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  1. Hasn’t it been said that William Holden was slated to appear on Here’s Lucy? My memory is saying that it was “Bird-Sitter” from the final season, so I guess he would have had the Arte Johnson role? Anyway, he’s a favorite of mine and I would have liked to see Lucy reunite with him again. And speaking of reuniting with old co-stars, it’s too bad Richard Denning never appeared on a Lucy show.
  2. Georgia Engel has passed away

    This one genuinely breaks my heart. https://www.instagram.com/p/BwUx6lin7Rm/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link
  3. Georgia Engel has passed away

    Betty, Patricia Heaton, Phil Rosenthal, and many more remember Georgia: https://deadline.com/2019/04/georgia-engel-reactions-betty-white-patricia-heaton-mary-tyler-moore-show-everybody-loves-raymond-1202596670/
  4. Lucy Sightings!

    A recent music video from Hailey Reinhart called “Honey, There’s The Door” prominently features a silhouette of Lucy and Desi as a visual. The video is very Old Hollywood-inspired but the end product is not anything terribly exciting or interesting.
  5. Georgia Engel has passed away

    This is horrible news to end the day with. What a sweet, funny lady. My favorites from her are the uproarious "Pat's Secret" episode from the end of Raymond's run and a line that she had on MTM when she and Ted were getting married. While alone in Mary's bedroom, Mary asked Georgette if she was really sure that she wanted to get married. Mary said something along the lines of "Then you do love him?", and Georgette replied, "Of course I do, Mary. Somebody has to." And yes, my heart breaks for poor Betty, seeing so many of her friends go. But, I guess she wouldn't have lasted so long if she wasn't able to roll with the punches.
  6. Wildcat

    Without having a great foreknowledge of Broadway actors currently working, I think Sutton Foster would make an ideal Wildie- although she’ll probably be “checked out” at the Madison Public Library for a while. However, I feel like a major remounting of Wildcat would take a lot of revising to turn it into a 21st Century hit. Is it even that well known among the Broadway community? Compare Wildcat’s run to a couple of shows in similar situations- Applause and Woman of The Year. All three were flawed showcases for big stars that became hits pretty much solely because they had a huge name in the lead. Both Lucy and Bacall were never exactly praised for their singing, but comparing the two of them makes Lucy sound like Joan Sutherland! (How can we forget Carole Cook’s recent anecdote on that podcast where she recounts accompanying Ethel Merman to see Woman of The Year?) Strangely, despite critical raves for Lucy’s performance, she failed to get a Tony nomination. She had very tough competition: winner Mary Martin in Sound of Music, plus Merman in Gypsy, Burnett in Mattress, and Dolores Gray and Eileen Herlie. Bacall won the Best Actress Tony for both of her shows- pretty much the only major competitive awards of her career. As a side note, Neil- I’ve also noticed that “Mexican” has become a touchy term regardless of intent. When getting the script for my high school’s Oscars show approved, our football coach made me change “Mexican” to “Latino” in one line Mira que tiene cosa etc, etc, etc... Even the “Latino” kids in question thought it was an odd requirement!

    Marilyn Taylor Gleason, widow of Jackie Gleason and a member of the June Taylor Dancers has died. https://www.sun-sentinel.com/news/obituaries/fl-ne-jackie-gleason-widow-dead-20190403-story.html
  8. I’m assuming (hoping) that these will be complete episodes and not half hour syndicated versions like with the later seasons. MeTV can be pretty bad about speeding up shows to fit in enough commercials, so I hope this isn’t the case. No matter what, I’ll be tuning in!
  9. Happy 95th Birthday, Doris Day!

    Darling Doris is 97! She's put out her annual Birthday Portrait- https://people.com/movies/hollywood-legend-doris-day-shares-her-birthday-portrait-ahead-of-turning-97/ and given a brief interview to the Hollywood Reporter! https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/doris-day-talks-turning-97-her-animal-philanthropy-rock-hudson-1199279
  10. Tommy Thompson is a name I seem to see pop up all the time, and I frequently have to double check that he is in fact the Tommy Thompson, which he usually is. What a diverse career he had! Getting his start producing Lucy's shows, then most of Robert Altman's movies, then back on television with the Bloodworth-Thomasons is quite an interesting path. I wonder if he had anything to do with Desi Jr.'s casting in A Wedding. Do we know how he ended up with Desilu? I'd be very interested to know more about him.
  11. Wow! Do you have Gorboonas in your part of the world or something

