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  1. Definitely! The one they have now is awful.
  2. I always knew this would get a release. I seen four episodes on Time/Life's Lucy the Ultimate Collection. I must say that what I saw is better than 75% of the crap sitcoms of today, i.e. The Conners, Superstore, Man with A Plan and Single Parents just to name a few. I hope CBS adds some of Lucy's other work like: her guest starring role in The Greatest Show on Earth, The Good Years that aired in 1962 and co-starred Henry Fonda, an episode from the Westinghouse Desilu Playhouse "K.O. Kitty" that aired in 1958 and some great bloopers and interviews.
  3. I loved Murphy Brown when it debut in 1988 and stayed with it until it ended. The show was funny and well written. Candice deserved all five Emmys but the new version is not funny. I really wanted to like the episode but it fell flat just like the ratings. The episode was very political but that didn't bother me as much as the incredibly poor writing. I am pro Trump but the jokes just weren't funny. They were yesterdays news. I know Candice is older but she looked uncomfortable as did the whole cast. I will watch the next few episodes but if the show doesn't perk up I will stop watching. I think the show won't last long if the audience isn't there. Also when a show is too political it turns a lot of people away. I hope episode two is better.
  4. She never should have married Gary. He ruined her career after Here's Lucy ended. He kept a lot of her old friends away and was that forced her to do Life With Lucy. He was so money mad and fake. I know she claims he made her happy but I wonder.
  5. The show will never work without Roseanne. The first episode might get a good sampling but after that it will be all downhill. You need Roseanne, without her there is no show. That's like I Love Lucy without Lucille Ball. There are certain stars that just can't be replaced. The Conners will be finished after the first ten episodes.
  6. I happen to think Mame is one of the best old fashion musicals ever made. Lucy was great in it but unfortunately 1974 wasn't the year for this film. People were flocking to see Last Tango (ugh!) and The Exorcist. Lucy's voice was okay and since the songs for Mame don't require a Julie Andrews voice Lucy did just fine. I'm glad Angela Lansburied didn't get this film. Miss Lansburied made only one good film and it was in a supporting role The Manchurian Candidate otherwise I don't care for her work especially that Murder, She Wrote crap which was just horrible. Lucy is great as Mame and the film is a joyful and jubilant musical. I'm glad she did it.
  7. The show was not funny at all. It will get good numbers for the premiere but each week it will go lower. There was no need to bring back this show. The other comedies on NBC Thursday night are horrible. Superstore, Good Place and Great News all terrible comedies. Very weak night for NBC.
  8. I totally agree that there were some great episodes during the sixth season especially during the second half of Here's Lucy's sixth season. There are about 10 episodes that are great, i.e. Where Is my Wandering Mother?, Goodbye Mrs. Hips, Lucy Fights The System, Lucy Meets Lucille Ball, Lucy and Chuck Connors, Lucy and Mary Jane's Boyfriend and Lucy Plays Cops and Robbers, Lucy and Joan Do Jury Duty and Lucy's Tenant w/Jackie Coogan. I am Lucille Ball's biggest fan but it was sad to see comedy changing and Lucy was the last of the old timers remaining, (Gunsmoke ended the following year 74-75) but there were a lot of bad episodes during season six and I think Lucy should have quit at the end of season five. Lucy had admitted it herself that she should have quit after she broke her leg. Also, ABC Football was extremely popular and NBC was throwing really big movies against her during the first half of the season, including one of her own Yours, Mine & Ours which competed against the classic Lucy and Joan Do Jury Duty and that episode got destroyed in the ratings. Even though it was agreed mutually by Lucy and CBS to end the show it was sad to see Lucy down to 29th place. It was a respectable rating of 20.0 with a 31% share of audience but way below past seasons. The comedy landscape at CBS was changing with All in the Family, Good Times, Maude, Mary Tyler Moore and MASH and I don't think CBS wanted Here's Lucy for a seventh season. I will always be Lucy's biggest fan and have seen every episode of all her series. She is an icon and her comedy will live forever.
