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  1. Poor Carl didn't get to outlast the administration he so artfully and frequently tweeted about. The pictures of Carl and Mel hanging out on Saturday are extra heartwarming knowing that it would be their last time together. It's almost unbelievable, considering how active and present he'd been right up until the end.
  2. I’ve never seen this one. Is it worth the $20 on Blu Ray, or should I be getting it regardless as a Lucy fan?
  3. Very cool! Although, throwing Randy Rainbow in with those other writers is quite a stretch. To each his own.
  4. Today I learned that Chloe Malle, editor of Vogue and daughter of Candice Bergen and Louis Malle, has been a Lucy fan since childhood. Here’s hoping she passes that love onto her new son!
  5. Last weekend at a bonfire we utilized my friends' new outdoor projector, and one of the selections was "Job Switching". I was the only person who'd seen it before, but there were laughs all around (no shocker there). The candy wrapping scene was, of course, immediately recognizable to all because of the countless homages. It really might be the perfect I Love Lucy episode. It doesn't feature some of the more iconic themes of the series, like Lucy's desire to get into show business or the struggles of parenthood, but it's a great showcase for every member of the fab foursome, and its commentary on the gender roles of the 50s is almost too perfect. I've definitely mentioned it before, but my mother always shows this episode to her US history class during their coverage of the decade. Everyone present had seen ILL before (you can't be friends with me and not have seen the show), but to be around when people are experiencing a classic episode for the first time is always a real treat.
  6. Very cool! ILL and TAGS aren't two shows that I'd immediately put together, if not just because they were from different eras. It's odd that the museum is in Tennessee and not North Carolina, where Griffith hailed from and was the inspiration for Mayberry. Is there some connection between the two that might warrant this joint effort, beyond the CBS ownership and TAGS's being filmed at Desilu? The line "step into the Ricardo's living room" makes me wonder if there'll be another set recreation like in Jamestown, but the building doesn't look big enough for that. The photo of the exterior looks like they just snagged the cover of Michael McClay's I Love Lucy book. And by the way, for fellow classic TV fans, the Red Skelton museum in Indiana has reopened as well. I was worried that it might not with all of the museums that have closed permanently over the past few months.
  7. A very sweet little story recounted by an alumnus of Lucy's high school who was able to interview her at the Forever, Darling premiere: https://www.democratandchronicle.com/story/lifestyle/2020/05/24/d-c-reader-once-interviewed-lucille-ball-jamestown-ny/5226837002/
  8. It’s interesting that Ken pointed out Viv’s Rhoda appearance as an example, because her entrance in that episode has been stuck in my mind ever since I first saw it. She does get entrance applause in the episode, but it’s very brief and not especially warm, which surprised me. Now it makes sense that the audience had already seen her, so this second round was more subdued. That, or maybe the applause was edited in; I’d have to rewatch. Contrary to what he says, I remember MTM shows having a standard level of applause, at least for guest stars. Let’s not forget the ridiculous hoopla that would greet “Hi, I’m Larry...” every week. Frasier is the one show that always comes to mind for a “No Applause” rule. The only time I remember it happening was for Ted Danson’s guest appearance in the show’s second season.
  9. I don't know if this has been shared here before (heck, maybe I've even shared it), but tonight I remembered this very funny segment from This American Life that features a little talk about Lucy: https://www.thisamericanlife.org/45/media-fringe/act-four It's featured on some 20-year-old CD set of the show that was in our house for many years, and in the days before you could stream anything and everything online, I'd often pull it out for a few laughs.
  10. Lucky! I have no idea how it would happen, but I still would love to stumble across her in public some day. Heck, it's happened with a few of my favorite celebs, so I haven't given up hope. Unfortunately, I'm pretty far away from the West Coast, so the opportunity hasn't risen yet. If I make it to Hollywood soon, I'll have to do some Lucy-style celebrity hunting.
  11. These have been my pick for awhile. In terms of set design, the Connecticut house is really wonky, but it's still the nicest place the gang ever inhabited, save for maybe the Beverly Palms suites. "Raises Chickens" isn't the most outstanding episode (I watched it last month with some family), but "Tango" is so, so iconic, you'd think it would be an easy pick. I wonder why the colorization gang has stalled so long on doing a Connecticut episode of ILL or even a Comedy Hour.
  12. Interesting idea; if I had to choose out of this list (based on my DVD collection), it'd be "Safari", because you can't beat a good Gorboona, "Italian Bombshell", because I miss Kaye Ballard, and "Eddie Albert", because it's an episode I never get tired of.
  13. Actually, during the lunch-packing segment of the day, we're treated to lectures on social justice from various representatives of the organization. Always twenty-something college students who are a little too meek for the subjects they're covering. Can't fault them for being genuine, but jeez, take a page from Jane Fonda at start yelling once in awhile; we're not going to get offended. (I sound a bit like Omar Whittaker right now) A little of that Rose Nylund spunk would be great.
  14. I found myself as part of an assembly line yesterday, but rather than wrapping chocolates, I was packing lunches to deliver to underprivileged kids who would normally get food at school during the day. Even without a tyrannical forewoman, things were very hectic nonetheless. I quickly understood Lucy and Ethel's strife. And by the way, whose bright idea was it to call that place Kramer's Kandy Kitchen? I can only imagine that the gals' five pound boxes were blazoned with "KKK" emblems.
