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  1. Aunt Sylvia and Betsy are always on the lookout for men, but something about their relationship tells me they don’t have too much need for one Bosom Buddies indeed!
  2. Lucy Sightings!

    I never knew that was a thing! Isn't it interesting how at least three different shows (Golden Girls, Designing Women, Wings) devoted entire plot lines to characters watching I Love Lucy? Talk about cultural impact! It really is just the absolute best there ever was or ever will be.
  3. https://www.thestranger.com/slog/2018/01/17/25722759/betty-white-and-larry-king-open-a-lemonade-stand Betty and Larry King open a lemonade stand in this "upcoming" episode of Larry King Now, which is available on Hulu. I wonder when this was filmed, considering Betty's hair is looking awfully light in comparison to how it's been lately. Nevertheless, she is certainly spry!
  4. Lucy on The Jackie Gleason Show on DVD

    PLUS Jackie and Red were both on CBS as well- with Red even occasionally outperforming Lucy in the ratings throughout the sixties- not by much, but certainly an impressive feat!
  5. Lucy on The Jackie Gleason Show on DVD

    Just like with their releases of Carol Burnett and Red Skelton, Time/Life is putting out a cheapo, single-disc release of The Jackie Gleason Show containing four episodes, but I haven't been able to find out if Lucy is included. I was perusing Gleason's Wikipedia page yesterday and noticed something odd. Three for Two is mentioned twice- both times it's cited incorrectly. The page has a publicity photo of Lucy and Jackie saying that it's from their TV special "Tea For Two". Farther down, in his filmography, it calls the special "Two for Three"! Ay yi yi yi yi!

    At the age of 77, John Mahoney has gone to that big ugly easy chair in the sky
  7. I would think that Robert Wagner would be considered a "person of interest" since the beginning. Scariest part of the article: 1981 is "nearly four decades" ago!

    I see footage from those pop up on YouTube all the time. He interviewed everyone. Let’s hope some talented people pick up the unfinished works.
  9. How’s this for being young: I saw it on YouTube! A few season six episodes were up way back when, including Cops and Robbers, which I vividly remember being drawn away from on a summer night to go outside and catch lightning bugs with other small people such as myself. To be honest, I probably appreciate different quirky qualities of Here’s Lucy more today than I did when I was less discerning about entertainment (still discerning, mind you, just less so; I at least had enough sense to watch Lucy). At the time, the biggest distinction between this and ILL was that HL was in color. I probably didn’t really know who Gale Gordon was. I don’t think season six was on DVD at all at that time, so it’s entirely possible the episodes I saw were recorded off of PAX. I would watch them on my family’s desktop computer- the only one in the house! Oy, How times have changed!
  10. CBS revives Murphy Brown

    Ever since this revival craze got started, Murphy Brown has been at the top of my wish list for shows to come back! This really brightened my day!

    No!!! Not Dorothy Malone! She was always so fun! Will definitely be watching Written On The Wind this morning.

    His son certainly was a big boy.

    Shucks! Didn’t know he was still alive. I can only picture him in his terrifying appearance in Jack Clayton’s The Innocents.
  14. Betty did a nice pre-Birthday photo shoot with Parade magazine a week or two ago. She again says that all she wants for her birthday is Robert Redford. Why hasn’t someone made this happen yet??? I often joke that I only celebrate two birthdays every year: the birth of our country (America) and the birth of Betty White. For her 90th I made a cookie cake. Not joking.
  15. MeTV already does a half-hour syndicated version of TCBS. I hope Antenna gets ahold of it, because most of the shows I watch on there are in “good shape” in comparison to the prints for other syndicated series on other networks. It seems like every time I try to watch something on MeTV, they’ve literally sped the episode up to make it fit into a certain runtime. That’s even worse than badly editing something to make it syndication-length. I hope that since TCBS has never been syndicated in this “form” they will just air the “master tapes” or whatever they’re called. I think that’s the situation with Murphy Brown’s current run on Antenna and it looks excellent, as opposed to, say, Cozi-TV’s airings of Murder, She Wrote that look like they’re being broadcast by way of kinescope.