  9. The Doris Day Show in its' final season (1972-73) finished in 37th place with an 18.6 rating tying with NBC's Emergency. The fifth season was its' weakest season and the episodes weren't very good. Here's Lucy was its' lead-in and although it finished out of the Top 10 shows for the first time it was still very strong with a 21.9 rating and finished first in its' time slot at no. 15. Football finished in 19th place with a 20.7 rating and the ABC Monday Movie finished in 32nd place with an 19.2 rating. The NBC Monday Movie also beat Doris, it finished in a 26th place tying with The Rookies and The Little People (starring Brian Keith) with an 19.8 rating. I think The Bill Cosby Comedy Hour dragged the whole night down on CBS during the 72-73 season. It had a full year guarantee from CBS and aired from 10-11. It was horrible. It finished the season at number 58 tying the flop Sandy Duncan sitcom with a 15.0 rating. There were a total of 75 prime-time shows during 72-73 season. After Lucy, viewers just were no longer interested in Doris and couldn't stand Bill Cosby's new variety hour. Ratings for The Doris Day Show were never a hit. During the 68-69 season it finished in 30th place with a 20.4 rating. It's competition was NBC Tuesday Movie which finished in 36th place with a 19.9 rating. ABC aired NYPD but it didn't make the Top 40 and was cancelled. NYPD only lasted two seasons on ABC. 1969-70 season was the only season Doris finished in the Top 10. Doris finished in 10th place with a 22.8 rating following Mayberry, RFD which finished in 4th place with a 24.4 rating. Here's Lucy in its' second season jumped up to 6th place with a 23.9 rating and that was with Laugh-in as her competition. Laugh-In was still number one but dropped to a 26.3 rating. The previous season (2nd season) for Laugh-In 68-69 was a whopping 31.8 rating but Here's Lucy (first season) still managed a top 10 placement at number 9 with a 23.8 rating. You couldn't kill Lucy with a stick. 1970-71 season saw Doris Day (third season) finished in the Top 20 shows. Here's Lucy (third season) finished in third place with a whopping 26.1 rating and knocked Laugh-In down to 14th place with a 22.4 rating. Doris and Lucy were both first in their time slots. Mayberry RFD finished in 15th place with a 22.2 rating and was cancelled. That was the year CBS cancelled all their rural comedies. ABC Monday Night Football finished the season with an 18.5 rating but was out of the Top 30 shows. 1971-72 season (fourth season) The Doris Day Show finished in 22nd place with a 21.3 rating. Here's Lucy (fourth season) tied for 10th place with Mary Tyler Moore both with a 23.7 rating. ABC Football finished in 26th place with a 20.8 rating and ABC Monday Movie finished in 45th place with a 17.6 rating. NBC's Monday Movie came in at 39th place with an 18.6 rating. Lucy and Doris were both first in their time slots. The new 10 pm placement of Sonny & Cher finished with a 20.1 rating and came in 27th place. It was a mid-season replacement and was number one in its' time slot. When CBS replaced Doris Day (73-74 season) with The New Dick Van Dyke Show (season three and final season) it did worse than Doris. Dick Van Dyke came in at number 40 with an 18.2 rating. Doris had a higher rating in her final season by 0.4. However, Here's Lucy did fall but still placed a respectable 20.0 rating and came in 29th place. I always believed Lucy should have quit at the end of season five. She did season six out of sentiment and because CBS had come to her early in the 72-73 season and asked for another season. She was the first renewal of the 72-73 season. However, comedy was changing and Here's Lucy's sixth season is the weakest. It did beat the NBC Monday Night Movie which came in at number 31 with a 19.0 rating. ABC's Football came in tied for 18th place with Barnaby Jones with a 21.3 rating. The ABC Monday Night Movie came in at 20.2 rating and tied for 27th place with Carol Burnett Show, although, during the second half of the 73-74 season Here's Lucy was mostly first in its time slot from 9 - 9:30 pm. It was the first half of the 73-74 season that Here's Lucy took a beating from ABC's Monday Football and NBC was throwing very strong movies during the first half season. Lucy even competed against herself when NBC Monday Movie aired Yours, Mine & Ours. The movie scored a huge 26.0 rating and 40% share of audience and placed number 6 in the the top 10. Doris Day was mainly a time slot hit. Here's Lucy was a hit five of its' six seasons and even during Laugh-In's two-year craze 68-69 and 69-70, Here's Lucy still managed to finished the season in the Top 10 shows and finally beat it during 70-71. Lucy was still a ratings grabber. Laugh-In finished its' first season (67-68) in 21st place with a 21.3 rating against the final block bluster sixth season of The Lucy Show which finished in 2nd place with a 27.0 rating just 0.6 behind number 1 Andy Griffith.
