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  1. Love this anonymous comment "Unimportant side-note (but I think noteworthy, at any rate): when I was a kid, my family went on one of those invasive Tour of the Star's Homes. You know, rubes in the big city, what can I say? Apologies to anyone who actually lives there and has to sit behind a big old bus on one of your narrow streets. Anyway, a lot of those tours are bullshit. They have no idea where anybody lives. But this was the 80s and, sure enough, we stopped outside Mlle. Ball's mansion and there she was in her front yard. That kind of thing is a terrible invasion of privacy and wouldn't happen nowadays, wouldn't be received well at all but she came to her gate, waved, posed for pictures, talked with us. And she had clearly not gotten ready for her day, was in her robe - just an amazing lady."
  2. I always felt it was a sign of changing times and generation gap bias Lucy didn't win any of her nominations or got more for Here's Lucy. I came across a website with old magazines some Lucy related. I was happy to see Lucy won Best Actress-Comedy at the Seventh Annual Hollywood Festival of World TV for Here's Lucy see https://worldradiohistory.com/hd2/IDX-Business/Magazines/Archive-BC-IDX/71-OCR/1971-09-27-BC-OCR-Page-0021.pdf#search="lucille ball". Besides the 2 Emmy & 2 Golden Globe nominations did the show or Lucy win any award? Despite some high ratings, I doubt her 70s specials did either
  3. What is the story behind this proposed TV movie? I wish it would have been done. Called Two Lucies in this article https://worldradiohistory.com/hd2/IDX-Business/Magazines/Archive-BC-IDX/82-OCR/1982-05-10-BC-OCR-Page-0036.pdf#search="lucille ball" Called here “I Never Loved my Daughter” at 13:37
  4. If you follow this link you will see that it mentions there's a radio show with Lucie Arnaz in 1978 called Tune In With Lucie. Her mom Lucy is the first guest. How was this show? I never heard about it. https://worldradiohistory.com/hd2/IDX-Business/Magazines/Archive-BC-IDX/78-OCR/1978-06-19-BC-OCR-Page-0048.pdf#search="lucille ball"
  5. If you go to Life in the Past Through Stunning Color Photos Captured by Fred Herzog ~ Vintage Everyday and scroll down there's a 1968 billboard with Lucy from Georgia. What was this billboard about?
  6. The Demerest Era wasn't as good. It seemed like fluff and was not laugh out loud funny. They added too many cast members and only Tina Cole seemed like a good addition
  7. Great Lucy stories in his book I Loved Her in the Movies: Memories of Hollywood's Legendary Actresses By Robert Wagner
  8. I agree that's the documentary I want. Also a film is not the same as the real people. Very few hold up and taking so long sounds like it shouldn't happen.
  9. I only seen Lucy's last 2 Carol Burnett appearances on Amazon Prime. I wonder what I missed
  10. I agree Miss Grant Takes Richmond should be your next choice. That's hilarious. She is not in all of Easy to Wed but their are hilarious scenes. Of what I've seen Room Service is the worst movie she's wasted and it's not that funny. I also don't like Bob Hope
  11. What an awful book. The description of it is horrible. He gets ILL ended in 1956 and from there lies pile up faster than manure
  12. Good take. Since this movie originally got some good reviews to me its reception was better than LWL. At the Kennedy Center they even salute Lucy to custom lyrics of Mame title song . I love Lucy's dancing. "That's How Young I Feel" would have made a great addition. I agree Gooch's song is not my favorite moment and Jane looks too old for the part more than Lucy did. The film version had the governess and Gooch be 2 separate characters which made more sense. I am Gen Y but agree musicals than were art now it's too much pretend going on.
  13. Love this article https://medium.com/@JonathanTSDM/life-with-lucy-a-look-at-lucille-balls-last-series-33-years-later-7760476b47c7
  14. I would love to see Steve Lawrence Show. It looks great and I love musical Lucy (wish she did Mame in 1966 her voice started to chang around 1968). I would love to see that Mike Douglas Show and the 1968 one where Vivian surprised Lucy
  15. I read on google books Conversations with Legendary TV Stars by James Bawden and Ron Miller for the Lucy interview. They pieced together conversation from several interviews. It sounds like Lucy and has new tidbits I didn't know. I don't like they quote Lucy saying she sold the studio in 1974. Also, the author said Aaron Spelling blamed Lucy for LWL's failing since she wanted executive control which I never heard elsewhere
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