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  1. I just got my copy and loved it, especially the mini doc on colorization. I noticed that when they went inside West Wing studios they were colorizing "Paris At Last". I'm assuming that will be the next ep to be colorized.
  2. The lovely Valerie Harper

    Lucy and Valerie Harper (far right) in Wildcats
  3. Lucy on Home Video

    I began recording ILL eps after I had purchased my first VHS recorder in 1985. Channel 33 here in Miami back in the 80's used to show ILL eps practically unedited so I recorded those from them until Columbia House began selling them. Then it was 5 years of torture and $$$ waiting to get them all. This might be off topic but in the early 90's, I remember that there were a small handful of ILL eps that were restored and re-edited. Almost Bluray quality. They were broadcast along with the other scratchy eps. I recorded some of them but never saw those on tv ever again. Bewitched got the same treatment and they started airing them with the first season theme song. What ever happened to those ILL eps if anyone remembers?
  4. LIFE WITH LUCY Coming to DVD Oct. 8 2019

    If the original film couldn't be located then what source is it coming from?
  5. Arise DAME Olivia de Havilland!

    I thought Dame Edna was the oldest.
  6. I think it's all the colorized ones only
  7. Loved what Lucy's Granddaughter had to say. Spot on!
  8. Yes that was the actual color.
  9. Yes I noticed that too. Edits were very minimal. They edited out Lucy devouring the mini cakes by a few bites.
  10. Are we going to get a sneak peek at the episodes?
  11. Don't worry, by the time they all get colorized we'll be dead as a door nail.
  12. This reminds me of when they came out on VHS and they all had themes. They should continue that with these specials.