  10. I'll take The Lucy Show over Here's Lucy. All six seasons of The Lucy Show were great (a few duds in every season just like I Love Lucy had in season one) and Lucy, Viv and Gale were great and even without Viv the show still was great. I do like Here's Lucy and there are many classic and funny episodes but Lucy quit just at the right time during the 73-74 season, which is Lucy's weakest season and Here's Lucy (in my opinion) has only about ten really good episodes in season six. There are many episodes during each season that I just can't sit through. Here's Lucy was a series that from week to week changed. You would get a really good episode (Lucy the Shopping Expert) then a so-so episode (Lucy the Skydiver) to a simply horrible episode i.e. Lucy in the Jungle. In any event, Here's Lucy was a well produced comedy with many good and bad episodes, but in the long run it further established Lucy's enduring longevity. Lucy will always be my favorite and I'll even take bad episodes of Here's Lucy any day over the sitcoms of today which are just unwatchable i.e., Dr. Ken, Speechless, Odd Couple, 2 Broke Girls, Blackish, Great Indoors, and the worst HBO's Girls starring Lena Dunham who is simply the worst.
  11. Even though I bought all six seasons and the newly released box set of The Lucy Show I caught myself watching Lucy yesterday (Saturday) on Decades and I am enjoying the episodes. I plan on watching today, too. I rate the first three years (the Viv years) equal to the last three years. (California years). I feel that The Lucy Show during season three needed a revamping and although I love Viv, The Lucy Show got better. I'm in the minority and think season four is one of my favorite seasons, yes, there were a few duds like Rain Goddess, (but there are many duds also during season one of I Love Lucy, i.e. Drafted) there is a freshness about season 4 with many classic episodes. Season four jumped to third place in the ratings for 65-66 season. During season three Lucy finished in eight place, the lowest ranking for the series. The revamping of The Lucy Show only made it stronger. It never finished lower than 4th place, earned Lucy three more Emmy nominations and two consecutive wins for seasons five and six, which were well deserved and long overdue. It also earned nominations for Best Comedy, Directing and Writing in a Comedy Series along with two nominations for Gale Gordon. The Lucy Show will never earn the respect that I Love Lucy has attained, but I think people who are buying the DVDS and watching marathons on Decades and ME-TV are finally realizing that The Lucy Show is a classic masterpiece. The sales for the DVDs are doing very well and people who were just subjected to the 30 public domain episodes which were just horrible washed out copies of The Lucy Show that were released in different packaging are finally seeing the show is really good and further established Lucy as the Queen of Comedy.
  12. Enjoying season 4 episodes: Lucy and the Golden Greek, Lucy In The Music World, Lucy and Danny Thomas, Lucy and Dean Martin, Lucy The Choirmaster, all three episodes with Ann Sothern, Lucy & Joan and of course Lucy's takeoff on The Untouchables with Robert Stack. I really enjoyed season 4 and it's one of the most successful in terms of viewers. It finished in third place during the 65-66 tv season with a 27.6 rating, only bonanza and Gomer Pyle were higher. Gomer was just 0.1 higher than Lucy. The fourth season also earned Lucy her second of 4 Emmy Nominations (2 wins during 66-67 and 67-68 tv seasons). It was a very good year for Lucy.
