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  1. Although I'm unsure if posting this here's acceptable, I now have CreateSpace.com physical books for I AM DESTINY'S CHILD AND OTHER POEMS A COLLECTION BY EDWARD PETTY and TERWILLIGER'S TOMBSTONE TERROR A NOVELLA BY EDWARD PETTY at these links: https://www.createspace.com/4089311 and https://www.createspace.com/4089864 as of sometime tomorrow at the earliest. I have Kindle versions for the same titles that can be found by searching Amazon.com. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all. Blessings to all who don't celebrate the holidays.
  2. I haven't been around here for so long that it feels to me like I'm re-joining. Who here has the newly revamped "I Love Lucy" seasons 1-4 DVDs? Are they the same as Paramount's releases?
  3. I appreciate your kind words, Claude. Thank you VERY much. Also, PLEASE forgive my typing mistakes in the message. I corrected them.
  4. Hi there to everyone who still loves Lucy. I plan to watch more "I Love Lucy" episodes tonight. I haven't been around the forum for a while. I hope that you're all doing well, and that some of you remember me. LOL! I've been writing. I've had at least two new E-books published in the interim. One of the E-books is entitled I AM DESTINY'S CHILD AND OTHER POEMS .... It normally sells on Amazon.com for the Kindle e-reader at $5.99. It can be read for free for at least a few more hours. It goes back to selling at 5.99 at 11:59 Pacific time. I hope that anyone who might read it will also review it for me on Amazon.com. Thank you. PS: I'll ALWAYS be around, barring unforeseen circumstances, and I'll ALWAYS treasure Lucy.
  5. Thank you all. I didn't want to think that it was my disc, as I don't know if it can be replaced now without needing to buy a new fourth-season set. I can deal and live with it, if it's indeed not a manufacturer's defect. LOL!
  6. Hello again everybody. I haven't been around here for a while. I hope that I'm still welcome. LOL! I hope that everyone's doing well, too. Now, as for my question: Does anyone else notice an anomaly in the film after "Mr. Skinner" turns on the lights as he's showing the foursome the cabin for the first time? It's like either someone's flashing a camera or something weirder is happening. It jars me. Is this purely an anomaly in the film, or is it a glitch in the disc? Has anyone ever noticed this when the episode runs on TV? I wonder. Am I the only one who's seeing it? Also, has Claude gone bye-bye permanently? Hmm. It's a pity, because I liked him.
  7. I apologize if the topic's been posted previously. She apparently died this morning at 79. R.I.P., Dame Elizabeth. I shared her birthday.
  8. I'm here because of my love for Lucy. I'm an honest guy who's an open book. You can ask me whatever you like, just be prepared for my answers. LOL!

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