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  1. https://twitter.com/JackieHoffman16/status/1314270912347353088?s=20 She has a handful of other photos from the visit on her Twitter.
  2. Mamacita comes to scrub the floors in Jamestown: https://twitter.com/JackieHoffman16/status/1314273193759252485?s=20
  3. Desiree Anzalone passed away late last month after a battle with breast cancer☹️ https://www.thelist.com/255506/the-heartbreaking-death-of-lucille-balls-great-granddaughter/
  4. Ann as a regular second banana would have been great, but it probably would have thrown the entire dynamic out of whack. Lucy would have had to play the straight woman to the Countess's fish out of water flamboyance, as opposed to Viv's down to earth sarcasm that kept Lucy grounded. If Ann had stayed on, I wouldn't be surprised if her character would have been changed to more of that Viv/Eve Arden-type of eye-rolling wisecracker. It's still a shame that we never got to see her make an appearance after 1966.
  5. https://variety.com/2020/tv/news/amy-poehler-lucille-ball-desi-arnaz-i-love-lucy-1234775103/ A short Variety piece with Amy discussing the documentary. I love that she likens Lucy's physical acting to "a beautiful dancer".
  6. A question for the experts: when does Little Ricky's name first officially come up? Today I realized that I don't remember a scene where they decide to name the baby after his father. I don't recall it happening in "Lucy Goes to The Hospital", maybe in one of the wraparound segments done for the flashback episodes?
  7. The grief surrounding her passing is very palpable and I’m sad to say I’m not super familiar with her work. We were definitely always a Masterpiece household but with her leaving in 2003 I’m too young to remember her hosting gig. Her performance in the film version of A Little Night Music was more than Oscar-worthy, and I consider her “Every Day a Little Death” to be the best I’ve heard. I was in NYC when she was playing Mrs. Higgins at Lincoln Center and considered going, but was too lazy to walk/too cheap to pay for a cab (on top of ticket prices) and now I regret it. I think I’ve seen one episode of the MTM-style sitcom she did in the 70s and am tempted to seek out more.
  8. Such a distinctive actor; I remember him just as well from Golden Girls and Out to Sea. I never knew that he made it through the blacklist. His passing made me remember something- has anyone else seen his LWL episode listed as both “...Legal Eagle” and “...Legal Beagle”? Was this just a typo that cropped up? I’m not familiar with whatever idiom the title came from.
  9. Wilford Brimley has died at 85; yes, only 85. It seems like he’s been an old geezer with di-a-beetus forever.
  10. Oscar Expert Matthew Stewart, who has a great website with statistics concerning Oscar-winning and nominated performances, pointed out the following about Dame O today: She was the oldest-living Oscar winner and nominee, oldest Best Actress winner and nominee, and oldest Best Supporting Actress nominee. As of last night, the oldest living winner is Eva Marie Saint, the oldest living Best Actress winner is Joanne Woodward, the oldest living nominee/Supporting Actress nominee is Glynis Johns, and the oldest living Best Actress nominee is Cicely Tyson. Stewart's website, https://www.screentimecentral.com, is a bevy of information for us data nerds.
  11. The best comment I've seen about this so far: https://twitter.com/carriecourogen/status/1287421710837460994 Ryan Murphy had better sleep with one eye open tonight.
  12. Honestly, out of everything 2020 has thrown at us, this is one that I did not see coming.
  13. It was the original DVD. I was the only real nerd about that stuff in the room, so nobody else really noticed.
  14. Excited to watch these, especially with your recommendation. It's a shame Val never had a big hit after Rhoda; although her stint on Valerie/Valerie's Family/The Hogans/The Hogan Family was more than decent. It was at least successful enough that they decided (and were able) to continue without her. I've seen all of her episodes of that show, and a few with Sandy Duncan, but it was no classic. The few laughs I got out of that show were exclusively from her and Jason Bateman. I remember that she was supposed to play Matt LeBlanc's mother on Man With a Plan, but I'm pretty sure that never came to fruition. She deserved another star vehicle for TV, but then again, Mary never replicated her sitcom successes, either.
  15. I had the opportunity to watch some of my ILL Blu-Rays on one of those six-foot, curved TVs; the really 'spensive kind. It looked less amazing than I thought it would. It makes me appreciate Freund, Hickox, et al's work all the more. The show really was shot beautifully to be viewed on a smaller TV screen. Thanks to the upscaling from the high-tech setup, the Blu Rays, which look as clear as possible on my TV, actually turned out to have a lot of little specks and spots poking around. Later in the night, we watched Dancing Star/Harpo Marx (one of my buddies who was over is a big Marx Brothers fan and had wanted to see it) on DVD and it looked embarrassingly fuzzy. Oddly enough, none of this struck me as noticeable for the colorized movie theater engagement. Maybe you don't gotta have glorious Technicolor, breathtaking CinemaScope and stereophonic sound.
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