  13. Again, CBS made a bad choice of repeating the Christmas flashback episode. They should have paired Lucy Gets Into Pictures w/Country Club Dance with guest star Barbara Eden. I know they will loose viewers during the first half hour because there is nothing special about the episode and its been on too many times and personally I am sick of it. I will keep my TV on and wait for the second half. CBS really should have put the two Lucy Show Christmas episodes together the first one from 1962 and the 1965 episode. Both episodes are very enjoyable, but, noooooooooo CBS has to show another I Love Lucy episode. The Lucy Show still doesn't get the credit it deserves. Six straight years in the top 10, nominated for 9 Emmy Awards, four nominations for Lucy and two consecutive wins, and still holds up until today. I just got the box set of all six seasons and I'm gonna watch them starting with Lucy Waits Up For Chris (the first episode) and ending with Lucy and the Boss of the Year final episode. CBS programmers just don't know what there doing. There prime-time schedule really sucks this year. The Lucy Show Christmas episodes would have been the perfect episodes to air this season.
  14. Mame is a great movie musical. Unfortunately, it came out in 1974, when movies like The Exorcist and Last Tango in Paris were the norm. Lucille Ball made a great Mame and most of the critics were anti-Lucy and pro Angela. In 1974 Lucille Ball was the most powerful actress in Hollywood and the richest too. She had conquered TV like no other star could match. She was a hit on Broadway in Wildcat and the only reason the show closed was because she got sicked. She had only done 7 films prior to Mame (1950-1974) and most of them were hits, i.e. Fancy Pants (1950), The Fuller Brush Girl (1951), The Long, Long Trailer (1954), The Facts of Life (1960) for which she should have received a Oscar nomination and Yours, Mine & Ours (1968). She did three movies that weren't successful during this time, i.e. The Magic Carpet (1950) a bomb and she knew it and only did the movie to get out of her contract with Columbia, Forever Darling (1956) with Desi and Critic's Choice (1962) a comedy with Bob Hope. When you become a big star in Hollywood and attempt to make a multi-million dollar musical and you're 61 at the time of filming you just know the critics are going to tear you apart. Lucy took a chance and she still came out the winner. The movie broke all records at Radio City Music Hall and she received a Golden Globe nomination for Best Actress in A Comedy/Musical. Her singing was okay and her dancing was great. She made a perfect Mame. The film was snubbed by the Oscars mainly because Angela Lansburied was not selected to play Mame. Angela was never a major star. She had a couple of broadway hits one being Mame but I've seen some clips of her on stage and she just wasn't that good. Mame was a joyful, jubilant musical. The costumes, sets and dance numbers were great as were Bea Arthur, Jane Connell and Robert Preston. The press just couldn't give Lucy the credit she deserved. She had just broken her leg a year before filming started and had done half of the fifth season of "Here's Lucy" in a cast. She was at the top of her game and critics just love to tear one down when there at the top. She didn't need to have the best singing voice for the songs in Mame but she was able to pull it off. I'm just glad we have Lucy as the only Mame on film (not counting Roz Russell's 1958 comedy Auntie Mame) which i'm sorry to say I found boring. The good thing about Mame the musical is that it found a new audience and new life on VHS/DVD. It sells very well. Most of the consensus is that more people love Mame than hate it. Look it up on Amazon.com and you could see some of the reviews by people who bought the film and didn't see any problem with it and love Lucy. It's one of my favorite musicals and when I'm depressed sometimes I watch it and it perks me up - like I said before it's a great old fashioned musical that got released (1974) when cinema was clearly bad, i.e. Last Tango In Paris. Today, I still think Lucy atleast deserved an Oscar nomination but I guess this was Hollywood's way of snubbing her because Ms. Lansburied didn't get the part. Lucy still wins because the film has a new life on DVD. Lucy will always be the Mame for me.
