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  1. Ethel was wearing the same outfit on the second day of Dickie Davis' show, or was that on purpose? I also noticed a few times that the inside of their mouths were still gray but that probably wasn't easy to colorize. Never knew Lucy's blue and red striped dress was actually seen in a color publicity photo! I thought they had to wear mostly gray and drab so it would show up better on film. Forgot that Ricky's pajamas were red checkered. Was Lucy's flowered (pink and gray) dress in Bonus Bucks really that color? I always thought it was red. The edits on this episode were seamless and nothing major seemed to be missing, only thing I noticed was a bit of Lucy counting the jars, and part of Ricky trying to hide the dollar and they just cut out when he pretended to come home. Also, was there more dialogue when he was trying to explain to the laundry foreman about their predicament? They could've just asked someone to get the blue bag for them but then we wouldn't have seen the end result!
  2. I wonder what an episode of Here's Lucy would've been like if Bill Cosby, Jim Henson or Fred Rogers guest starred? Quick question, did Lucy ever consider having Mr. Rogers appear? He just was not a fan of that slapstick comedy where they threw pies at each other. On Life with Lucy, Lucy was seen exercising on her little exercise trampoline, and that's when Richard Simmons was everywhere so I wonder if he would've made an appearance? At least we got to see them interact on Body Language in 1984!!! I also wish we could've seen a HL with Betty White as a guest star but at least they got to play Password together!
  3. I also can't believe nobody told Bill to cut it out when, during My Three Sons, he'd go over to the Lucy Show soundstage and purposely knock things over and throw empty film canisters outside the door during filming to distract Viv and make them do re-takes. Is this also true? I think I heard it in an interview with "Arnold Mooney." Why would Miss Ball allow that to happen, especially since she and Bill were good friends? If it was my show, I would never want a close friend of mine to purposely cause trouble during filming. I guess I can understand his being pissed off because Viv refused to do the Mertz spinoff which cost him a lot of money.
  4. I'm sure someone already mentioned this, but I was watching an episode of Star Trek from season 1 and they had a large rack of test tubes and beakers and whatnot. I feel like I saw the exact same prop on Lucy and Viv take up Chemistry. Which would not surprise me because Star Trek was a Desilu production. I'm curious, does anyone know if they actually consulted a chemistry expert and put real types of acids and liquids in the beakers? How the hell would the prop department make "fake" stuff? I also am astonished at how fast they were able to make it look like the Professor (Lou Krugman) was in a real lab explosion. And how Viv was able to put that wig and fake nose on Lucy without waking her up.
  5. I think they actually mention this in the goofs section on the dvd, that it doesn't translate to anything.
  6. I just read something online about the Vance and Frawley "feud" and apparently, 15 minutes before Lucy Has Her Eyes Examined was supposed to start filming, Viv found out that Bill hadn't even read his script because he thought it was the one for the next week. So, if he had never even learned that week's script, that entire week during rehearsals, not ONE person informed him of this? I smell bullshit. https://www.neatorama.com/2014/08/06/The-Inside-Stories-of-Six-I-Love-Lucy-Episodes/ Here is the link, the website has a bunch of stories, but I don't know where to find the actual source.
  7. Oooooohhh!!! I always had a crush on him especially the first time I saw him in Here's Lucy. Man, that half naked 1974 centerfold isn't enough!
  8. My earliest memory was watching Nick at Nite at my grandma's old house on the small 13 inch TV in the kitchen. It was the Vitameatavegamin episode of I Love Lucy, when Ricky plugged the TV in while Lucy was in it. Somewhere around 1994 or 1995. I also remember the Nick at Nite promos from back in the 90s for their Block Party Summer. Mary Mondays, Lucy Tuesdays, Bewitched BeWednesdays . . . God I miss that so much. In 1997 when I was 8 we went to the Lucy museum in Universal Orlando Resort and I tried playing the trivia game, which made the car go further along (based on their California road trip) if you got the answers right. If I recall, I didn't get any answers right. LOL.
  9. I was trying to translate what Fred was actually saying. Wurzburger was a brand of beer in Germany but I looked up what he said and it doesn't make sense. He says "Geben Sie mir ein Stein W├╝rzburger." Which doesn't translate to anything. I also love that laugh that the passport officer does when he sees Ethel's picture.
  10. I'm the doctor that brought your wife into the world!

  11. Now you'll have to call him Kris Krinkled! :D

  12. I wonder what color Lucy and Ethel's outfits really were when they first visited the dress shop? Wasn't wild about the color scheme but the actual outfits might have been muted colors. I wonder if the Loper dresses were the actual colors and not just drab to show up better on film? Is Irish tweed really that mossy green? Yeah was disappointed when they cut out Richard Carlson. Could not stop laughing at Ethel's loud GASP! when she saw the tag. Her timing is impeccable. Next, Bon Voyage! Blue sky, blue water, white ship, charcoal gray jumpsuit . . . wish they could colorize some season 1 TLS episodes too. We know her nightgown in Sheep is purple, and the kitchen walls are YELLOW (as seen in the color publicity photo of Lucy's Sister Pays a Visit.) There's also a color photo of Lucy in the Antenna episode on the DVD menu. And we all know Viv bought new GOOOOLD ornaments in the Christmas one!
  13. I'll take 100 hamburgers!

  14. http://mentalfloss.com/article/30541/last-days-lucille-ball Is this article true? I thought she never got to go home. And interesting about this supposed party at the house next door.
  15. Ma'am I've been looking at people's passports for many years and there hasn't been one yet that's made me ... he heee heee heeee heeeee :D

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