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  1. Attention all Wildcat fans! Michael Kidd in a rare acting role... Smile (1975) at 10:15 PM EST on TCM!
  2. Why in the ever living heck did we only get it once this year??? In previous years it's aired a couple weeks before Christmas, slammed the ratings, and then they reair it. Also, since the flashbacks were finally colorized, is that a sign that the episodes they were taken from are next on the list to be colorized (that would make sense since they already have a head start on them) and just maaaybeee next year they'll give us the Christmas special without scenes cut?
  3. I just saw this on Facebook! I'm beyond devastated. I can't wait to see Miracle on 34th Street in Dec. on the big screen, but there's no way I'm going to be able to watch it without completely losing it now... I was really hoping she would come back to the TCM classic film festival next year.
  4. In other news, "Desi Arnaz" is the #2 trending term on Yahoo!... and it has nothing to do with the biopic. The Latin Songwriters Hall of Fame will present Quincy Jones with a special honor during its upcoming 2015 La Musa Awards ceremony. Jones will be the recipient of the Desi Arnaz Pioneer Award, named for the Cuban musician who became popularly known as TV’s Ricky Ricardo. The award was created to recognize trailblazers in contemporary music.
  5. The scene where Desi runs into the train STILL cracks me up every time. Desi one upped his wife on physical comedy there!
  6. Even The Today Show honored Lucy on their FB page. That surprised me.
  7. This was originally in color? Why did you change it??? Please post the original!
  8. The best part is that it's written on his own stationary. Who knew you could be passive aggressive, bitchy, and a comedian simultaneous? No wonder she's the Queen.
  9. I love her hair here, but those eye lashes are a bit much.
  10. Poor Lucy! I hope Desi continued to write them after 1960 to make up for Bozo the Butt-head.
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