  15. The Emmy Awards were kind to Lucy but could have been a lot kinder. Lucy definitely should have won best actress during the 1962-63 season instead of Shirley Booth. Vivian Vance was overlooked for best supporting actress and the series and writers were too. During the 1963-64 season they didn't even nominated Lucy, instead, they nominated Inger Stevens for The Farmer's Daughter and Patty Duke. Mary Tyler Moore won that season for Dick Van Dyke Show but Lucy should have been nominated. The awards in 64-65 were all screwed up so I won't go there. During 1965-66 Lucy was nominated and lost again. Mary won again and would become the darling of the Emmy's for years to come along with Betty White. These two actresses were overrated in my opinion. I digress, in 1965 Lucy should have won the best actress comedy because the fourth season is one of the funniest seasons of The Lucy Show along with season one. Finally, the Emmys awarded Lucy Best Actress In A Comedy Lead for the 1966-67 season and she did deserve to win (other nominees were Marlo Thomas for That Girl, Elizabeth Montgomery for Bewitched and Agnes Moorehead for Bewtiched). Lucy's 66-67 performances for Lucy's Substitute Secretary, Lucy Flies To London and Lucy and John Wayne were classic. Gale Gordon was nominated that year for Best Supporting Actor In A Comedy and the director Maury Thompson was nominated. Lucy surprised everyone in 67-68 and won again. The competition was a little more stiff with Marlo Thomas, Paula Prentiss (He & She), Barbara Feldon (Get Smart) and Elizabeth Montgomery being the other nominees. The Lucy Show was finally nominated for Best Comedy Series along with Best Supporting Actor (Gale Gordon) and Best Writing (Milt Josefsberg) for Lucy Gets Jack Benny's Bank Account (a classic). Elizabeth Montgomery should have won the Emmy in 1968-69 but lost to Hope Lange (?) for The Ghost And Mrs. Muir which was not only not successful but not funny and cancelled by NBC in 69 and ABC in 1970. Other nominees in 68-69 were Diahann Carroll for Julia which was more a comedy-drama and totally unrealistic even though it was considered relevant for its time. Barbara Feldon was the other nominee for Get Smart and Marlo Thomas was not even nominated. Marlo should have won the Emmy during 69-70 season but lost to Hope Lange (?) here second Emmy win in a row and still a mystery to me. Elizabeth Montgomery was also nominated that season. In 1970 the Emmys ignored Lucy's performance in Here's Lucy for "Lucy Meets The Burtons" and nominated Mary Tyler Moore for ner new show, Marlo Thomas for That Girl and Jean Stapleton for All in the Family. Jean won but Lucy's performance for that episode deserved the Emmy. They nominated the writers Bob Carroll, Jr. and Madelyn Davis for Lucy Meets The Burtons and Gale Gordon for Best Supporting Actor In A Comedy. I think the Emmys had it out for Lucy during the 70's and didn't want to nominate her for Here's Lucy because comedy was changing on TV. I always believed that if the writers get nominated the show should also, but Here's Lucy did not receive a Best Comedy nomination. During the 1971-72 season Lucy was still riding high in the nielsen ratings for Here's Lucy but the Emmy's ignored her again and nominated there Emmy darlings Mary and Jean. Jean won for the second year in a row. The third nominee was Sandy Duncan (lol) for Funny Face which was only a hit because it followed All in the Family and preceded The New Dick Van Dyke Show, but because she had a tumor behind her eye CBS had to cancel the show. I'm sorry that she lost sight in one eye but one should not get a nomination because of being ill. Sandy returned the following year in The Sandy Duncan Show and it was cancelled after 13 episodes. During the 1972-73 season Lucy was still a nielsen champ but not an Emmy darling. Bea Arthur (Maude), Mary Tyler Moore and Jean Stapleton were nominated. Jean won again. In 1973-74 Lucy quit Here's Lucy, was overlooked for another Emmy (Mary won) and didn't even receive a special salute at the Emmy Awards for all her years on TV, but when The Mary Tyler Moore Show was cancelled in 1977 the Emmy's saluted Mary and the gang. The dumbest category the Emmys ever had was back in the 1974-75 season when they had the category for Actor and Actress of the year. The winner for Best Comedy Actress was Mary Tyler Moore and the Best Dramatic Actress winner was Michael Learned for The Waltons. Of course actress of the year went to Mary. I don't enjoy watching the Emmy Awards any longer. The nominees are becoming more obscure to me and actors/actresses truly deserving of awards are overlooked. I just don't get it.
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