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  1. The absolutely bonkers Scotty Bowers has died at 96.
  2. "Green Thumb" and "Breaking Up" this morning. IMO "Green Thumb" is the only true stinker of the bunch- the rest at least have a few good moments, but this one feels like a Gorboona might come barreling through Lucy's scheffleras at any minute. Also, the poor direction is staggering. Even when the writing wasn't good, Lucy's shows had compositions and camera blocking that was at the very least decent. Unfortunately it's not so in the 80s with Marc Daniels at the helm. The pickup shots are uncomfortably obvious and close- and considerably more present than in other episodes, and the visible boom mics aren't exactly professional either. The one aspect of "Breaking Up" that I don't buy is the fact that Curtis would so willingly let Lucy and Leonard run the store themselves. And in that vein, a hardware store with only three employees must really be slow. I forgot that Hey Look Me Over is featured in the episode and it was a nice surprise. This one is also a great example of the show getting a creative choice right: Lucy and Gale's relationship has been developing since 1947, so the themes of the episode carry a lot more weight than what was built up over 12 episodes.
  3. My DVD was expected to arrive on Tuesday so I was happily surprised to see that it came today. With the unparalleled picture clarity, the nuances of Lucy and Gale's performances stand out more than ever. The extent to which Lucy elevates the material is nothing short of incredible, but we all know that. Like everyone else, the quality and special features are the real thrill for me. The main thing that I've been trying to look for is any sign of development over the episodes. You'd think that after the reviews and ratings started to come in, somebody would've put their foot down and done some tweaking, but I don't see much. The first half of the season has a lot of great physical comedy while the unaired episodes are a much better showcase for the family and their dynamic. If only the show had been given the full season it was promised- I think there would have been a lot more to dissect. Also, the Hour Magazine interview makes me consider the credibility of that longstanding rumor that Audrey Meadows was approached to be a regular cast member. Lucy's reverence for Viv is so heartwarming. I don't know how Audrey would have been as a second banana; Lucy and Curtis already have their well-established love/hate relationship and I think that yet another character would have been a misstep.
  4. This morning I was driving behind a cherry red Jeep with a tire cover featuring the ILL logo and the Lucy and Ricky stick figures. I couldn't find it online so I'm assuming that it was a custom job. On top of that, the license plate was "1LVELUCY", or something like that. I tried to take a picture but couldn't really maneuver it while driving, and the car sped up considerably so I wonder if they knew that I was trying to take a photo.
  5. I stopped at both Wal-Marts in my city, plus Target and Best Buy and came up short with all of them. The safest bet would probably be to order it online, but from what it sounds like, I may have to wait longer than usual. I was hoping I could just pick it up immediately at the store- I hate the anticipation of waiting for a package to arrive- especially one as big as this!
  6. I’ve though the same thing about the show being a great fit for TGIF! Although, Lucy didn’t live too long after that lineup became a “thing”. LWL also might’ve been a good fit for syndication or even as original programming on Nick at Nite.
  7. The Goldwyn Theatre was packed last night when TCM paid tribute to Robert Osborne by hosting a 35mm screening of his favorite movie Dodsworth. In attendance, and later up on stage to reminisce, were such luminaries as our own Carole, Diane Baker, Robert Wagner, Eva Marie Saint, and Dame (or is it “Mame”) Angela Lansbury. I really hope that there’s a recording of this in some form.
  8. While picking up a few things at Wal-Mart this morning, my eyes ferociously scanned the DVD section to no avail. I’ll stop at Target and the Wal-Mart on the other side of town tonight- hopefully they won’t be sold out (kidding!). All of the buzz has me dying to see it!
  9. Great article although I’ve never heard anybody call LWL ahead of its time and I’m not sure I agree with that.
  10. The quality looks fantastic! I can't wait!
  11. It was brief, of course, but we did joke around a little (how many people can say they’ve made Carol Burnett laugh), and I asked about her sharing a workspace with Red Skelton (as I recently mentioned in the Judy thread), because I don’t think it’s an aspect of her time on the show that usually gets mentioned. She’s extremely kind and approachable, and not in a phony way. There’s a reason she can still sell out a 2,500 seat theater at big prices.
  12. Wayne Fitzgerald, probably the most iconic Title Designer behind Saul Bass, has died. The number of iconic movies and TV shows he introduced is absurd- in 1968 four of the five Best Picture nominees featured his work! Most notably for us, he did the incredible opening sequence for Mame, which is easily one of the best aspects of the movie.
  13. I saw Carol at the Detroit Opera House tonight- it was a great show and of course Lucy was featured pretty prominently. During the "Bump Up The Lights" portion somebody asked about her and Carol told the same couple of stories- Lucy coming to see her in Once Upon a Mattress and that old chestnut about putting the "S" at the end of her name. Lucy was also in a few of the clips they showed and I think she got applause every time. She was mentioned by Carol and the audience members just about as much as Tim Conway and Harvey Korman. I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to speak with Carol, but I didn't have the courage to ask why she's never done the Jamestown festival.
  14. Lucie actually posted about the anniversary on her Instagram
  15. I never realized how prolific he was until I looked through his IMDb today. I mostly knew him from his monster movies (Spider Baby!). Apparently he was also in Lucie’s Black Dahlia movie!
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