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  1. HELP! No...No name. He'll know who it's from.

  2. i was just going to ask about this! Why the 17th????
  3. Always loved this one: I never saw this one!
  4. The makeup & costume tests footage was the cutest thing! Man the way they looked at each other!
  5. These quotes are so sweet! Thanks for sharing! You can feel their desperation to be together.
  6. I agree! I think it's the pose. To me it's complete Lucy and Desi!
  7. Hey Everyone!! You probably don't remember me, but I used to be on the original Lucy Lounge back in 2005! I've been off the Lucy boards for about 5 years, but the picture below has brought me back. I won't bore everyone and I hate to admit it, but I thought I had "moved" passed Lucy. I was entering college and my schedule didn't allow me to watch her shows or take part in boards anymore. I actually looked at my Lucy collectibles in my room and the thought to start selling things actually crossed my mind I'd still catch an occasional episode, but it wasn't the same. I'd think of the Lucy Lounge from time to time (& actually registered my account here again in 2010) but never posted. Fast forward to a month ago. I was scrolling through on Pinterest and this photo appeared. I can't even describe how it felt. I had never seen this beautiful photo before. (I apologize if it's been posted before!) It was like I had suddenly remembered everything about these special two. The magic had returned for me! I've since been on a marathon of trying to catch up on everything!! From buying more books and movies (all which I've seen 100 times before!) to now finally posting for the first time on the Lucy Lounge! I think it's finally time I say..."Lucy, I'm home".
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