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  1. The Barbara Morrison that appeared on "Lucy" died in 1992.
  2. I would open it up to non-Desilu shows, like The Jack Benny Program, George Burns & Gracie Allen, Make Room For Daddy, The Bob Hope Specials, or any star associated with Lucy.
  3. I Love Lucy Live on Stage current tour.

    I saw the show at Playhouse Square in Cleveland in May. Fun show. When I got home, I quickly watched the 2 "episodes", on dvd to compare.
  4. Lauren Bacall has died

    Speaking of Truman, there is a famous picture of then Vice-President Harry Truman playing the piano, while Lauren Bacall is sprawled out on top of it. Harry's wife, Bess was none too happy about it. iconicphotos.com/2009/04/25/bacall-on-trumans-piano
  5. Robin Williams Has Died

    There will never be another ROBIN WILLIAMS. R.I.P.
  6. Lucy at Marineland

    What a bummer this wasn't included on the Season 4 dvd set!
  7. Lucy at Marineland

    Where can you watch the bloopers footage, with Lucy and Steve?
  8. Ruby Dee has passed away

    I liked when she played Blanche's "Mammy" on The Golden Girls!
  9. Ann B. Davis has died

    Thank you. I've finally seen Schultzy. Weird that the additional cast wasn't credited back then.
  10. Ann B. Davis has died

    I've never seen Ann playing Schultzy. I wish The Bob Cummings Show was available somewhere to watch.
  11. I Love Lucy DVD question

    I'm glad this question was asked, as I would have never known that intro was on there. I never use the "play all" feature. Thanx!
  12. Special Anniversary -- Special Banner

    25 years! I can't believe it. I remember hearing the news on tv, long before the internet!
  13. The Lucy Show Boxset?

    I don't see the need of a Boxed set, unless they have more extra material to bring us! They've already done a great job with the single releases.
  14. Here's an interesting story about the Gabor sisters Magda, Zsa Zsa & Eva, and their mother: www.carlanthonyonline.com/2014/04/18/in-their-easter-bonnets-tl (Search GABOR SISTERS, at Carl Anthony Online.)
  15. The ILL Cast and Glasses

    Vivian is wearing some bizarre spectacles when she and Lucy are on Dinah!.