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  1. I couldn't help being drawn in to this. Oh seeing those promos bring back memories. I don't remember that Lucy promo.
  2. Lucy tribute page on Twitter posted some of the rarest I Love Lucy color pics. https://twitter.com/LucyTributePage/status/1287436285825691648/photo/1 https://twitter.com/LucyTributePage/status/1287433978761404421/photo/1 https://twitter.com/LucyTributePage/status/1290369621892112384/photo/1
  3. Here's Lucie commenting on the critics by the fans about the casting choices. https://www.facebook.com/luciearnazofficial/videos/397888791514214
  4. There should be a classic tv station that shows all of these shows in their original format in high quality instead of filling up the entire screen cropping out some of the picture. It probably costs more to do that and not to compete with the dvd's I assume. I don't mind the shows edited for commercial reasons but my eyes are tired of blurry shows. I grew up watching these shows in horrible quality and it got better during the 90's as the picture quality got better. Well it's gone again. Light Tv shows theirs in good quality but the picture is sort of squished in a bit on my cable channel.
  5. The only episode that was being worked on is The Freezer. But no word if that will be the next one.
  6. Cool. I love The Freezer but yeah I'm getting tired of seeing those episodes. Country episode would be nice. I'm still waiting for Bon Voyage though.
  7. Anyone know if they'll resume coloring future episodes soon?
  8. Yes correct. I was referring to the flashback scene from the Christmas show.
  9. All the episodes that were colorized in the first apartment were before "Redecorating" The furniture changed after that.
  10. I know this is a bit late for this topic but I noticed that in the flashback scene of Lucy Goes to the Hospital, the color of the sofa was changed from yellow to a dark pink. I wonder why that was? I did notice that the pink looked more natural than the yellow maybe that's why.
  11. I wish The Lucy Show would get the Blu-ray treatment someday.
  12. Lol! I would have loved to see Lucy on a Star Trek episode with Viv as the two green aliens.
  13. Lol! I thought the same. I really liked the Vitameatavegimin part but the rest fell flat with me. With all they did to recreate the Grape stomping set, you'd think the could have used it to their full advantage and recreate that scene with Debra Messing. I did like the part where Karen (as Ethel) looked at Lucy (Debra), felt her robe and commented on it. It was a bit off character but it was funny to me. Debra should have kept doing Lucy throughout the episode. I really felt Lucy Ricardo coming through to her. At least I felt it. The sets were create as much as possible to the original. Overall I enjoyed the tribute.
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