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  1. Haha! You love doing this every June The rain was certainly busting out all over in Melbourne last night! Heaviest rain falls on record yet it actually wasn't even that cold!
  2. Wow! That is COMPLETELY different! She's basically writing in CAPITALS and signing in CAPITALS as well! I think she made a nice unique and euphonious signature when she became well known
  3. LOL! Oh Claude, that comment did make me laugh. All those signatures look very similar. I would be interested to see a very early signature of hers compared to a later signature of hers as AGE does change your writing. p.s - Thanks for keeping my thread alive :-)
  4. Well get some chickens, turn the heat up and see what happens!
  5. She obviously liked variety when it came to signing her name
  6. Damn starting times! Thank god it's replayed earlier tomorrow morning - it started when Van was riding his horse towards Esther on her horse - how much did I miss? I've made sure I've started one hour earlier and finished 1 hour later so I don't miss any of it this time!
  7. I've already set to record both in case one starts early or late LOL! I honestly don't recall seeing it before, bits and pieces yet but never the whole movie. Maybe I have but it would have been years ago.
  8. Wow! Shocking! If they had known this then I'm sure it would have never been made!
  9. I can't recall this EVER being on Australian TV before! EASY TO WED: 25th May @ 1:45pm and repeated on the 26th May @ 2:40am - Channel GEM (90)
  10. Glad you included Critic's Choice, Claude. What about "Beauty For The Asking" and "Her Husband's Affairs"? They are both fantastic
  11. They are all spectacular in their own ways!
  12. LMAO! That video did make me laugh. You can't compare - Lucy is wearing heavy makeup, a wig, her skin skull cap to pull her skin back. Barbara is wearing minimal makeup, she is overweight and sweaty. Nothing against Lucy but put non made up Lucy up against Barbara in the same year and the results would be closer.
  13. There's a hole in my heart going all the way to China
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