    The remarkable Agnés Varda has died at 90.
  13. Thanks for sharing- I find this very interesting! Why is it that non-American DVDs always seem to have a big honking rating in the corner? That green "G" looks to be on the slipcover, the front, back, and side of each individual case, and on each individual disc! I agree that the light gray discs are a bit annoying. The CBS sets that I've purchased within the last few years- Laverne & Shirley, Andy Griffith, and Evening Shade, all are the exact same color with the "translucent" wording. I guess this saves time and money on designing and printing specialty labels for discs, but when they all look like that it can be difficult to discern between them (Jeez! The hardship of it all!). My I Love Lucy DVDs are old enough that they're the color coordinated ones with individual pictures on each disc- not to mention each disc has its own case, but I suspect that all of the releases since then have had the similar homogenous look to them. This makes me wonder- how popular is I Love Lucy, or Lucy Herself for that matter, in Australia? I remember an interview was shared here awhile back with a popular actor from South Asia (or Franistan or something) who cited Here's Lucy as the end-all be-all in classic TV comedy. Does ILL hold a legendary status like it does in the states? And is Lucy such a familiar face around your part of the world?
  14. I wonder at what point during the sixth season they decided to end the weekly show and transition into the comedy hours. It seems weird to make such a hefty change and then end the series. The first half of season six is pretty tired in comparison to the rest of the show, but the story arc of moving to the country and the small batch of episodes after everyone gets into the groove of Westport are some of the best of the series. ILL's tenure in Connecticut is a whopping thirteen episodes- that's only about 7% of the series- and that includes "Hates to Leave", "Misses The Mertzes", and "Night in Town", all of which spend a lot of time in New York. For such a brief run, the Connecticut episodes are so fondly remembered you'd think there were a lot more of them. The show probably could have squeezed another year or two out of its new setting, but we can't change that, can we?
  15. Today I had a random hankering to watch "Lucy and The Lost Star", specifically the non-musical sequences. I have no idea why, but I was particularly in the mood for that opening scene at the Crawford estate, which I find hilarious on many levels. This is the last time we ever see Vivian Bagley-Bunson! "Reminisce" would have made for a much better swan song to her character, but I don't think there was too much concern in that department. It's unique that the show had a proper series finale as it is. TLS Viv is, particularly by this point, very dry and sarcastic- even pessimistic. IMO when Vivian Jones shows up just a year later, she's a very different character- much sweeter. Also, today happens to be Joan Crawford's birthday I guess I'll continue to celebrate by sitting on a stool drinking lemonade while constantly telling my agent that "I don't want to work!"
  16. Lucy Sightings!

    https://www.romper.com/p/tv-mom-firsts-almost-complete-timeline-of-rule-breaking-small-screen-matriarchs-16950797 Hmm... Not digging the fact that Lucy is only mentioned as a footnote in the Mary Kay and Johnny section. Also, no mention of TV's first divorced mom, Vivian Bagley? And couldn't Viv technically make the case for the first "Remarried Mom" rather than Carol Brady?
  17. Lucy Sightings!

    She's a girl, so I guess it's euphonious.
  18. Lucy Sightings!

    Not positive or negative- she just kind of pops into the show for a hot second in a very unique way.

    Just from briefly scanning his IMDb page you realize that he was in everything. I thought he had already passed. Not many can boast that they've been in Mr. Skeffington and Dr. Ken- nor would they admit it!
  20. Lucy Sightings!

    Lucy gets a brief mention that I won't spoil in episode thirteen of the new season of Arrested Development.
  21. According to Ruth Buzzi's Twitter account, she will be on the special, which is taping tomorrow.
  22. The segment is available on YouTube and it's just lovely. You'd think Barbara was in her mid-60s, not pushing 90! I can't find anywhere that lists where the show is touring
  23. Lucy Fest 2019

    John Mulaney is great! He hosted Saturday Night Live last week and his "Bodega Bathroom" sketch (available on YouTube) is the most I've laughed at the show in a long time.
  24. Lucy Sightings!

    The Arnazes are featured on the center of a new special Closer issue about scandals in classic TV shows. I didn't press any farther, because I can't imagine it had anything special to say. Wasn't there a time when the magazine actually had some standards? Now it's just a gossip rag for people who don't care about Beyonce.
  25. Geez, I hope they at least asked Ruth Buzzi and Goldie Hawn. Very exciting news nonetheless.