  15. Fabray intends to use new Desilu vehicle to write off her cosmetic surgeries as a business expense: No Nose Nanette will premiere this fall Just thought of that one last night after watching an interview with Ms. Fabray.
  16. The supreme Fred Willard has died. Even at 86, it comes as a surprise. Check out his recent appearance on I Think You Should Leave, where he plays a mustachioed, over-zealous funeral organist.
  17. G. Morton under fire for supplying Desilu employees with masks only 3/4 of the standard size in order to save money Pistols 'n' Petticoats star to headline new Life Alert ad campaign: "Help, I've been pummeled by a redhead and I don't want to get up!" Fox News pundit suggests that COVID-19 outbreak may just be a misdiagnosis of Gobloots Los Angeles secretary who formerly claimed to have infected Patti Andrews with Coronavirus now contends that it was "just a bite from a tsetse fly" White House press conferences revealed to contain canned reactions from reporters when anal-retentive sitcom fan points out Dede Ball "Uh-Oh" spliced in after President's gaffe Cuban Pete and Sally Sweet to reunite online for a "Chick-Chicky-ZOOM" benefit
  18. Maybe it's the poor quality of the video, but that number looks like it could be something out of an MGM musical during Ann's heyday. Late 50s/early 60s isn't really old, but it must've been nice for performers "of a certain age" to be in the spotlight again doing what they did best. Martin Short is a perfect modern casting idea; maybe someone like Donna Murphy for the female lead?
  19. Great idea! "Being despised..." would've been my go-to LWL option. My choices might be a little bit "normie" but I'll give it a shot. I Love Lucy Season 1: "Keep jigglin', Peggy! Keep jigglin'!" Season 2: "It came back?" Season 3: "It's a Moo-Moo!" Season 4: "He killed her and tried to hide her body under the couch!" Season 5: "Cheddar. Err- Chester!" Season 6: "Shoot if you must this old red head!" The Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour "Season" 2: "We raise chickens." The Lucy Show Season 1: "You don't know 'The Long, Long, Trail'???" Season 2: "She means the one with Theda Barra." Season 3: "Stephen Foster" Season 4: "This is The Widow Carmichael." Season 5: "Let's preserve a wonderful American tradition!" Season 6: "Let's have lunch 'cause the salad's on me." Here's Lucy Season 1: "I put starch in his shorts." (Not sure if that's the exact quote, but you know what I mean) Season 2: "That is the WORST Lawrence Welk impression I've ever heard." Season 3: "Telegraph, telephone, and tell a woman." Season 4: "We may have come in on different ships, but we're in the same boat now!" Season 4 (alternate): "I'm glad she wasn't selling doorknobs!" Season 5: Sorry folks, I'm drawing a blank. Season 6: "Did anyone else have the beef hash?" Life With Lucy Season 1: "I was BORN over 21!"
  20. Lucie shared it on her Instagram last week. It reminds me of that viral video from a few years ago that paired a ton of old movie musical clips with Bruno Mars' "Uptown Funk". I really, really hope that the success of a clip like that (albeit a small success in internet numbers) led a few people to learn more about Lucy's post-ILL career, as well as possibly introduce them to Ginger and Lucie.
  21. Johnnie Lucille Collier was Ann Miller’s given name, a fact I think I learned here on the Lounge. I agree that a taped production would’ve been great, and I wonder if there are bootlegs that exist. Their Tony Awards scene was great enough to make me really dig into the show. From what I was reading, I think there were replacements at some point or for some period of time (at least for Ann), but for the most part it looks like Miller and Rooney did that show a lot and made big bucks for it.
  22. I’ll throw in that this is going to cast quite a pall over this year’s Festivus, a holiday my grandpa actually acknowledges- complete with metal pole. Jerry’s legacy lives on!
  23. The ridiculously funny Jerry Stiller has gone to join Anne Meara, per their son Ben☹️
  24. Today I ended up going down a rabbit hole reading about Sugar Babies. I knew of the show, but didn't know the show until this morning. The YouTube clip of Ann and Mickey at the Tonys is nothing short of incredible. Folks love to throw around the phrase "you couldn't do that today" about everything from Blazing Saddles to The Office, but you really couldn't do Sugar Babies today, simply because we don't have talent that sells itself like that. Heck, even in 1979, you'd be hard-pressed to find two leads that fit the bill as well as Miller and Rooney. Red Skelton (a former burlesque performer), would've been perfect in the male lead, but who could top Johnnie Lucille's extreme individuality? They revived the show in London a decade later and performed at the Royal Variety, but it's clearly a British audience and British production values. There's nowhere near the pizazz (the mystique!) or the wild love from the audience that comes on Broadway. Any available clips are worth checking out. Side Note: This is allegedly the show where Ann, tired of burning a hole in the ozone layer with hairspray, commissioned two wigs made of wire that she would wear every night. Later on, while doing summer stock, a beam fell and hit her on the head; it would've killed her if she weren't wearing such course ha'r. Irma eat your heart out!
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