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  1. I'm so sad she didn't make it to 100. RIP, Betty!
  2. As of 2021 the first 5 seasons are available on dvd.
  3. I'm grateful for his interview on the Season 1 Lucy Show dvd set. I was always disappointed Candy Moore and Ralph Hart didn't participate.
  4. I'm binge watching the entire series. Just finished Lucy Goes To The Air Force Academy, parts 1 & 2. Love the "on location" episodes.
  5. The Barbara Morrison that appeared on "Lucy" died in 1992.
  6. I would open it up to non-Desilu shows, like The Jack Benny Program, George Burns & Gracie Allen, Make Room For Daddy, The Bob Hope Specials, or any star associated with Lucy.
  7. I saw the show at Playhouse Square in Cleveland in May. Fun show. When I got home, I quickly watched the 2 "episodes", on dvd to compare.
  8. Speaking of Truman, there is a famous picture of then Vice-President Harry Truman playing the piano, while Lauren Bacall is sprawled out on top of it. Harry's wife, Bess was none too happy about it. iconicphotos.com/2009/04/25/bacall-on-trumans-piano
  9. There will never be another ROBIN WILLIAMS. R.I.P.
  10. What a bummer this wasn't included on the Season 4 dvd set!
  11. Where can you watch the bloopers footage, with Lucy and Steve?
  12. I liked when she played Blanche's "Mammy" on The Golden Girls!
  13. Thank you. I've finally seen Schultzy. Weird that the additional cast wasn't credited back then.
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