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  1. I purchased 8 tickets for my family. It was difficult to get good seats!
  2. I think they should stop airing the Christmas show and just include the final Christmas scene or colorize the original Jingle Bells scene from season 1, and air two new colorized episodes every year.
  3. I see that the set will include "Color home movies from the set of the show". Have these home movies just recently been discovered? Are they really in color? From what I remember, there has been one existing recording shot in color, and taken by an audience member and included in the ILL bonus disc. Wonder why we are hearing about color movies from the set just now. But it does make sense something like this exists. The Arnaz famliy loved fimling home movies.
  4. Tjw, many of us are curious if this BluRay set will show the episodes in color. Could you give us any insight to this? Thanks!
  5. Yea I know. But I dont want to spend $10 to have it on DVD. Having shows online is so much convenient since we spend so much time on the computer and video streaming apps. I dont know about you guys, but ive always hated buying physical media because of the amount of space it takes in the house. And then you have to scramble thru the DVDs to find the episode you wish to see. You get lazy and you prefer not to even bother. If its online it so much easier to select the episode and get right to the scene you are looking for right there and then.
  6. Here's Lucy's Sammy Davis episode. Gives me a headache just thinking about it. Absolute torture. Cant believe it made it to the "Best Of' DVD set. HR's Safari can't be the worst. Lucy dancing for rain is funny. Love when she dances like that. Laugh at it every time.
  7. Not planning on ever buying it again. Not even if its ever put on High Definition. It will only be worth it if they jam pack it with new bonus material.
  8. Desiluforever has said: "YAY! And as a note... Gregg said they would be updating the colorization on the Christmas special for this release. Happy to see they are airing it too! " So there is an update??
  9. I follow HIddenLA on Facebook and they just posted this about Carole Cook. Okay, so this post isn't showing local L.A. per se, but it is a glimpse into Classic Hollywood. And it features someone we want to do a personal shout-out to... Because this week we went to a caviar class at PETROSSIAN WEST HOLLYWOOD (if you like caviar and champagne, you should do this! Classes start at $35.) and were blessed to sit across the table from the insanely talented Carole Cook and her husband of fifty yearsTom Troupe. These seriously lovely people know how to party (and make "yummy" faces)! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QSmYzLydEus As a second comment: Most of you will remember Carole as the grandma who squeezed Molly Ringwald's "boobies."http://www.metacafe.com/watch/an-J8tFbm2b2h44Y/sixteen_candles_1984_meeting_with_grandparents_part_2/) I'm glad she is doing great!
  10. I was amazed too when I read Moonves comment about ILL... but he didnt say if the show was making $20 miliion EVERY YEAR or $20 every few years.
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