightings!

    This week's New Yorker has an article called "Roomba Nation" about the growing presence of robots in people's homes. It includes the following passage: "There are contrivances that can mow your lawn, wash your windows, assemble your IKEA furniture, clean the kitty-litter box, fold your laundry (at a pokier pace than you, and it doesn't do socks), zip your zipper, apply lipstick to what Lucille Ball might consider lips, give you a tattoo, crush you at Ping-Pong, feed you tomatoes as you jog (the wearable Tomatan), and even devilishly check the little box on a Web site which says 'I am not a robot.'"
  11. CBS revives Murphy Brown

    When the episode airs I'll be curious to hear your full, annotated account of how it went down!

    I was aware of that project, but I didn't really have an interest in it. The show is great on TV, but I suspect this adaptation falls more under the commercial sect rather than the creative. The couple of times I've been in New York since it opened, the production hasn't been on my radar of things to see. I've been to a few Broadway shows that have a kids/tourist-y audience and it's not a pleasant vibe (for me, at least).

    Spongebob Squarepants creator Stephen Hillenburg has died at 57 after battling ALS for the past couple of years. I don't know if anyone else here is young enough to have grown up on Spongebob, but it really was miles above the silly "kid's programming" that a lot of people pigeonholed it to be. He gave life to one of the most unique, inspiring, and hilarious shows of all time. Even my grandparents are fans!
  14. CBS revives Murphy Brown

    I agree! This was definitely the best of the season (so far). It went from hilarious to heartbreaking, and pulled off both extremes with great panache.
  15. CBS revives Murphy Brown

    I never knew that about MTM! (Did you attend a filming?) I was expecting a long night at Murphy Brown, but the actors were remarkably professional. Candice Bergen tripped over her opening dialogue a couple of times, but other than that, I don't think there was a single slip-up. What I really found interesting was how portions of scenes were re-shot with slightly different blocking due to the possibility of certain "bits" being cut for time. I still marvel at the thought of Lucy's shows wrapping in under an hour (according to folklore)- especially considering some of the elaborate visual chaos that had to be accomplished. Today it would be pre-taped with stunt doubles and CGI! Lol at Fran Drescher with laryngitis. I believe the Everybody Loves Raymond finale had to be postponed because Patricia Heaton got laryngitis.