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  1. Google Doodle

    Well deserved recognition!
  2. Buy Lucy's Golf Cart

    As two wise ladies once said: "It's a hobby. Some people collection stamps, I buy groceries." - " I guess it takes all kinds."
  3. Buy Lucy's Golf Cart

    Anyone have a DVD or know how to get a video copy of Lucy's appearance on The Practice?
  4. New book-"Lucy Comes Home"

    The book is absolutely amazing and one of my, if not THE, favorite ever done. If any fan has been to Jamestown it certainly makes an extra special connection. I highly recommend everyone get a copy, you won't regret it!
  5. I'm interested in seeing what commercials they have on it.
  6. Newsweek Magazine Special Edition

    Yep! Got a copy. Some nice photos. Was irked that the very first caption on the inside cover was incorrect. You'll know exactly what I'm talking about when you see. There was another similar mishap further in but otherwise a great magazine that sure is nice to Tessie.
  7. LucyFest 2017

    What in the world is a arrdubya?
  8. Lucille Ball was a Transexual Satanist

    Stupid, disgusting and a waist of time. Reported the video as well. Didn't watch it but can tell just by the title it's nonsense. Reading the comments under the video in YouTube are horrendous and the people are insane. I say delete this discussion as it has garnished way more attention than it deserves.
  9. Another fantastic show with a fabulous four-some!
  10. Lou Ann Graham has died

    Very sad news
  11. Great information Neil! Warren is my hometown and my mother has told me about all the stars who use to come and perform for the Kenley Players, didn't know it was that impressive. She remembers seeing Desi Jr. with Linda Day George in Sunday in New York (1974) and even gave me the program. You're right, how they got all those stars to come there, not sure but I did graduate on the same stage where all these performances occurred!
  12. LucyFest 2016

    Yep. It's from the stagnant lighting pointed at them for over 20 years. From what I understand the Lucy A Tribute exhibits were only suppose to be at Universal for a few years not two decades. Sadly the same thing may/is happening at the museum in Jamestown. The clothing hasn't been change out and will/had fade and become distorted with time. May they'll be news that things are different for this year's festival? Brock - If you were allowed to and did, please post some other photos from the gala. I wish I was there to attend that!
  13. Yep! Just picked one up at the news stand. Skimmed thought it and I'll just say it's worth getting.
  14. I saw it a few years ago when it was in Laguna Beach. If I remember correctly it wasn't bad but painted Lucy to be one who drank a lot, was really sarcastic, told stories (some not so nice) about her "friends" and stole flatware from a hotel. It's been a white since I read his book but I think it was similar to that but more drama. I heard a story that when the play first opened, think in Socal, Lucie attended and afterwards went up to Lee and slapped him in the face. Not sure how much truth there is to that.
  15. I agree, the "top 10" should never include the Scotland episode and a couple others are a total head scratcher. I also didn't care for the section of new "Lucy-like" actresses. If anything they should have shared celebrities who like or admire Lucy with some quotes of how she inspired them. Otherwise there is no comparison.