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  1. The show was really nice to see again in Prime Time I noticed how there was a lot less cut through the Christmas episode, and "Pioneer" was done pretty nicely too! It always seems as if they would like to make "Lucy" the quintessential 50s image- with these light greens/ hot pinks and ultra colors, kinda like how the 1950s were revisioned in the 80s-90s in this highlighter- pastel colored haze- when in actuality- a lot of the colors of the time were usually earth tones or very toned grays and greens. For instance- the Ricardo kitchen is colored a light turquoise, but in actuality was a warm orange- yellow and cream trim, but the technology isn't capable to conquer that just yet I suppose- but Over all it was pretty awesome and was very nice to see
  2. this is sooo cute! Publicity back then was so charming!
  3. EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Backstage At 'I Loved Lucy' - The Arts Theatre London WANDA AND LEE talk Lucy and the show
  4. I..n( )n_nnnominate! a member! Who!, well she's just about the most wonderful person! She's the loyalist person in the club! and She's AwwLWAYS ready to lend a hand, when you ask her to!! She's intelligent!. Pretty!! and wunnathe nicest persons you could ever meet! My very dear dear friend!

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    2. Brock


      Merely a figurehead. The work in name only.

    3. Neil


      One of the greatest "first halves" of any episode. I love how you included Marion's stutter!

    4. Mmadluv7


      lololol i love it


  5. sorry for the delay, I vote for our current display names
  6. omg wha a find, and her hair!! these were the hot pants she mentioned on Cavett lol
  7. I noticed how they replaced the opening with the 4th season opening in black or white- I wonder why they did that- The animated stick figures would have been great to see and would have made it even more "appealing"? considering the prints shown looked like third copies from the 70s lol I've never seen the show change colors so many times in between scenes -the tint kept changing- It made me appreciate The DVDs and all of the hard work put into them. I think seeing The Lucy Show with regular commercial breaks as appose to binge-watching with no interruptions, gives the shows and plots a different feel
  8. she's so pretty here! werent grey and yellow her favorite colors?
  9. woooohoooo. Ill be looking. I love the tv spots and commercials for any Lucy marathons lol I love seeing them spliced together
  10. I love to imagine what the animation cels looked like at the time at the Dudley TV Corp, where they produced the Lucy and Ricky Stick figures! Here's something I did that I thought our Lucy Lounge family might enjoy Hope you like it
  11. Nope not mine! Ill add some things of mine later!
  12. This has got to be one of the best colorizations of them all aside from the Scotland episode, with respect to all the other episodes that were brilliantly done. They just seem to get better and better and better! In a perfect world, id love to see these all out on Blu Ray one day-my nieces and nephews love the color versions because they say its "normal" to see it that way lol I suppose to them it is lol I cant wait to see it
  13. i never knew it was Bellevue bait LOLOLOLOLOL I thought it was "bail you" bait LOLOLOL so funny!!! especially now!! thanks! lol
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