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  1. http://www.qpac.com.au/mobile/event/Everybody_Loves_Lucy_15.aspx?utm_source=enews&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=enews_30Oct14&spMailingID=9797448&spUserID=MjI0Mjk1OTg5MgS2&spJobID=402606514&spReportId=NDAyNjA2NTE0S0 Not quite sure how I feel about this. But, I do know I'd much rather see Suzanne grace this beautiful Bribane stage.
  2. That's fabu, Neil!! Although your innate shyness may have kept you from Gale (and who else, I wonder?), you've not done badly for yourself.
  3. Was this a birthday spoilink, dahhlink? Such a great addition to your archives!!
  4. I hope Stu is gonna give him dinner. The babes and I are feasting on leftovers listening to Daddy. :-)
  5. Jimmy hasn't been on Stu's Show before. So all his stories will be new to that audience. There may be stories that you've heard before, but that's the risk you'll take by tuning in. Haaaa.
  6. I'm not sure if it's on another thread somewhere, but Jimmy Garrett is on Stu's Show today - http://stusshow.com - talking about his time on The Lucy Show. The show starts in 15 mins (4pm PT/7pm ET), tune in if you can!
  7. Sheesh, twelve years of service flushed away. You're gonna have to do bettah than that, Dahhlink. Chopped liver, anyone?? :-/
  8. You do realise you are omitting a few people from your talented Lucy contributing bunch. Consider yourself uninvited from the next Friends Of the Friendless Frolics!
  9. I'm still in mourning (yes, I know she was 94!! But I wanted her to live forever). Here is what I posted earlier today to my facebook page, and to the Andrews Sisters mailing list. - A day of mourning for me. :-( I've been dreading this news to hit, and here it is. My favourite-favourite, Patty Andrews (lead singer of The Andrews Sisters - Yes, she was still alive!!!) passed away this morning. Very Little-known Laura fact: When I was 17, I started an Andrews Sisters mailing list to learn more about and meet others who were as influenced by these mellifluous Greek-Norwegian girls as I was. It's grown in leaps and continues to thrive quite nicely 14 years later, and I always imagined myself accidentally crossing paths with Patty Andrews one day. RIP to one of the most fun, gorgeous voices to ever grace our musical world. I'll really miss knowing you're there, Patty. ♥ ;-(
  10. So sad she was snubbed yet again!! :-(
  11. Doris and her characters have always been so endearing the world over though, I'm sure it was an easy decision for the LIFE editors. There are few characters you love to hate and hate to love as much as Carolyn.
  12. Go visit Brisbane and grab my PAL copy of Girl, Guy & Gob... it's sitting there rotting away on my shelves!
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