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  1. Whatever Happened to Bobby Jellison?

    Here he is in a 1971 episode of Petticoat Junction titled "Last Train to Pixley". He's in the lobby scene at 0:25
  2. 2018 Christmas Colorized Episode

    Here's my colorized version of the Connecticut house.
  3. 2018 Christmas Colorized Episode

    Well Luvsbway you got your wish.
  4. Bewitched reboot coming from ABC

    I've always thought of Joan Collins to play Endora. Of course I thought this many years ago. Oh well I'm outta here. (Twitches nose -Cue twitching effect-disappears)
  5. No I Love Lucy Superstar Special for 2018?

    Hey that's right.
  6. No I Love Lucy Superstar Special for 2018?

    Remember last year one of the specials was announce at the last minute. Might happen again this year. I'm just hoping that it's a non Hollywood episode. As much as I love them I would like to see something else. I'm still hoping for Bon Voyage
  7. Not sure about Ethels clothes but Lucy's dress was exact. The Irish Tweed suit was actually green and the models dresses were spot on considering that Don Loper was saying the colors as they walked the runway. And the green bath robe is the same.
  8. DVD did look nicer. I did not like the color scheme that much I thought it was too much for me. Too much green even though the green wall leading to the bedroom wasn't really green. The kitchen was too blue. Last years color eps of the kitchen was spot on and looked nicer. Although Mary and Dicks skin color was well done. Thank heavens they didn't cut out pink mink. I would have died if they did just died! (Insert pic of Natalie Schaefer)
  9. Agreed. Her hair looks better. Good to know they colored her bathrobe accurate. I like the color schemes of Don "Laupers say-lon"