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  1. From a 1952 episode of The Red Skelton Show: Was this a common doorframe back in the day? I have no idea how it could end up on the Skelton show, which was on NBC at the time. Most of the show was filmed at CBS Television City, but I don't know for sure where its first two seasons were shot. The door is unequivocally the same as the Ricardo's, with similar "shades", and it's even placed at a similar angle on the set. Does anybody have any idea what the heck could be going on here?
  2. "Roseanne" - 2018 Revival on ABC

    I was just thinking- in a more just world, Laurie Metcalf very well could have won the Oscar, Emmy, and Tony for Best Supporting Actress all in the same year! At this point chances are slim to none for an Emmy nod, but she's at least been nominated for the other two- and should have won both!
  3. They Love Lucy: Celebrity Lucy Fans

    Lucy's in TERRIFIC company! I've thought Haddish was an excellent comedienne since she was first on The Carmichael Show and I'm glad she really seems to be getting her big break. When I saw "a host of African American icons", my first thought was Carol Channing, but I digress.
  4. Oh sure, I’ll come and give a little unpaid assistance and next thing you know I’ll be oiling the model trains!
  5. As someone who is a “ratings nerd”, it’s annoying that nowadays it can be hard to gauge how many people are watching what. Fun Fact: Life With Lucy received a dismal average Nielsen rating of 9.0, landing near the bottom of the rankings. Had it aired during the 2016-17 season and received the same average rating, it would have placed seventh!
  6. Jerry Maren has died

    Wow! How weird is it that earlier today I fell down a Wikipedia hole reading about the Oz cast members! One thing I saw of note was a quote from Ray Bolger, who never got residuals from the movie, but said he’d settle for the immortality he received from its legacy. That certainly also applies to Jerry. He’s gone, but he’ll never be forgotten... But I do wonder if he got residuals for Ma Parker.
  7. Thanks for the info- I wasn't sure. I know they also count streaming, but only about a three-day window.
  8. "Roseanne" - 2018 Revival on ABC

    While I obviously have no personal experiences with her, I really think that Roseanne's level of crazy is a little bit above everyone else's. She's undoubtably been through a lot, and I wouldn't be surprised if past hardships have helped make her so unstable all these decades. Her behavior is different from, say, someone like Rosie O'Donnell, who just sounds like a nasty playground bully in her private life. I wonder the extent of "help" Roseanne has gotten, because the Ambien clearly wasn't working. It's silly to try and make excuses for her, but she just seems less accountable for her actions than other people because she's almost certainly got some type of mental illness/instability, so I feel bad for everyone all around. Don't put the fate of your hit show in the hands of someone who's cuckoo!
  9. I hate watching football on TV. I can never tell what’s going on and the announcers are annoying. When you’re actually in the stands, it’s great. Then again, it’s not nearly as annoying as Big Bang Theory. I’m sure I wouldn’t mind the writing as much if the production values didn’t make everything look so soulless. I could’ve sworn BBT was #1 once or twice before. Anyway, if this isn’t the case, this would be the first time a sitcom had the top spot since Friends in 2001-2002! Let’s also notice that while it is the top rated show on TV, it only has an 11.5 rating- contrast that with the 67.3 rating for the #1 show in 1952-1953 (which need not be named). It’s probably time we found a new ratings system. I wish streaming services would give numbers. For one thing, I know my mom pretty much exclusively watches any new shows on Hulu- not when they’re initially broadcast. My grandparents DVR everything (and I mean everything), so it’s possible that this year’s most-watched Show was something entirely different from what we think it is!

    Soap’s Robert Mandan died at 86, and Call Me Madam’s Russell Nype died at 98. I had NO idea either of them were still with us!
  11. When the season ended, I saw a lot of reports saying that Roseanne was the #1 show this year in both overall viewers and the 18-49 demographic. Now, I can’t seem to find any consistent numbers. Example: Big Bang Theory’s Wikipedia page says that 2017-18 is the show’s first year as #1, which certainly isn’t the case.
  12. Has there ever been a greater TV lineup than that CBS Saturday night stretch of All in The Family, M*A*S*H*, Mary Tyler Moore, Bob Newhart, and Carol Burnett? I wonder what the next “era” of TV will be. I know we’re right in the middle of the revival craze, which has had varying levels of success. I think with so many options, we all see these revivals as familiar faces that are easy to tune into. Rather than bringing back all the good old shows, why not make some new shows that are as good as the old ones? I guess as long as there’s a solid reason to revisit characters, no harm is done. Murphy Brown in 2018 is the absolute perfect fit for this revival craze- Mad About You, not so much. But Helen Hunt and Paul Reiser have such incredible chemistry, I’m going to watch anyway! And speaking of ratings, let’s not forget that in the 1989-1990 season, Roseanne and Cosby were tied for first!
  13. "Roseanne" - 2018 Revival on ABC

    There’s been a lot of speculating about continuing the show without Roseanne! Now that’s a stupid idea. I wonder what Sandy Duncan’s up to, anyway...
  14. "Roseanne" - 2018 Revival on ABC

    Ken Levine made an interesting point about how Carsey Werner shows prominently have difficult stars- Cosby, Cybill Shepherd, Brett Butler, etc. I really enjoyed the show fully knowing what a loose cannon Roseanne is- it’s just that her type of unstable brashness really doesn’t fly with a lot of people today. Obviously this is about more than just a tasteless joke, which shouldn’t be the sole reason for these big repercussions, and Roseanne should know she’s had a target on her back since this whole thing got started.
  15. "Roseanne" - 2018 Revival on ABC

    Roseanne now joins Lucy, Andy Griffith and Seinfeld- all eponymous cultural landmarks, all ended while being the #1 show on TV. Was not at all surprised by the cancellation, that tweet was BAD.