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  1. If you go to Life in the Past Through Stunning Color Photos Captured by Fred Herzog ~ Vintage Everyday and scroll down there's a 1968 billboard with Lucy from Georgia. What was this billboard about?
  2. The Demerest Era wasn't as good. It seemed like fluff and was not laugh out loud funny. They added too many cast members and only Tina Cole seemed like a good addition
  3. Great Lucy stories in his book I Loved Her in the Movies: Memories of Hollywood's Legendary Actresses By Robert Wagner
  4. I agree that's the documentary I want. Also a film is not the same as the real people. Very few hold up and taking so long sounds like it shouldn't happen.
  5. I only seen Lucy's last 2 Carol Burnett appearances on Amazon Prime. I wonder what I missed
  6. I agree Miss Grant Takes Richmond should be your next choice. That's hilarious. She is not in all of Easy to Wed but their are hilarious scenes. Of what I've seen Room Service is the worst movie she's wasted and it's not that funny. I also don't like Bob Hope
  7. What an awful book. The description of it is horrible. He gets ILL ended in 1956 and from there lies pile up faster than manure
  8. Good take. Since this movie originally got some good reviews to me its reception was better than LWL. At the Kennedy Center they even salute Lucy to custom lyrics of Mame title song . I love Lucy's dancing. "That's How Young I Feel" would have made a great addition. I agree Gooch's song is not my favorite moment and Jane looks too old for the part more than Lucy did. The film version had the governess and Gooch be 2 separate characters which made more sense. I am Gen Y but agree musicals than were art now it's too much pretend going on.
  9. Love this article https://medium.com/@JonathanTSDM/life-with-lucy-a-look-at-lucille-balls-last-series-33-years-later-7760476b47c7
  10. I would love to see Steve Lawrence Show. It looks great and I love musical Lucy (wish she did Mame in 1966 her voice started to chang around 1968). I would love to see that Mike Douglas Show and the 1968 one where Vivian surprised Lucy
  11. I read on google books Conversations with Legendary TV Stars by James Bawden and Ron Miller for the Lucy interview. They pieced together conversation from several interviews. It sounds like Lucy and has new tidbits I didn't know. I don't like they quote Lucy saying she sold the studio in 1974. Also, the author said Aaron Spelling blamed Lucy for LWL's failing since she wanted executive control which I never heard elsewhere
  12. Season 7 that's what I am on and yes yawn. It went from good slapstick to note horrible stupid writing. Lucy's worse shows weren't this bad or stupid.
  13. I recommend Perfect Strangers Seasons 1 and 2 as classic and 3 to 5 are pretty good. Season 6 had is moments so far season 7 shows the show jumped the shark
  14. Besides autobiographies and Desilu books I recommend the Other Side of Ethel Mertz. I found Viv funny but afterwards admire her as a human
  15. I agree with you. I cannot stand as they feel at 48 when I Love Lucy ended so did anything interesting in her life. The public back then didn't think so with 2 more hit shows and Yours, Mine and Ours and much more as First Lady of TV. I know Desilu did cover those later years highs and lows but of course covered a lot else
  16. https://www.sitcomsonline.com/boards/archive/index.php/t-264249.html. Someone here a aid Lucy Comes to Nashville got a 20.2 rating and 28% share but was against War and Rememberance so it sounds like it didn't win its timeslot. I found Lucy Calls the President got #12
  17. A Lucille Ball Special: "Lucy Gets Lucky" got 18.1 rating and 30 % share. It sounds like it won its timeslot
  18. I am thinking this is wrong. Wikipedia can be edited which I am not good at and it says Mame had 12 million budget and only made 6.5 million see https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mame_(film)
  19. I think Easy to Wed did well at the box office too
  20. Neither have I been disappointed with her movies or TV specials I saw
  21. I love Doris' The Way We Were. What a loving person and great actress. Never saw her show so no comment
  22. Can someone give a list of awards and nominations this play "won"?
  23. At least it hit #1 for some episodes.
  24. I skimmed that is trash. It has nude Lucy photo. Closer is crazy now no more class
  25. Never saw this before https://www.ebay.com/itm/Lucille-Ball-Desi-Arnaz-1962-Magazine-Print-Clipping-Her-favorite-director/173703624285?hash=item28718af65d:g:fvQAAOSwe~lcBWcl
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