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  1. I did the same thing; bought Player and discs this last weekend.
  2. For anyone who may have already seen the show in glorious HD, how would you say it compares, for example, to a TV re-run, such as one seen on MeTV? The picture is stellar for MeTV, and I just can't imagine it getting any clearer. The special features alone will be the cause of me springing to buy a Bluray player after my next car payment, but the clearness of the picture will be icing on the cake...
  3. The listing price has finally dropped on Amazon! Looks like it's landed on $74.96, and they've added the official cover art. Looks great, and the price is finally a little more reasonable.
  4. I've got to say, I've never been a big fan of that shot. The spacing between their heads is lopsided and off putting. It seems petty, but it bugs me just enough, I feel like I can't look at it...
  5. Poor Erin Moran moved into a trailer park last year if I remember right...either that, or she got evicted from one, bless her heart. Times are not good for her.
  6. I think the crappy backgrounds in Scotland were supposed to make it look fantastical, like a dream sequence. :-)
  7. Your images bring tears to my eyes. Really, a beautiful job. Thanks for sharing!! I can't wait to see your future work!
  8. AJ, do you care to share what you've done with The Operetta? It's one of my top three favorites!! :-) Your Job Switching colorization is stunning.
  9. I got my copy from Amazon in the mail today, and I LOVED it. I had seen Scotland and Christmas, but hadn't seen Italy... It was so surreal. I found myself wishing for more episodes to be released. I can see this easily sparking America's love for Lucy again. Imagine Lucy in Primetime again, only each week, a new colorized episode is aired! I would pretty much dig that, and CBS would reap massive benefits from it.
  10. I recently picked up the series on (gasp!) iOffer, and even though the sound is warbly like they're all underwater, it's a pretty fun watch. Imagine the special features they could include with Commentaries and cast interviews! Most, if not all, of the cast besides Lucy and Gale are living, so the possibilities are endless! The fact that the show is only 30 years old doesn't hurt much either...
  11. I remember that feeling, too!! I got my first real glimpse of Lucy in color on the Complete Series DVD set. The montage of Desi singing the theme song, and Lucy waltzing into the living room with a flourish of her skirt literally made me cry. Seeing the original stills of the Christmas special make me realize just how incorrect the colorization was, however, I am of the school that would love the show in full, stunning color. I can be patient, though! I'd love it, as long as the quality was great and painstakingkly-researched. There's a lot of money yo be made here if CBS releases the show correctly the first time...
  12. Is it just me, or has that image been flipped? I feel like we're seeing everyone through a mirror...if so, why would they do that? Unless they just absolutely wanted Lucy on the left for marketing purposes...still kind of bothers me. Edit: Here's the image, flipped...looks more natural, right? http://imgur.com/V0PNm
  13. If there was ever a decent biopic (the last two tried so hard), I would love to see Jennifer Aspen play Viv. Watching 'GCB', all I kept thinking was that she would make a fantastic Ethel.
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